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Kathe (pronounced Kathy) Schwayder
written on 3-10-99

When I found this picture of Shelly taken in one of our family picnics, I realized how strongly Shelly remains with me. I feel so very fortunate that I had the chance to know her.

A picnic at Independence lake,July 1996. Kathe (pregnant) is in the middle.

Shelly cought my eye when I first started attending the JCC. Such a pretty girl who is truely a gifted artist. We are all blessed with the pictures she created in her life. One quality I really appreciated in Shelly was that she always spoke her mind and said what she thought! And she was so very intelligent. One time when I was babysitting for Shelly this past summer, she recited all the Hebrew prayers she learned at the Hebrew Day School. Shelly knew that what she has mastered was impressive and she was right...I was extremely proud of Shelly's accomplishments. Shelly's wisdom continues to live through all that she has brought and continues to bring into each of our lives.
I miss Shelly very much and think of her often. Shelly lives on in my heart, mind and soul.

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