Synthetic Journal -- Day: 9,041
Time: 19:37
Zone: Heightened Reality

Meanwhile, on the other side of the glass:

[laughleft.gif] The busybots scramble around. It's their job to be busy. Busy-ness is what they do -- busy-ness is the end-product and they generate a lot of it. Sometimes you'll see them busily explaining things to other busybots. They talk fast -- a stream of high powered verbiage comes gushing out of their chatterhole like water from a firehose. They know if they slow down the other busybot will rush off in search of something busier.

I am not busy. I believe I've done a good days work just getting out of bed. I may get busy later but not right now. Right now I'm sitting still, watching the busybots. If you remain relatively motionless you become invisible to them. Their busy little brains do not register you as an animate object. To them you become another piece of furniture to avoid bumping into as they whirl busily about.

[laughright.gif] Like me the stylebots are not busy either. Stylebots vogue. They move stylishly from one stylish pose to the next. Some stylebots are elegant, others are so stylish they don't need to be elegant. A few are so very stylish they don't even need to be attractive.

And amongst them all skitter the chucklebots. Chucklebots serve no purpose whatsoever and the world would be a better place without them.


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