Roman Vershynin

Roman Vershynin

Want to learn more about my research?

My primary area of expertise is high dimensional probability. I am interested in fundamental, theoretical problems as well as applications of probability to data science.

For a non-technical introduction, take a look at these slides about my work on complex networks. For a deeper dive, check out my textbook on high-dimensional probability. Or skim through my survey on relationships between high-dimensional probability, high-dimensional geometry and high-dimensional inference. Have a look at this tutorial on non-asymptotic theory of random matrices. If you are ready to explore acrtual research papers, take a peek at my publications.

If you are thinking of becoming my student or postdoc, take a look at the work of my past and present mentees.

If you are already in Ann Arbor, Michigan, drop by one of Analysis & Probability seminars. I am co-organizing the traditional seminar with one-hour talks, often given by visitors, and the learning seminar with two-hour educational lectures. Here you will find a list of all seminars in the Mathematics Department.