The Islamic Revolution of Iran, 1978-79

"I will strike with my fists at the mouths of this government."
-Ayatollah Khomeini

Source: Map Library, Tubinger Atlas
This map depicts the urban structure of Tehran, capital of Iran. Many of the events leading up to the Islamic Revolution of Iran, including Black Friday, took place in Tehran. It was the seat of the Shah's and Khomeini's governments. Click on the map for a larger version.

January 1978 Iranian police fire on students in Qom protesting visit of U.S. President Jimmy Carter
February 1978 More than 100 demonstrators killed in Tabriz
March 1978 More than 100 demonstrators killed in Yazd
April 1978
May 1978
June 1978
July 1978
August 1978
September 1978 BLACK FRIDAY (Landmark Event) - Mohammad Reza Shah declares martial law
October 1978 Oil strikes paralyze Iranian economy
November 1978 Shah arrests 13 prominent members of his own regime
December 1978 Massive demonstrations, strikes, and assassinations mark month of Muhurram
January 1979 Shah leaves Iran
February 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini returns after 14 years of exile, decrees end to martial law
March 1979 Referendum on whether new government should be Islamic Republic
May 1979
June 1979
July 1979
August 1979
September 1979
October 1979
November 1979 Islamic militants take hostages at United States Embassy in Tehran
December 1979
January 1980 Abolhasan Bani-Sadr elected first President of Islamic Republic of Iran