Cold War, Hot Peace



Raymond Tanter and Matthew Fogarty

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"If the defining perspective of the Cold War was 'division,' the defining perspective of globalization is 'integration.' The symbol of the Cold War system was a wall, which divided everyone. The symbol of the globalization system is a World Wide Web, which unites everyone. The defining document of the Cold War system was 'The Treaty.' The defining document of the globalization system is 'The Deal.'"


The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization

Thomas L. Friedman, pg. 8

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Todd Benson, Tricia Fullerton, Kristen Grauer, Graham Grove, Daniel Heiss, Matthew Hoekstra, Justin Klein, Aynne Kokas, Aiman Mackie, Jennifer Monahan, and Kwee Hong Teh


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Cold War, Hot Peace is a book in progress by Dr. Raymond Tanter. He is Professor of Political Science and Research Associate at the Middle East Center at the University of Michigan. Additionally he is a respected scholar of international affairs and Middle East history. Dr. Tanter served on staff of the National Security Council at the White House, acted as a Director of Behavioral Sciences at the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, and was a Fulbright Scholar as well.


Dr. Tanter's other publications include Balancing in the Balkans: A Dance of Diplomats, Rogue Regimes, Theory and Policy in International Relations, Modeling and Managing International Conflicts: The Berlin Crises, Rational Decision-Making: Israel's Decisions, and Who's at the Helm? Lessons of Lebanon.