Synthetic Journal -- Day: 10,842
Time: 17:55
Zone: Repeatable Results

Last night I returned to my personalspace to find a note pinned to my door by a throwing knife.

If you Value your immortal Soul be at the Obscene Prophet tomorrow at 10:45 (a.m.).

Come Alone and unArmed.

Pax Vobiscum

If I didn't know it by now the agitated scrawl in red crayon told me I was dealing with a lunatic. I would have to be careful.

[spheres.gif] Five minutes later the Personalspace Facility Manager was banging on the door. She was furious--in a perky and enthusiastic manner of course--about the very noticeable hole in the woodlike.

"Either report this incident of vandalism to the Courtesy Rangers or pay for the repairs," she demanded.

I told her I had unthinkingly contaminated the evidence by removing the knife from the door but I would mention the incident to Ranger Diode the next time he dropped by to harass me. I said that I would be sure to mention her name. Then I told her I would gladly pay for repairs if in fact repairs were ever done. I even offered to pay extra if the repairs were done competently.

In a perky and enthusiastic manner she suggested that I go fuck myself.


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