Synthetic Journal -- Day: 9,597
Time: 19:10
Zone: Repeatable Results

I can't decide if it's part of a conspiracy (always my first thought -- seek and you shall find) or the result of a complex mechanical malfunction that repeatedly defies the laws of probability.

If you look on the bottom of my holophone you will see the words 'Made in Hell.' (What genius decided that talking to a transparent head in a glass jar was a good idea in the first place?) It used to be merely annoying but in the last few days the dammed thing has gone twilightzone on me.

The 'just annoying' part: The dammed thing has refused to announce incoming calls in a simple dignified manner. No matter how many times I set it to simply ring or ping or beep or even chirp it resets itself to some annoying sound effect like breaking glass or ricocheting bullets or distant thunder (that one took a while to figure out). For about ten days I was subjected to the sound of a piano falling down a flight of stairs every time someone tried to call.


About a week ago the thing went from annoying to creepy. I started getting these calls. She looked familiar, sounded familiar. Young -- twenty-something. I said hello. The head in the jar said hi. Then she asked if I missed her. I said something noncommittal like, 'I don't know.' I started to ask if I knew her but she kept on talking. She was a recording. She said she had just gotten back and she called me (or whoever she thought I was) even though she knew I wouldn't be home. Just before the call ended I got this weird feeling of recognition. It was my mother thirty years ago or more -- or rather a recording of her.

Two days later I got another one of these phone calls from the next world. This time I recorded it. She's not so happy this time. Seems whoever she's calling won't call her back. She can't understand it and she's very upset. She start's to cry. She's not nearly so attractive crying as she was smiling.

Over the next few days I got several more of these calls. Some of them I've gotten more than once. I recorded them all.

After the first of these calls I went to visit my mother in real time. She remembers me from other visits but can't quite figure out why I come to see her. These days she's always happy.


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