Synthetic Journal -- Day: 10,976
Time: 10:17
Zone: Heightened Reality

Went Down Below again last night. I knew I wouldn't find Nadja but I never expected to bump into the Cardinal.

"She set me up," he explained later when we were back up top and toasting the dawn of another perfect day. "I've got a lab down there, a staff of programmers, the works. She even gave me a little project to keep me busy, bless her artificial little heart."

After many (many) rounds he said, "I'm still not totally clear who he is to her or she to him: a former lover, her father, the original from whom she was cloned, a little bit of all of the above. She's had his body replicated and she wants me to recreate his personality -- with one slight modification. 'Make him love me,' she said."


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