Salon de Independants, 5 February 1920

With characteristic bad taste, the Dadas have now resorted to terrorism. The stage was in the cellar, and all the lights in the shop were out; groans rose from a trap-door. Another joker hidden behind a wardrobe insulted the persons present... the Dadas, without ties and wearing white gloves, passed back and forth... Andre Breton chewed up matches, Ribemont-Dessaingnes kept screaming: "It's raining on a skull," Aragon caterwauled, Philippe Soupault played hide-and-seek with Tzara, while Benjamin Peret and Charchoune shook hands every other minute. On the doorstep, Jacques Rigaut counted aloud the automobiles and the pearls of the lady visitors...

Georges Hugnet, "L'esprit dada dans la peinture" (Cashiers d'Art, 1932-1934)

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