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Welcome to my teaching portal. Feel free to use my teaching materials for personal and classroom purposes. I am not assuming responsibility for their accuracy.

2013-2014 academic year
Fall 2013: AIM Student Seminar, Math 501
Winter 2014: AIM Student Seminar, Math 501
2012-2013 academic year
Fall 2012: Probability in High Dimensions (709, Modern Analysis I).
Winter 2013: Linear Spaces and Matrix Theory (419).
2011-2012 academic year
Fall 2011: Advanced Calculus I (451)
Winter 2012: Introduction to Probability (425)
2010-2011 academic year
Fall 2010: Functional Analysis (602, Real Analysis II). You will find lecture notes there.
Winter 2011: Introduction to Probability (425)
2009-2010 academic year
Fall 2009: Functional Analysis (602, Real Analysis II). You will find lecture notes there.
2008-2009 academic year
Fall 2008: Introduction to Probability Theory (525)
Winter 2009: Geometric Functional Analysis (710, Modern Analysis II)
Winter 2009: Introduction to Probability Theory (525)
2007-2008 academic year
Fall 2007: Probability Theory (235A)
Winter 2008: Probability Theory (235B). You will find lecture notes for the entire year there.
Winter 2008: Calculus (21B)
2006-2007 academic year
Winter 2007: Non-asymptotic Random Matrix Theory (280). See this tutorial, which partially supersedes the old lecture notes.
Fall 2006: Functional Analysis (202)
Fall 2006: Calculus (21A)
2005-2006 academic year
Fall 2005: Calculus (21A)
Fall, Winter and Spring: VIGRE Resrarch Focus Group "Probabilistic Aspects of Convexity and Combinatorics"
2004-2005 academic year
Spring 2005: Analysis (201C)
Winter 2005: Analysis (201B)
Winter 2005: Reading Seminar on Randomized Algorithms (290)
Fall 2004: Probability and Convexity (280)
Fall 2004: Reading Seminar on the Probabilistic Method in Combinatorics (290)
Fall 2004: Ph.D. Preliminary Exam Workshop
2003-2004 academic year
Spring 2004: Probability Theory (235C)
Winter 2004: Advanced Calculus (127A)
Winter 2004: Functional Analysis (202)
2002-2003 academic year
Winter 2003: Calculus (at University of Alberta)
2001-2002 academic year
Winter 2002: Calculus (at University of Alberta)
2000-2001 academic year
Spring 2001: Probabilistic Methods in Analysis (at Weizmann Institute of Science)
1999-2000 academic year
Summer 2000: Finite Mathematics (at University of Missouri-Columbia)