Fred Wu's House o' Reconditioned Karma Page

This is the Wu family's ancestral Home Page. It has been handed down exactly as you see it now through eleven generations of Wu's. I have a sneaking suspicion though that the line ends with me. This page is a treasured heirloom and most definitely
not under construction.

But enough about you...

You didn't come here to exchange meaningless pleasantries. You came here to find out about me and my amazing Home Page. Well, you've come to the right place because here at the Fred Wu House o' Commotion Page you can:


to the amazing exploits of my education and career


why people erect these Gravestones For The Living in the first place


with pride and delight to realize you are one of the chosen few who is so unspeakably hip as to rate a link on the amazing House o' Fred Page


in the excessive, self-indulgent manure herein


in a huff. And if you can't leave in a huff, leave in a minute and a huff. If that's too soon, leave in a taxi.

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