Synthetic Journal -- Day: 9,130
Time: 10:53
Zone: Social Responsibility

Why I hate mornings:

[morning.gif] Wake with the alarm ricocheting around in my head. Lunge to disarm it before one of us explodes.

Every morning the same breakfast and the same cup of almost coffee. I eat food that can be prepared in a mindless stupor. Bland food is preferable -- completely tasteless would be ideal; all sensations are unpleasant at this hour.

Switch on the multipod and watch the competing packets of infoganda slug it out for my unfocused attention. It's a daily exercise in self-delusion. I sit there in an ill-tempered daze, artificially extending my fragile senses across the planet, listening to important sounding people reading important sounding facts while important looking images flicker in front of my glazed eyes. This is my daily ritual of confusing knowledge with action.

Finally, when the pain of inaction exceeds the fear of possiblity, I start my day.

I hate mornings. Whenever possible I avoid them all together.


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