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Rabbi Levy of Temple Beth Emeth

David Tuchner, from Kaufman chapel, said something to me yesterday, that I’d like to share with you. He said that the greatness of Shelly’s life, that everyone in this room recognizes and participated in, is a powerful reflection of the love that she received every day of her life from her parents. She was very young, but there was not a day in her life that she was not unconditionally and fully loved. She gave what she was given.

There is a midrash that says that when a child dies before his or her parents, that God cries. Surely the tears of Heaven must at this moment be unbounded. So I almost wish that we had a rainy, wet day, and the Heavens were weeping. But, you know, I think that that would not reflect Shelly. But rather the clear brightness; the clear, beautiful blue sky, and the promise of life are more reflective of her wondering spark.

Is there a sorrow greater than this? Where is our consolation? Let our silence reach out to the bereaved family, Howard and Ruti and Maia, let their tears fall on us, let their anger break against us, let our love and our deeds speak for us. In the presence of boundless grief, the poet said “Ein ode tfilot spikai” (there is no longer a prayer on my lips) but we must pray just as we must speak, because we can do no other. Oh God, be with the stricken family of Shelly, help them draw near to one and other in their need for love and strength, teach us to place our arms about them and to sorrow with them. Be with the mourners in their grief, until hope breaks through like a bud in a dark corner of the Earth. Please rise for the memorial prayer.

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