Professor Romesh Saigal

Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering
University of Michigan


Work Experience

Research Interests


  • Stochastic model for traffic flow prediction and its validation, (with Li Yang, Chih-peng Chu and Yat-wah Wan) TRB Washington, D.C., 2011, Paper .
  • A stochastic differential equation model for spectrum utilization and its verification using spectrum measurements, (with Li Yang, Mingyan Liu, Diawei Chen) WiOpt'11, Princeton N.J., 2011 Paper .
  • Validation of stochastic traffic model with microscopic traffic simulation, (with Kang-ching Chu, Li Yang, Kazuhiro Saito) IEEE 7th International Conference, Triste, Italy, 2011, Paper .
  • Model predictive control for vehicle platoon control under high-latency wireless communication environment, (with Hao Zhou, Francois Dion and Li Yang), Transportation Research Record , Vol. 2324 No. 10, pp. 81-91, 2012 Paper .
  • Distance-based dynamic pricing strategy for managed toll lanes, (with Li Yang and Hao Zhou) Transportation Research Record , Vol. 2283, No. 10, pp. 90-99, 2012 Paper .
  • A combinatorial auction to allocate traffic, (with Hao Zhao) TRB, Washington D.C., 2014 , Transportation Research Record No 2423, 2014 pp. 35-43. Paper .
  • Data driven channel modeling using spectrum measurements (with Shang-pin Sheng and Mingyan Liu), (to appear in IEEE Transactions on Mobil Computing ), 2015. Paper .


  • Stochastic Traffic Flow Modeling and Optimal Congestion Pricing, Li Yang, 2012, Dissertation .
  • Three Esssays on Pricing and Risk Management in Industrial Practice, Jie Ning, 2013, Dissertation .
  • Two Applications of Intelligent Transportation System, Hao Zhou, 2013, Dissertation .
  • Three Studies on the Value and Risk of Higher Education, Katherina Best, 2013, Dissertation .


    A handbook titled HANDBOOK ON SEMIDEFINITE PROGRAMMING edited by Henry Wolkowicz , Romesh Saigal and Lieven Vandenberghe published by Kluwer Academic Publishers . The handbook was published in March 2000.The preface and table of contents are available as .ps files.


    The book LINEAR PROGRAMMING: A MODERN INTEGRATED ANALYSIS by Romesh Saigal has been published by Kluwer Academic Publishers. Information on the preface , Table of Contents and ordering can be obtained by clicking the appropriate item.

    Review by Yin Zhang in SIAM Reviews ( 38(1996), 711-712 ) appears here.
    Review by Bob Vanderbei in Interfaces ( 27(1997), 120-121 ) appears here.
    Review by Akiko Yoshsie in Optima ( 54(1997), 11 ) appears here.


    Material on course taught during Winter 2012 can only be accessed on ctools.


    Interior Point Papers. These are papers at Argonne National Lab.

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