Technical Description

Serial Connection 57,600 bits-per-second, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity bit  
DIN-8 and DB-9 female connectors on board
Microcontroller clock rate 18.432 MHz
Microcontroller type Microchip PIC 16c74a (
No. of digital inputs 10   
(first 8 can be addressed as a port)
No. of digital outputs 10   
(first 8 can be addressed as a port)
No. of analog inputs   
(8-bit resolution)
No. of pulse-width-modulated outputs   
(10-bit resolution, frequency = 18KHz )
Power requirements 8-15 Volts DC or AC, 250 mA or more   
(can run on 9-Volt battery)
Maximum Current 20mA per line source, 25 mA per line sink 
400 mA total

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