Knowledge is an old error remembering its youth. Taste is as tiring as well-bread people. The most beautiful discovery of man is bicarbonate of soda. Vegetables are more serious than men and more sensitive to frost. The world is steeped in good taste and ignorance pasted together. Painting is made for dentists. Really, it is only mediocre people who have genius during their lifetime. It rains and I think of the poor people for whom it doesn't rain. Human beings win diplomas and lose their instinct. The more one pleases, the more one displeases. The only way to have followers is to run faster than the others. Spinoza is the only person who never read Spinoza. It's easier to scratch one's ass than one's heart (St Augustine). The unknown is an exception, the known a deception. A favorable wind has blue feathers. Tables turn, thanks to the spirit; pictures and other works of art might be called safe-depositables: the spirit is inside and becomes increasingly inspired as the auction prices mount. Only useless things are indispensable.

Francis Picabia

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