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Mikhal is related to Shelly in two ways: she is the daughter of my first cousin Daphna Gold and her husband Yoram, who is Howard's second cousin. She is 14 years old.
written 2-23-99

Shelly had this charisma that would attract you from miles away. I should know, I felt it. I remember when I surprised Ruti, Shelly, and Maia by inviting them to participate in the tradition of lighting one of the thirteen candles, during my Bat-Mitzvah party. Shelly did the lighting for her family and took it very seriously. I'm glad she took part in my Bat-Mitzva.

Shelly was honored to light a candle at Mikhal's Bat-Mitzva, summer 1997.

Another memory I have of Shelly is from the summer of 1997. Our family had a bonfire party on the beach in Israel. We cooked potatoes and talked until nightfall. Shelly seemed to take the spotlight; she sang songs for us that she learned at school and gave us small performances. She was so full of life and excitment, she made it a party. Then Doda Gili took us for a walk down by the beach, Shelly ran ahead in the sand even though Miki, my grandmother, thought that it was not so safe. I have good memories with Shelly, I miss her...

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