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Free Downloadable Data

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Offers satellite radar images of archaeological sites in Asia and the Near East, including views of Giza, the Great Wall of China, Angkor, and the city of Florence.

SEDAC (Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center) offers basemaps and population data for China and Mexico, downloadable via FTP.

U.S. National Parks Service
Gazetteer related to National Parks and other geospatial data.

Intermountain GIS Support Center
Digital orthophotos and scanned images of Petroglyphs National Monument and Pecos National Historic Park. DEM of Salinas Missions.

U.S. Geographic Names Server
Downloadable database of over 2 million physical and cultural geographic features.

General Purpose Basemaps

Baltic Universities Project
Offered downloadable GIS files in MapGrafix and MapII/Map Factory format (for Macintosh). Site is now closed, but project leaders for various Baltic countries can still be contacted by email.

Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)
Offers interactive online mapping and some free data.

"Thailand on a Disk"
Ordering information for Thailand datasets and free downloadable political boundaries layer. In PC Arc/Info format, compatible with ArcView. Scale: 1:250,000.

US GeoData
Free USGS maps to download.

Cartographic Data Archives
Free digital maps; currently focuses on U.S. maps. Invites anyone to add their data to the website.

Guide to Online & Mostly Free U.S. Geospatial & Attribute Data
As the name says.

GIS for Development in South Africa
A centralized site for the coordination of South African spatial data.

MapMaker Free Basemaps
Free basemaps of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and counties of the U.K.

ESRI Digital Chart of the World
Download up to one entire country from the ESRI Digital Chart of the World (1:1,000,000 scale) through the Pennsylvania State University Library.

Global Landcover GIS Maps
Free downloadable maps, currently covering North and South America and Africa.

Worldwide Airports
Database of airport locations.

Searchable Databases

GEONet Names Server (GNS)
Gazetteer includes UTM coordinates and latitude and longitude of world features to four decimal points.
or go through their main page:

Register of the National Estate
Searchable database of heritage sites in Australia; gives location mapping information when available.


Data for Sale or Licensing

T-Kartor Sweden AB
GIS maps of Sweden. All villages of 50+ inhabitants are shown.

Satellite images of main Italian cities and street maps at 1:10,000.

Bartholomew HarperCollins Cartographic EuroMaps
GIS maps of Great Britain at 1:250,000; London at 1:5,000

"Thailand on a Disk"
Thailand datasets at 1:250,000 in PC Arc/Info format, compatible with ArcView.

Extensive set of GIS data for Asia and the former Soviet Union. Includes the Great wall of China at 1:1m and much more.

Free GIS Software

MapInfo ProViewer v.6.0
(allows users to view and exchange MapInfo maps)

MapMaker trial demo
(for Windows)

OSU Map-for-the-PC
(raster GIS)

(for Linux or Unix)

(raster GIS)

Online GIS

Prototype GIS covering ancient sites along the Via Aurelia and Via Domizia.

Native American Maps
Interactive thematic maps related to Native Americans in the U.S. and Canada.

Subterranean Rome/Roma Sotterranea
Interactive map of subterranean cultural sites in Rome. (Italian only.)

Balkans Regional Atlas
Interactive maps of the Balkan region.

Baltic Sea Drainage Basin
Maps include Baltic country boundaries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) and major cities.

Canada NAIS
Interactive online GIS of Canada.


Other GIS Indexes

Jim Aylward's List
The Mother of All GIS Lists, in my opinion. More than 500 links.

ESRI Cultural GIS Resources
A specialized list, as the name indicates.

GIS Internet Resources List
Great list, organized by category.

Nice Geography Sites
Index of links related to GIS, geography and remote sensing, organized by category.

GIS WWW Resource List
Extensive index of GIS Web resources, in alphabetical order.

GEOWeb Project
A project to improve geographic data accessibility.

Articles Online

GIS for World Heritage Preservation
Roberta Hardy

GIS Implementation Experience in Wisconsin Winnebago Nation
Ping He




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