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Terri L. and her son E.
E was Shelly's classmate in preschool and at Hebrew Day School. They both took music lessons from Steve Oz
written 2-19-99

Shelly always had such spirit and spunk. She was ready to take on the world and that was obvious when we met her in the JCC preschool. E was completely oblivious to girls -- except for Shelly. She had his total respect. He could not push her around or ignore her. She had his greatest accolade, "she is smarter than me" -- and he liked to be her partner on class projects.

A music lesson with Steve Oz. July 20, 1998.

As Mom, I'll will always remember our chance meeting at one of Oz's recitals. E had been practicing for weeks on the set of music he would play. He was so delighted to find that Shelly would also be playing that day. She and Howard in a piano/violin duet were marvelous. She obviously was falling in love with music and I expected to see many more performances at Oz's and HDS. Shelly was wonderful and we miss her

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