Synthetic Journal -- Day: 9,097
Time: 11:10
Zone: Social Responsibility

Ranger Diode and one of his goons were waiting for me when I got back to my unit. The place had been torn apart as usual. They put a restrainer on me and asked me if I would kindly accompany them to the Hall of Rules and Etiquette.

We got to R & E Hall at around 2:00 in the morning. After leaving me in an interrogation room for several hours (4? 5?) Ranger Diode and the goon came in and began questioning me about a certain M_____. I told them I didn't know the name and couldn't identify anyone from the images they showed me.

Eventually they let on that this M____ had been convicted of high crimes and major infractions and was due to be disenfranchised the next day. The goon said that it was mandatory that I be at the disenfranchisement ceremony since certain intellectual properties traceable back to me were found in M_____'s unit. This revelation prompted Ranger Diode to feign great concern for my well-being and to lecture me in a condescending manner on the consequences of non-productive intellectual activity. Then they left me alone in the interrogation room for several (many) more hours.

At one point I banged on the door for an hour until the goon allowed me to use a toilet. Then I was deposited back in the interrogation room for an unknown number of hours. I managed to sleep in my chair for a little while before Ranger Diode and a different goon came to escort me to the Circus of Justice.


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