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Shelly's Life and Family

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How does life continue after a death of your child? It just does. It is not a choice. When you have another child to care for you just get up in the morning, get out of bed, and start the day. Life does change, or-course. Sadness accompanies everything. This sadness may not be obvious, but it is always there. We have been able to keep a balance and not allow the sadness overwhelme and control our lives by keeping Shelly with us everyday; by talking about her often, by displaying her art in our house and by doing special activities that revolve around her.

Howard's big project is coordinating an annual benefit concert titled "Rainbow Rhythms" in honor of Shelly's love of music and art. The funds collected support the creative arts program in Shelly's school, the Hebrew Day School in Ann Arbor. In previous years the Shelly Monica Volk fund financed performances of the Michigan Opera Theater youth productions and a kite-making workshop. This fall money from the fund will be used to create a garden around Shelly's tree in the school yard. Additional funds are collected through the sales a note-card set featuring ten images of Shelly's art. The cards are also sold at the Tel-Aviv Museum shop in Israel, with the proceeds benefiting "Kav LaChaim" - a non-profit organization that helps children with cancer in Israel.

Five months after Shelly's death I started to work at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center as a librarian. I am in charge of the Patient Education Resource Center , a full service library for patients and families. At my job I meet with patients and families and help them find information on cancer, on coping and living with this disease. As a professional I do not tell my clients about my personal experience with the disease; my focus is on them and on trying to satisfy their needs. In my heart I think about Shelly, and this job is my way of keeping my daughter in my everyday life.

Working and maintaining this website has been the most therapeutic activity for me. I started working on it very soon after Shelly died. My goal was to preserve Shelly's memories, so that Maia will be able to read them when she is older. The site is a great way to keep Shelly's spirit alive; through the Internet she still touches our lives and people from all over the world get to know her.

And lastly, another life came into the world. Little Ella was born on March 22 2001. Ella does not fill the void or replaces Shelly. She adds love, joy, and smiles to our lives. Although she will never meet Shelly in person, I know that she will know her. Shelly is still with us, and her love and spirit will become part of Ella too.

Maia with baby Ella in June 2001

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