Synthetic Journal -- Day: 10,847
Time: 18:20
Zone: Historic Improvement

[chimpbot.gif] On my way to nowhere in particular I was accosted on the street by a robot with a defective perkiness governor. The thing was a menace to decent society. It gushingly offered me the opportunity to experience this 'like totally disney new multi' if I would answer a few questions for its marketing survey.

I pretended to be flattered that the Corporation would want my opinion and I deliberated over each question as if answering this survey about my future spending plans was a sacred civic duty. As is my habit I lied frequently but not always and felt small pangs of guilt the few times I answered truthfully.

I went in and tried to endure the multi -- a particularly ham-fisted propaganda piece about the first heroic attempts to put the brain of a chimpanzee into the body of a robot -- but I couldn't bear it. The story line took a left turn into ugly fantasy. The chimpbot is forced by evil government conspirators to take up arms and effortlessly slaughter dozens of inept baddies and, I have no doubt, find true love in the process. I had to leave before I became ill.

I walked around for the rest of the afternoon contemplating the true horror that resulted from those first early experiments. We live in a multi where the evil alien invaders bent on enslaving the world were not defeated at the eleventh hour by a handful of rugged individualists. The enslavers won -- and horror of horrors, we like it.


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