(Advanced, Advanced) Trump Artistry


What do you do when PCs just keep throwing points at Trump?  The book only gives some hints as to what some of the Elders are capable of - here's what I devised with the help of some of my PCs:

   Trump Mastery – no mere Trump Artist, anymore.

Having already spent 60 points on Advanced Trump Artistry, your PCs now have a base for something possibly even greater.  Beyond the cost for Advanced Trump, if your players want to spend the amount in parentheses, these powers could be at their fingertips (or brush tips, or quill tips, or pen -- well you get the idea).

  • Trump Intuition (+5) - ability to figure out who's calling.
  • Direct Trump Spying (+10 for a total of 15) - ability to spy on people without having to hold or stare at the cards.
  • Trump-Call Waiting (+10 for a total of 25) - ability to detect and recieve a Trump call, while in the middle of another. the calls can be merged (everyone in contact with everyone else), one call can be halted until the other's complete (although if you're in contact with a high Psyche person, they may detect the call, too), or the call can be blocked. the latter call may even be substituted for the one in progress (that one, then, would either be terminated or put on hold). to get really good at this, (+5 to 10) more points should be added.
  • Dimensional Trump Transportation (+20 for a total of 45) - ability to draw and utilize Trumps to other dimensions.
  • Trump Backward (+5 for a total of 50) - ability to send someone (possibly yourself) back through to where they recently Trumped out.
  • Living Trump (+20 for a total of 65) - ability to transform your body into Trump energy, and in essence, "Trump out" to anywhere (possibly to anyone).
  • Combine Scenes (+15 for a total of 80) - ability to use more than one Trump card, then merge their pictures and auras, combining them. this can be done using a person's Trump and that of a place (using the new card would then transport the person to the place), two places (if they are both Shadows, this creates a new, merged Shadow. if one is Shadow, the other real, some attributes of the real place can be imposed upon the Shadow. if they are both real, well, you're messing with the universe, someone'll probably find out, and boy, are you gonna get it!), or two people (either merging their minds, imposing one mind on the other, or even possibly causing someone to think they're someone else, maybe even induce schizophrenia!). to get really good at this, a suggested (+5 to 10) more points should be added.
  • Trump Oracle (+20 for a total of 100) - ability to Trump yourself about 5 minutes into the future. Actually, for a more expensive version, that range could ever be extended. The benefit is thus: You can find out one way that the future may unfold. The flaw: Soon after you've talked to yourself, your actions change to destroy the future self that you just spoke with. Thus, as you gain more info, your future self will begin to fade away until you can't speak to it anymore. There should even be a refractory waiting period before you can attempt to contact another future self.
  • Advanced Trump Mastery (beyond a base of 100 and up ) - you have mastered the art of Trump. you can do virtually anything you can think of with it as long as it pertains to Trump. think out an idea, explain to the GM why Trumps would be able to produce an effect like that, add another point to Trump Artistry (or how ever many the GM says) for the new power, and it will be yours!

These Trump abilities as listed are totaled in increments. That is, you may either add the (+) amount and gain that power only, or the cumulative amount to get all the powers falling below that number. Therefore, for a total of 15 points, you should be able to have Trump Intuition and Direct Trump Spying , for a total of 25 points that have been added, you'd get those things plus Trump-Call Waiting. If your GM allows, you could spend the (+) amount for several of these powers, and pay no attention to the way they are listed here. That actually seems like the way I'd run it nowadays.

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