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Petrak, R. (in preparation). The Adventures of Chip Monk: A Fun Children's Book Series to Promote Social Development. [Abstract]

Petrak, R. (in preparation). Passing at School: Examining Disability Identity Disclosure in Academic Communities. Submitted to K. E. Nielson & J. A. Brune  (Eds.), Blurring the Lines: Disability, Race, Gender and Passing in Modern America. [Abstract]

Luyster, R., Gotham, K., Guthrie, W., Coffing, M., Petrak, R., DiLavore, P., Pierce, K., Bishop, S., Esler, A., Hus, V., Richler, J., Risi, S., Lord, C. (2010). The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-Toddler Module: A new module of a standardized diagnostic measure for autism spectrum disorders. Accepted in Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.[Abstract]

Petrak, R. (2003). Selfhood Otherwise Categorized: Dominant Cultural Discourses on Non-typical Behavior in the U.S. and Benin. Meeting of the Minds XI Proceedings, 54-60.

Petrak, R. (2003). Enculturating Children: Children’s Agency, Expectations, Responsibilities, and Roles in Benin. Meeting of the Minds XI Proceedings, 71-76.

Petrak, R. (2001). Enhancing the Development of Self Concept in Children with Autism. Meeting of the Minds IX Proceedings, 133-139.

Petrak, R., & Magerman, J. (2001). The Effects of Pre-exposure and Instruction on Reversibility of Ambiguous Figures. Proceedings of the Meeting of the Minds VIII Proceedings, 146-152.

Petrak, R. (2000). Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Review of Prescription and Natural Treatment Options. Proceedings of the Meeting of the Minds VII Proceedings, 78-84.

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