Synthetic Journal -- Day: 9,234
Time: 23:23
Zone: Heightened Reality

diff-delph She has no motor or sensory components below the waist.

She is content to spend her days in her carny oubliette dispensing cryptic wisdom and misleading predictions to the few warmbodies who feed tokens into her meter.

The Cardinal wants me with him when he visits her so that it is my fortune being told, not his.

Today I went to visit Delphica by myself. I didn't tell the Cardinal I was going. I asked her directly if he would ever leave the Park.

"You want to leave as well. Why don't you ask about yourself?"

I said that he wants to get out more than I do.

She delt out a card and said "He will have what he wants."

"Will he be happy?" I asked.

She smiled and said that he doesn't want happiness, he wants purpose.

"All right then," I said, "what about me? Will I ever get out?"

She delt another card. "You will get out before Edison does." Another card. Then another. "But not till you've seen both heaven and hell."

The timer stopped ticking and the light inside the booth dimmed. I reached into my pocket for another token but changed my mind. "Bye, Delph," I said, knowing that she could no longer see or hear me.


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