Synthetic Journal -- Day: 10,851
Time: 22:50
Zone: Standard Deviation

[nadja.gif] She said her name was Nadja. She didn't offer a last name and of course I didn't ask.

She told me she was not born in the Park. She came in on a day-pass several years ago and never left.

She told me quite a bit about herself. I listened.

She said she had recently been enhanced by retinal tattoos and that she was just starting to get used to them. When you catch her eye just right you can sometimes see a little red flash in her pupils -- more frequently as dusk becomes darkness.

She told me about her life growing up in the provinces and why she hated it. She told me about staying in the Park after her pass expired. She told me about working in a factory Down Below. She said she had been a personality model. They paid her for the intellectual property rights to her soul. She said she didn't mind, she could always get another.

She said that maybe when she gets used to her new eyes she will take me Down Below.


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