Synthetic Journal -- Day: 10,844
Time: 23:20
Zone: Personal Enrichment

My first thought upon meeting the fabulously wealthy Siberia Kirchhoff was that she is unnaturally gorgeous. As His Eminence would say, we're not talking quirky good looks or 'nice eyes', we're talking the universal standard by which beauty is judged.


My second thought was that she is not as young as she appears. I look at her and wonder what is original equipment and what is an upgrade. She has the skin of a twenty year old which looks great on her but must have been painful for the twenty year old.

Every little detail leads me to think that she is twice the Cardinal's age, maybe more. It's true that the rich are different from you and me--they no longer have to grow old.

I do not voice any of my suspicions to the Cardinal.


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