Synthetic Journal -- Day: 10,628
Time: 02:43
Zone: Heightened Reality

[rocket-head.gif] Free room and board for a week.

Another roundup of potential trouble vectors (PTV's as the Courtesy Rangers call us) finds me and a couple hundred other bodies confined to an upper floor of the ancient Tom Swift Hotel. The Tom Swift has been undergoing renovation for as long as I can remember--20 years at least. The rooms (on this floor anyway) are sumptuously appointed with gutted plumbing, exposed wires, cracked plastic everything, and unbreakable portholes.

The food that appears at irregular intervals is truly unspeakable so I won't speak of it.

I wander the darkened halls at night and sleep in a linen closet during the day.

Plenty of familiar faces here. Rumor has it that there is another corporate takeover going on out there and we are being kept under wraps to insure that there are no embarrassing incidents as the new regime comes through to inspect the assets.


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