Brian C. Rowe
Ph.D., Economics (August, 2009).
I am an alumni of the Department of Economics
at the University Michigan
In September 2009 I began work at the Bureau of Economics, Federal Trade Commission.
Fields: Public Economics, Law and Economics, Labor Economics
Research areas: Crime, Discrimination, Smoking.
rowebr @ umich dot edu

Curriculum vitae

Dissertation Abstract



    Gender Bias in the Enforcement of Traffic Laws:
    Evidence based on a new empirical test
    (Job Market Paper)

    Discretion and Ulterior Motives in Traffic Stops:
    The detection of other crimes and the revenue from tickets

    The Effect of Smoking in Young Adulthood on Smoking Later in Life:
    Evidence Based on the Vietnam Era Draft Lottery
    (With Daniel Eisenberg)
    Forum for Health Economics and Policy: Vol. 12 : Iss. 2, Article 4.

    The Impact of Fingerprinting Technology on Crime
    (With J.J. Prescott. Work in progress)

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 Brian Rowe                                     rowebr @ umich dot edu
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