Synthetic Journal -- Day: 10,863
Time: 22:03
Zone: Heightened Reality

Night. We had been drinking since early afternoon.

We prefer the failures of corporate strategy -- large vacant establishments that remain empty despite every effort of the best marketing wizards and mind-control adepts money can buy.

The Visible Woman is a favorite of ours -- an uncanny reproduction of a place where no one wants to be. The teaming hoards stay away in droves. Entire herds of them failed to show up again today. We had the whole gruesome attraction to ourselves. His eminence and I favor a table next to the entrance to the small intestines.

I asked the Cardinal if he'd ever heard of the NeverMind.

[fog.gif] "Blasphemy!" he thundered. "Just for that you have to buy the next round of penance."

I signaled a bored looking waitron for two more of the same. "Is there such a beast?"

"Depends on who you ask."

"I'm asking you," I said.

"Speaking in an official capacity as the dubious leader of an officially extinct religious sect I have to tell you that there are angels dancing on the head of every pin (whateverthehell a pin is) and once or twice a weak a succubus materializes in your room and drains your little turkey baster while you sleep. But the NeverMind? -- fairy tale. Never happened. No such animal. Who's been filling your head with this blasphemy?"

"It came to me in a dream," I said.


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