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March, 1998

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Deborah Rich
written 6-5-99

My son Justin was in the JCC pre-school with Shelly since they were 2 years old, and then they were together at the Hebrew Day School. I remember the days back in the Doggie room (2 years) at the JCC pre-school. Shelly was a great kid from the beginning, and I remember always being in awe of her art work, even at 2 and 3.

When I was involved in marital difficulties Shelly would always play with Justin so that Ruti had time to talk to me and help me out.

Watching Shelly grow from 2 to 7 was amazing. She was always feisty and determined, and knew what she wanted. I remember one of the mom's commenting that Shelly knew what she wanted and she wasn't going to be one of those girls who let people push her around!

She was such a good sport, and when she joined the soccer team in the fall of first grade and clearly didn't enjoy it, she stuck with it anyway, so that she would not let her team down.

Ruti and I served together on the pre-school parent advisory committee. Shelly was about three years old. I will never forget Ruti's constant emphasis on the children, and her comment that they are "the jewels of the crown."

Shelly, you were a jewel in the crown and remembering you brings tear to my eye knowing you are gone, but it also brings a smile to my face as I think of what a gifted, sweet and kind child you were, and how lucky my family was to have known you.

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