Shelly in the winter, 3-98

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Jackie Schulstrom, Troop leader of Shelly's Brownie girl scout troop
written on 1-29-99

One of my most memorable memories of Shelly occured last summer while I was at the JCC. I ran into Shelly in the hallway and she looked at me and said, "you sure have lost a lot of weight" and then told me "you look fabulous". Every time I saw her in the hallway she had a very sweet compliment for me, I told her she better stop because my head was beginning to swell. She had such a way of brightening my day.

Another memory I thought was very sweet is something her little sister told me. She said her favorite thing to do with Shelly was making "soap hair" in the bath tub.

Shelly in the tub, 8-98

A memory that Bethany (my daughter) has of Shelly was when we were sitting in a circle at our Brownie Scout meeting talking about things we enjoy doing and Shelly said that she loves being a Brownie.

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