The Vice of Surrealism

Dorathea Tanning:

To think of those early New York evenings--this is 1943--is to think of games presided over by Le Surrealisme Meme, Andre Breton. The Game of Truth, The Blindfold Game, The Game of Murder, whatever the game, he led the proceedings in a manner always solemn and resolute. There is the voice of Aragon who sits beside the bed: "Remember , Max?" Reminding, remembering the great days. Max half listens or not at all, his eyes on the television. Woody Woodpecker outwits the Fox. And Aragon, immense, carried away: "Remember, Max, the time when I hustled you out of the Dome, with dozens of cops swarming in? We were all Paris hometown brawlers, the rest of us, not to fear; but you, pauvre bougre, with your impossible German passport...."
Dorothea Tanning, Birthday

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