Synthetic Journal -- Day: 9,024
Time: 14:36
Zone: Sustainable Growth


Stepped off the shuttle onto the platform--there's Ranger Diode smiling and giving a safety briefing to a group of school children.

Ran a couple of errands. Eventually made my way to the Zone of Genetic Progress--there's Ranger Diode at the checkpoint scanning the retinas of a couple of PTV's. On my way to the Repository of Facts--there's Ranger Diode, crisp and polished as a chrome-plated bayonet, making sure the lines to get into the Hall of Eradicated Pests are orderly and congenial.

Spent a couple of hours in the Repository of Facts then caught a shuttle to the Zone of Heightened Reality. Stopped in at the Small Intestine for a foamwich and a sausage-like. There's Ranger Diode and a couple of newly extruded rookies having doughnuts and coffee.

Missed the last shuttle out of Heightened Reality--started walking. Halfway home a Courtesy Cruiser pulls up along side of me and Ranger Diode steps out.

"Is there a problem, shareholder?"

"No problem," I said. "No better way to end another perfect day in the Park than a walk home in the quiet hours of the morning."

"Just as long as those hours stay quiet," says Ranger Diode.

I agree and continue my hike. The Courtesy Cruiser follows me at a distance for half an hour or so before fading to black.

I finally made it back to my personal-space around 3:30. Just as I was going in, a Courtesy Cruiser passed silently by. I couldn't see the driver but I didn't have to. Ranger Diode is always on duty.


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