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C. Shelly's good friend from school.
written by her mom Shoshana on 1-18-99

C. has one favorite story she loves to tell whenever her brother practices his Cello. (I'll type it for her)

I remember when me and Shelly were going to the supermarket and on the way I told Shelly that my brother plays Cello. And she thought I said Jello. So I told her one of the songs he practices on his Cello and when we got home to your house me and Shelly started to play go fish and while we were playing go fish we were laughing and laughing about the song and about the Cello. The song was "I love my Cello very much, I play it every day, I love to watch the spinning strings as my arms fly away." So we sang "Ilove my Jello. . . " and we made up some new words in the same tune with also some of the same words. The song was:

I love my Jello very much
I eat it every day
I love to watch the spinning spoons
As my arms fly away

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