Who are you?

(neatness counts)


I'm a living breathing Paradox.

Gertrude the

I am an idle worshipper.


I am a human being, who happens to be female, and between the ages of 18-21. I also happen to live in california, some where in the vacinity of L.A. I enjoy the arts, but of course none of that matters since, as i have earlier stated, i am human.

An Unknown Agent

the last scion of wales


a columbine soliloquy


good question. my therapist will probably tell me. if i like who i am and wan't to boast about it i'll be in touch.

Dali Dolly

I am a byproduct of genetic inbreeding which produced a superior new species (the 12 digits are a definite asset).


im a rollin stone, had to hold my own, so im on my throne/ hoes they wanna bone, gimme dome callin my mobile phone/ Tryin' to roll on chrome, let it be known i hit the microphone/ but im a skreet nygga its all real talk what i put in my songs/An' if i seen ya assed out i wouldnt front ya shit to put you on/Fuck splittin it 50/50 get down to the nitty gritty/ My heart cold cuz aint no love in the heart of the city/ But to my relatives and friends I can lend a helping hand/ Cross my fam I pop a man, got it on lock in this land/ Im tryin to live life, tryin to git right and keep my shit tight/ You'se tha bitch type, left me for dead up in that ditch, right/ And thats it for now.....


A confused visitor.

dannyboy GOGO

you don't know when you go,so you GO GO .go to the top

dannyboy GOGO

you don't know when you go,so you GO GO .go to the top

Jacques Collin

i haven't changed my underwear in days. i fear the odor is escaping the thin walls of my pantscrotch


I'm A Person whose Friends Say I Might Hav A Split Personality And I'm A Traveler And Adventurer


i am nobody


An observant nomad.


This suburban houswife from California.




Class President, varsitiy cheerleader, and 4.0 gpa student.althaso verthegerreethegee fluthegent inthegen githegerbertehgerish. (also very fluent in gibberish) also espanol.


I am a faceless entry in a site I understand little of ,who, none the less, is trying not to sound pretentious and arty when that is obviously untrue.


as close as i can determine, i am a spirit form somehow enclosed in some bio-material which is warm and squishy and needs alot of maintenance.


a character foil for more charming characters

An Unknown Agent



A restless soul, pondering the silly and sublime with the same wonder


why should I care about this?

An Unknown Agent



Currently a traveler, made of ever decaying matter and infinte energy.


I am a traveler in space. I am searching for something incomprehensible to give meaning to my time here.


a fish

Red is Dead

I am a highly promiscuous hermaphrodite.

An Unknown Agent



I am a grad student trying not to act like one.


the idea is god while creating god at the same time, silly goose face


i am me. sorry thats not very specific


A neat younge wise

Eliphas Levi

A poor sinister soul consumed by too much vision and not enough libations. An oil painting in a watercolour world.


on old friend of Billie Hoover

An Unknown Agent

No one

An Unknown Agent

I am a soul temporarily trapped in a meaningless materialistic existence that will one day end and result in true freedom

Marcus Versus

A devout lemon in the place of a sun.


i am a lowly civil servant with delusions of grandour

An Unknown Agent

who are you?

Annie Debauch

I am the niece of uncle. i am the hostess of tea. i live in the Rose of Sharon compound somewhere east of Earpop, New Mexico. i am radiant. i am keen.

Kevin Harvey

I am a playwright and Professor and (hand)phan of Artaud...(Neatness counts) (more than you think)

Frater Euphigmius J. Maligny

At this moment in some time I happen to be a crystaline form of pure energy, cruising around in a flesh roadster for an indeterminate, though exceptionally distinctive, amount of quantum time.


White, happy, sleepy, dead. Just a guy.


your worst enemy. or your new puppy.


I believe I am a robot, but sounds of disagreement contradict this belief.


I believe I am a robot, but sounds of disagreement contradict this belief.


i go to marksville hgogh school and i wan,t to be a nurse that take care of new borns you know that,s what i alway,s wanted to do. my name is erica johnson bye thanks


someone neither here nor there

Red the orange

There are no doors in this room.

An Unknown Agent



individual. the center of my being cannot waiver or be dislodged.

You'd really not care

Another face in the crowd.

An Unknown Agent

iam a line


an unconditional purpose, some mitigating circumstances, elixir of nullity and a programmatic failure..

An Unknown Agent

Marshall Lentini ist tot.


I be Chi-bi. Seriously? You shouldn't ask such questions. I am Camila's friend. I am someone who loves. Shhh.


I am the first breath after the last, after the final one... I am the one that brings order to chaos and chaos to order. I am a surrealist...


cat, bird, noise, light, mass.

Amena Divine


An Unknown Agent

(you are a queer)

mask smith

kind of a jelloid when punched my excess jiggles in waves i come in all colours blue red green yellow and orange

doggman ta'boo

i am a poet goddamnit & a collage artist. i am also paranoid & wish the previous millenium would just flush itself, now.

jackal riot

wandering lycanthrope of the nether wastes enjoying the succulent denizens of oasis and arroyo.


I'm sorry, I'm not that kind of girl.

Kristin K.

Check out my un-finished site and find out! http://www.angelfire.com/ultra/gonzofan/

Osiris the White

A newborn in robes and an inconvenient palace.

Mengaris Frustica

A small green beetle trapped in a drop of coffee at the bottom of a streofoam cup

Chad Robb

I am a philosopher. I keep some of my musings in my online journal. Crimsonpickle/livejournal.com

An Unknown Agent

I am rarely tidy.

lick the knife

look its that crazy girl, RUN


an artist,but thats as far as i go.


I am an arrow of longing for the farther shore.

An Unknown Agent



who cares?

An Unknown Agent



The answer to that question depends on who you are and how you see me. How I am percieved will determine who I am until I work out how to perceive myself.


A robotic alien sock stuck in an inefficient, albeit attractive, hyooman body.

The bigger "e"

Count the neatness where it lies, typing correctly doesn't make much of a mess.

An Unknown Agent


An Unknown Agent


An Unknown Agent



jo bob


i'm a human of some height and have a nodocord. i beleive that its the nodocord that makes me me who i am and is the starting point of all my great (and other discriptive adjetives) qualities. i am also someone who has just been wandering around an art block and picked up a book about surealism.


I am 6 symbols representing a phrase that has no meaning other than one ascribed to it.

An Unknown Agent

An organism in the cosmos


Not that sure, but try anyway.


softness in a glass jelly jar

i have no name

who am i? I am the filler of random forms, who knows not where she comes from nor where she goes. All her life she searched for one thing. Perhaps it would be easier if she always searched for the same thing. But no. The thing changes like I do. Like you do. Like we do. But who are we? I am the filler of forms. Random forms that one one will read. Or maybe they will. Surreal is real in a different state. You cannot escape from reality. Easy come, easy go. LIVE FOR THE MOMENT. BE NO ONE. BE EVERYONE. Be hellish Be angelic do it all.

preston the super phro

I'm a pretty boy with hair like jesus. And a libido like a crusifixion. (sorry i fucked it up last time.)

A Glass Onion

The Merry Prankster

Nino Toro

Would not you like to not know not? Well, I sleep after I eat if that's what you're looking for. Maybe this just is my kind of question. A man should be comfortable with his questions, eh? A.

Oprah Einstein Less

Would not you like to not know not? Well, I sleep after I eat if that's what you're looking for. Maybe this just is my kind of question. A man should be comfortable with his questions, eh? A.

An Unknown Agent

someone else

An Unknown Agent

take a wild guess!

Gij Gothlow

A spiral without end.


fictional friction.

John the Hat

Aye an' a bit of Mackeral settler rack and ruin ran it doon by the haim, 'ma place well I slapped me and I slapped it doon in the side and I cried, cried, cried. The fear a fallen down taken never back the raize and then Craig Marion, get out wi' ye Claymore out mi pocket a' ran doon, doon the middin stain picking the fiery horde that was fallen around ma feet. Never he cried, never shall it ye get me alive ye rotten hound of the burnie crew. Well I snatched fer the blade O my Claymore cut and thrust and I fell doon before him round his feet. Aye! A roar he cried frae the bottom of his heart that I would nay fall but as dead, dead as 'a can be by his feet; de ya ken?

Conan the Librarian

If I exist as the perception of others, it's not impossible to believe I don't exist at all. After all, if my clock ticks and I can't hear it, does it mean I don't exist, or is there no clock, and if I know I bought the clock, it must exist - so what would the clock's motive be, and if I ignored the clock - would it just be dragging me down to it's own level ? I am afraid to get rid of the clock in case I can still hear it ticking when it's gone.

Monsieur Moonbucket

I am your bestofthebest nightmare. Obviously.


You are what you is, and thats all you is, you is what you am, a cow dont make ham, you aint what you're not, so see what you got, you are what you is, and thats all it is. So given these words of Frank Zappa, I would have to say I is what I am.

Noah Harvey

I am the egg man.

Prince Eric

Cute, cuddly, and such plentiful organs...


i am an angel to my parents,good lover 2 my friend and a sweet gal 2 my classmates

lily jean

you're momma

An Unknown Agent

(Neatness counts aside from the bin)


(the word of god\Neatness counts)

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison, I told you. Don't you know who Jim Morrison was, uh... I mean, IS? Okay, I blew my cover. Look...,no, better yet, listen... I am a clown. I am a bodiless, needless, sexless soul.


I have been singled out. They ALL try and I make no effort. Refused all the benefits because the only reason I wanted a chance was so I could turn down the opportunity. They all found out and still know nothing. But living in the city I am told to accept this, so, of course I do not. The mob functions at an inferior level of consciousness so I negate my socialist teachings. I despise all liberals and all conservatives. The only perspective worth anything at all is that of the Poetic Genius, and that is locked down in isolation. There is nobody alive like me. I am friend of spirits. I erase myself and tear the paper(I use an old one) Finally, I am nothing and that's a really good start. They are right about me and wrong about me. Thatis who I am. Lucky one, huh?

Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney

Someone and anyone.

An Unknown Agent

Clothing store manager and artist from Provincetown living winters currently in Lituahia


The voice in my mind tells me I am still the 19 year old in the photo. The face in the mirror asks Who are You.

melting slowly

Well, I don't have my hair anymore. I'm not sure I'm sure. That is, I don't know yet -- I'm rarely positively certain about anything, you see -- but I don't think I now know precisely what stereotype I fit under. That is, how people perceive me...how I move through the world. Who I'm masquerading as, you know? Or did you mean who am I, anyway? You.


i am mewers, the croquet champion

pixie christ

stupid jesse. i'm a person. a female. flightless hummingbirds are as tragic as a teenage girl with a juxtaposition of problematic ontologies. jee. i should pube-lish that.


Pillage Phreak; Sailing the NetSea, Looking for Cyber Castle's, Their Library's to Plunder

hugh knox

a loosely collected swarm of imperfect memories fastened to an irrational desire to exist

ego squid

a pale reflection of my inner self


I am a penguin farmer. A guy on a bus. A pain in the neck. I am the one thing that went right today. Im the dubious numerator

An Unknown Agent

...the sweat stained mat where the 21st century fights amongst itselves

a plauge upon both of your houses.

I am noone, a menial servant of nothingness with no clear purpose or liklyhood of having one soon.


i could tell you but i dont want to. yet. who are you?


You should be asking yourself that question!


Neuroscientist with with a craving for spice. Actually, I am a cow who learned to type - hell of a pedicure!

Miopic(I have oil wells)

I can't write neatly...no one who is a true screed can.


a big mess up who manages to go unnoticed.

arrogantly me

It matters not who I think I am,what is more important to me is what others seem to think of who I am.........what I imagine the type of guy I am is also very unimportant...as I am here solely to confound and annoy all others.....to the best of my abilities.........I am also not going to ramble on and on about the type of guy I am,or think I am,or what not.....as I am getting more than slightly confused as it is......with all this hoo hah I am going on about.......

name?why?who wants2 know?why so many questions?who cares?dammit,ANSWER ME!!!

I am the one with the universe....remember the picture your mom used to show you,or the story your parents used to tell you about the "kid gone bad"...well,I was/am that kids' role model..............

normal human being

When I find out, you'll be the first to know.


death..... we all die, what are you going to do before you die?



d. karezza

Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Neatness. Fifty-three, I believe. Correct me if I am wrong.

Shaye St. John

I am sexy superstar Shaye St. John...you might have heard about me. You haven't?! Whats wrong with you? I live in a compound in southern california, The Funbubble is what i like to call it and if you ever visit you will too.

An Unknown Agent

I am the divine effulgence of the living god. I am the colorless green dream. I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am on the Internet, therefore I am a dog.


Im a bunny. Dont ever ask me that again. If I have more to say on the subject I will. Who am I...*sheesh* Your going to get us both killed!!

Gary Wynn Kemper

The one and only Gary Wynn Kemper. Nothing more nothing less!

blah blahblah

I am me as you are (s)he as we are all together


I am myself ten years from now.

An Unknown Agent

Outis Metis. I want Orlene Baird.

An Unknown Agent



my melo is happynoodle, but my friends call me beatrice...or maybe not...but anyway, i am here because of a referral from a referral...maybe...i love max, i think

Irwin P Hedgehog

lover of all things hedgehog-like

dale smosny

An imaginary nebboosh who only dreams he's real.0


a little girl from austria. i like weird things from outer space crushing on my head...


i am a jandek fan

static rover

I rove, yet I haven't gone anywhere. I'm constantly in motion and stand perfectly still simultaneously. I adore. I despise. I cannot be. But I must be anyway. I cannot I can. Can, will, won't, don't can't.


Who, me?


Noone interesting.


I am me. Who wants to know?

Lazy ol' Me.

I'm tired but not sleepy, which is a pain in the ass.


I am only what would be considered. None other than. (Besides that, I might not ACTUALLY be real.)


A waltz of mirrors A dialogue in the void

the family poo

i am no one

the scratch

what is it to you?


the morning AS historical reenactment


A psuedo dead elf banshee here to destroy all the stereotypical images of us


That's what I'm here to find out.

"Henry Quirk"

A slightly depressed,misanthropic, 40-year old, writer-type


someone that should be working right now instead of filling nonsense surveys

william woon

a small time person in a small time town with a dream in his head and a pen and paper

Amena Divine

Resident Chaostician

wolf saunders

Just another urban wolf...running in packs through the supermarkets, in the hope of tracking and bringing down a loaf of Wonder White.

peace in a can

I am the swirling motionless vapor rising out of the midnight flood of irrational beliefs.

courtney labia

trapeze artist extrodinaire.






I'm a highschool senior desperately avoiding my calculus homework.


just nobody


a student in cornwall and before u ask, no i dont have a brand new combine harvister and no i wont give you the key

Sleazeface McDougal

Who am I? And what gives you the right to ask that? What do you mean? Do you mean, how do I compare the media-borne images you have of how things should be in your mind? Is this what you're asking me? Is this what you'd like to know? Because if so, I know someone named Captain Crunch's brother who could lobster you in a three halves, if that's possible! Well! Isn't it? And if it wasn't, then who are you to decide for the championship of spaghetti and well-dusted neat balls? You better lick yo'self.


a cool dude

Juna Glow

I am currently an Art student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. My website: www.angelfire.com/film/junaglow

Optional O. Opt

Optional. I was exceptional, but someone took exception to me. So I opted for options.


Im ME!


I am the sole survivor of the treachery known as New Mexico. 1.2 million people are starving in this God-forsaken hole, and all I ever hear about is land-stealing white men. Like anyone can own land. That's what they thought. They thought they were tricking us. And by us, I mean you. Or me. Or hell...I don't know. Either way, and pronounce that aye-THER, we're stuck here now. Boundaries, checker-board, and 15 million square miles of cowboy lonely.

An Unknown Agent

shiny, smooth, and soft


I am everything you ever wanted


a simple construction

Name? What's in a name? A wolverine by any other name would still chew your leg off if given half a chance

I'm a jet-fuel genius I can solve the world's problems without even trying

An Unknown Agent



why should i tell you?


not huh, not a boss

moss that has gathered on a rolling stone

a highway chile


a pirate friend i once dreampt of whose obligatory shoulder-parrot squawked 'god is a cheesecake' to frighten enemies in battle.

An Unknown Agent

a shadow amongst others.


only a composite energy being searching for that, the truest form of undeniable truth within the lies of contemporary society and human culture, through music and other so called arts. i am constantly expanding the periphery.


A male doing things I don't care about to make money I care even less about. I'd be going somewhere but forgot the directions.


the all singing, all dancing crap of the world?


i don't know


A glorified electrical signal making its way between the mirror that shadows your soul and the wave that crashes on the shore of my defenses every time you deny those purple, sticky impulses telling you to cock your eyebrow at the next stranger you see and go to bed with them.



What is this "name" you speak of I own it not and if I did I don^Òt think I could get it in the computer.

I am a flounder of the mango shrubbery. I am the eternal foreskin of the militant feminist triangular. I am the many fans of tangible sex organ. I am the bacteria function green bedpan. I own the rights Marie Antoinette^Òs soul. I am the excretion of an obscure 12th century French writer^Òs hat. I am the voluble amphibolite of your frontal lobes. I am the spoonerisms of orgasmic pleasure. I am the ubiquitous enigma of the trout. I am the ever so pleasing chin of the hermaphroditical leopard. Helicopter Attack! Helicopter Attack! I am ignition key thruster mutation. I am of liquid water juice. I am what John Locke was but only when with fresh mounting ketchup. I am the amorphous man fetish. I am ochlocracy. May I have the most purple ignominy, to be indoctrinated in the great felicitous lore of who you are anyway?

Juliette du Soleil

Genetic heritage. Canadienne. Fashion sense. None if any. Mating practices. Lesbianism. Never, never, never say that you love me. Eponine is mad.



Your mother's only child

I already told you


the strangest stranger in search of porpoise. a man of many women. yesterday i won a math debate. can you believe it? I really won a math debate!!!!


A fan, in general

evil horse

evil leprechaun masquerading as a house


I am a carrier of the world. Of other souls who need but do not ask of help. I am a servant who offers all that I can give. I am a friend to all those who deserve. I am an single person with beliefs, thoughts, actions totally unique from everyone else. I am an individual.


no one


I'm not.

An Unknown Agent

that which is

nobody: alias El Gordo

El Gordo: self proclaimed avatar, son of the sun.


A link between heaven and humans

My name is not an ption ad my parents didnt ask me

I am one.I am unique and there is none like me.No not one.I am created totally different.I may look like someone else but the difference is inside.My Mind,my Heart,and my Genetics are like none other so therfore I am ME. SHER

Reverend Xenakaboom

Generic female, generic elder Gen-X


"I" is an other.


Someone arguing for 15 mins with his girl-friend refusing to be mentioned together with myself under your name.


i could be me. or you. but i'm not sure either way.


many times myself


a Civil Servant


The real question is: Am I dreaming of you, or are you dreaming of me?

( less that self, more than other )

(Neatness counts on it's fingers and is always a few cents off of a true 440hz.)


a happy soul who likes dandelions.


superhot exploding hydrogen nuclei.i think therefore i am constantly on the verge of implosion.a poet without words who goes in search of a light


A random collection of particles likely to become unstable at any second.


the difference between me and a madman is that i know i am mad


The son of two factory workers. An excuse for love and other hopes. I know go to school to learn how to become a walking charade.


You know that feeling you get, like you're being watched? That's me.


Nobody in particular


...A cow bent on world domination. Oh! And I want a poptart. That would be nice.

ralph the bear

does it matter?

Dr. Mantle Hood

a psycho-clone pervert swashbuckler who enjoys deep funk

Arbitrary string of Latin characters

I am a meat popsicle.


I AM ME... cool isnt it




I write on things.

What's in a Name ....a name's not always of our choosing

the culmative affects of thousands of souls in one who seeks to cause a brand new renaissance (a 17 year old boy who loves all forms of art)


I am woman, hear me roar. *chirrrrrp...chirrrrrp* *...chirrrrrrup...* Okay, I'm all pajamas and runny mascara.


In all fairness, to figure that out, you'd have to ask everyone who even remotely knows me, add up their opinions, and divide by the number of people asked. You should probably get something like '12.07." Very good.

An Unknown Agent

A hazard to myself


I'm a musician from the northern hemisphere. My supplied email address does NOT work. I support complete freedom of mind and body and open rebellion against authority.

ARP (2)

Odd question. I just told you.

Debbi Irene

Confused friend trying to understand the paranoia that has gripped and terrorized her life - am I naive?


i am a figment, i am a dream, and not my own.


we are all habitually stranged alien


As explained. A R P. What a silly question.


Faced with the real threat of having to summarize my existance all I can do is ponder


A failed cultural icon, adrift in the administrative realms of academe. A dreamer, a drunkard, a child.

Noah Freedman

Depends. Who are YOU anyways?


i am a girl from B.C canada, in college, party animal and

antiputti gal

a lost cosmic star that onces floated around the constelation.

Edith Bunker

The openly-declared secret of the nightmare phalanx. I have burned my imagination at the stake of your spine, and the smoke intoxicates an entire hemisphere, sending a frenzy of doves into the maws of waiting serpents. Only thus can we adumbrate the future's love of our sublime detritus.

An Unknown Agent

I am one who wears the mask of a proto-artiste currently undergoing classical indoctrination.


I am a storyteller and a scientist.

jack ass

jack ass

Camel L. Leopard

Pataphysician with his own dimension. Originator of franchise metamorphosis. Knows five or so words could be a "quantum language computer" through marriage of very simple mathematics and intuitive association.


counting neat little words


This is really good. i like this.

An Unknown Agent

I am, I think...

An Unknown Agent

I am just another musician trying to make it in New York.

the french maid

the one who is waiting for you my love.Neatness counts)


an astronaut from nevada

Dale Smosny

A bird apon a mantle, to sing and dance. One who sits in the FATHER's lap, learning about how all things came to be. Someone who wishes he makes it all the way back to be of service forever.

An Unknown Agent

one who needs no name


A bloke who doodles in Donegal.

Sean k.

Im just this guy, you know?

Whats it to you?

Im just a sweet transvestite, from transsexual, transilvania


I am everything, I could spend time labeling myself as "punk" or "hippy" or "deep" or any number of other things, but it would all amount to not being classifyable. Labels identify stuff in a hury, without actually looking at it closely.


Simply another link - a doorway, if you will - to the parts that we like the best. Remember that really funny part that you had to repeat to your friends in a loud voice while the music was playing too softly? We, the Creators, are doormen.


A criminal attorney who currently makes a living as a bureaucrat. A bureaucrat who sabotages the Bureau with my every gesture. A gesturer whose expressions are criminal. A criminal who is an attorney-at-law. The law is not a symbol. Symbols have power. I have no power. What do I have? (Extra points for correct guess.)


i am everyone and no one and the absence of the presence of darkness

sayid-set von schtiegenvundt III

constantly fluctuating subjective node intersecting infinite vectors of possability


A being/being kept/kept alive/alive alone/alone unwilling/unwilling sacrifice/sacrifice reality/reality being/dull (a)

An Unknown Agent



i am a beautiful girl lost in the woods i am wrong i am vera wang yes i am i am tall and neat and fruitful i am shy to shine i am who i am which is who i am when i am and the curly, larry and moe in the event of an event, i am not responsible i am an underdog i am a headstart


I am a contradictory, paranoid, neurotic whirlwind of a woman. I am a beauty, a devil, a whistle blower, a saint. I weld in high heels, drive a big, fast car and paint dirty pictures.

Arizu Teotlcoatl

Mexican teen, will dabble for information, discordian & transhumanist. Spends far too much time on the internet for her own good and aspires world domination (part time).Is referring to herself in the 3rd person for some unidentified reason.

anne o'neame

wenn ich das nur wissen wuerde!

F.R. Dinglemonger

I am very busy making breakfast out of mud pies from the back yard, I mix it with sticks. I eat it. It tastes good. I like mud pies, my baby octopus in a jar, my flumpogus and it's hair balls. I like it when it makes that kkwwwoooououk noise when clearing it's throat and one of the hair balls comes loose and flies out of it's mouth. It makes me hungry for mud pies.

Kitten Van der Klumps

Pa Mama has asked that I her secretary make the following statement and partial commentary....Mr Babies and bullets, the black van is still parked outside next to the blue chevy. It is not made of rubber like you said. So we have taken your marbles and hammer. What will be done with them..will be stated below and considered art. Please note the following disclaimer...this is not a 'work' of art. Please get your van away from P.a. Mama as it is a threat to the cause and dangerously close to headquarters. You must trust the Mama, keeping round the clock watch and stalking her will be impossible as she is omni-present and poten,t feel her words and actions, watching will only distance you from the cause, the effect, and the deliverance of yourself to the one


I am Dara

Fyodor Vlokov

a boy. if i had a hammer. id hammer in the morning. id hammer in the evening and all through the night.

An Unknown Agent

I am an earthworm, I live underground and no one sees me ever


i believe, but rather have my doubts, that a winged lamb. i wanted to be pink, and i tried eating pink clouds, but no luck...

P.A.Mama's secretary

Pa Mama says, "I am here. I am number 3, I am your grandmother, I am also numbers 1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. Please prepare for the incoming- transmission 014-999. transmitting....testing....123 testing 014-999"

An Unknown Agent


Adam Varo

I hate my job.


I am.

Ms Kitten Van der Klumps

I am the secretary for P.A.Mama. She is on leave right now with the reason 'buying property in South America' and 'trying to contact Dr. Leary's original ground control men' for her new movement. However this is a cover for the fact she is actually attempting to find purpose for her some of her functionless organs. One of which is the part of her brain that will enable her to telepathically contact her followers and discover the fifth element, be it body secretions or ether, or it may be found in the new magic crystals that decorate the new and exciting kitty litter. They seem to have some magical properties if gazed upon for long periods of time, but the results are not back yet from the laboratory.

Gwendolyn Von Burden

a dirty bird.. indicating a phobia of cleanliness, see paranoia below

P.A. Mama

A leader for the new movement, the new era, with lots of prunes to help...and many followers searching for relief and finding it within me. they decipher the secretly encrypted codes and learn...they become warm and feel fuzzy, even tingly, and slightly excited....then enlightened and relieved...please, join me....you are just what P A Mama is looking for...

el mariem

you can't escape yourself qui suis-je? d'où viens-je? je suis Antonin Artaud et que je le dise comme je sais le dire immediatement vous verrez mon corps actuel voler en éclats et se ramasser sous dix mille aspects notoires un corps neuf où vous ne pourrez plus jamais m'oublier

o dark master overseeing annihilation, hell though they be, thy names, thy kingdom unfair and earthbound, thy will paltry and shortsighted be, on earth as it is in imagination. you give us this day scarabs and oversights, and give four times our debts as we give unto you the interest. fell us not in the dead forest, but deliver us to mindless television, for thine is the concrete, the 'lectric, and all that will be destroyed by plants.


I am a boy and I like some music though I don't like all music.


I am becoming


I am an upside-down apple turnover accidentally turned over and subsequently turned over to the authorities to upturn in their own turn in a relentless urge to learn.


I am you.


Stellar Ambassador. Delusions of Grandeur. Caving in, breaking down. Doing the things I could do without.

Chelsea FOX

Just some guy I picked up on the street.

An Unknown Agent

Nobody yet, student


The prototype of the perfect consumer gone bad.

Sideshow Bob

I am a cynic, placed on this earth with the sole purpose to propagate DNA. How pathetic!

david pasquinelli

i am the red dagger that will cut a hole out of the heart of humanity, use its blood to paint my dream, and fill the resulting hole with my dream.


if you knew, you wouldn't want to be my friend

Paulo de conleyo

a man who is of god and works in h.m. Prison ( a prison chaplain!)

rudy sinclair

a fauve tumbling of fact the convenient theory wild gnashing teeth the acute edge of a turnip just riding my spine an electric arcsaw across the sky it is a gate to the West

An Unknown Agent

A self-loathing, introverted extrovert.


a freak, yo!



An Unknown Agent

i am me. you are i. we are all one, we are all different.


I wish I could scribble... I wish I wasn't so self-centered...


the Undercover Artist Bureau

An Unknown Agent

Stardust - we are all stardust


who am i? you starkle nay, for sirly you do fur implore, once godliness is blanked at bay, identity is toothish chore.

An Unknown Agent

A very lonely person.

Emperor Lettuce

A stereotypical prototype of a transatlantic sausage.

An Unknown Agent

This is him


uni student


your best nightmare

Generalissimo Nemo

I'm just a woman. W-O-M-A-N


godhelpmeiammespatiallydeficientimmoralchristianslutforjusticepeacebeautyandtheamericanway. I LIKE A GOOD PAIR OF PRADA BOOTS NEATNESS COUNTS.


Someone that none of you know and should be glad you dont!


what is a you?

Mr. Aluminum Siding

I am a mindless drug-trafficker.


i'm a paranoid pansy in a potato patch... deal with it. ...so leave a message at the tone, and if i've found myself, she'll get back to you if she ever does.

cKey Headrubby

the Dalai Lama and/or a real life representation of the bastardization of a brothers quay character and a fraggle.




Well, I'm sure not neat.

Kent Kemmish

A bi-polar manic on SSI. Greatest of all possible writers. "Crazy piece of shit." The Messiah. Just someone.


A student in a obscoue Lancashire University, Their is nothing else of any interest about me at all!


just me the most loyal and honest person I know.

ll skywalker

No one of any consequence...........

daemon protocol

A self-absorbed misanthrope, kept alive by hardcore escapism, and absolute denial of reality. (Hey, it keeps me happy.)



Neq The Sword

I am guy.. Setting up my financial and global empire somone with pleanty to offer. Who wan't to know.

Deformed Void

How should I know? I'm not Me anymore. You took part in my creation, you should know.

An Unknown Agent

Why, I'm my state's resident idiot. Of course I pride myself on this.

"magistrate" Anna Owomoyela

As told by Realitié in Chrono Cross.... Who are you? Who am I? You're not me. I'm not you. I'm Reality. You are....


Frankly? None of your business. Although she has this habit of telling me who I am in bed. That's when it's better than sex - her one hand I mean.

An Unknown Agent



dizzy girl

Katie Joy

i am me

An Unknown Agent

'I am' An Unknown Agent (Neatness counts)


I am a strange smart idiot

Little Nemo

A person of no importance. Just ask my (ex) boss.


I'm not strong enough to answer this question


why do you care?

Bilious IV, Pope, the

I am NOT the mysterious W.H. I am cat, or maybe Cat, and definitely nothing and everything.

The Log Lady

I like to think of myself as an enigma but sadly I suspect I am neither inscrutable, nor mysterious.



John (Magoo) Mac Innes

I`ve yet to decide.

An Unknown Agent

I am a university graduate with a steady well-paying job. I live on my own in a unique apartment that allow me to indulge my hobbies. I am single, but surrounded by friends. I am a dreamer and a schemer, not necesarily a doer. I am 24

Reverend Ruben Lucid

Transcontinental-multinational expatriate in residence. Ruler of nothing and knower of even more.


An civil engineering major denying herself the pleasure of becoming an artist, because I like money, and I am the incarnation of Avida Dollars!!!


somebody special, but no concern of yours.

Jeanie Dean

poet dancer world originter of rock and roll ballet graduate of isasora duncan school of dance at the bars and floors of the cabaret the woman in the photpgraph of your piece no one sees the artist if she is a woman. Where did you get that picture its moi? I like your website a lot. I do want to talk with you about you the picture. it an odd piece in an odd scenario. yours jeanie Primativa

An Unknown Agent

Don't you know? Well, I could easily be an invader from outer space, come to kidnap and make love to your children. Or maybe I'm just another lonely vagina looking for a nice place to riot

An Unknown Agent

I am the sum of all my experiences. I am also unique, just like everyone else.

Keyser Soze

I have the answers to the questions you don't want to ask. I know the truth that will shatter the illusion you call life. I set people free from the Matrix. I crush the bodies and spirits of my adversaries with glee and impunity. I am the path into the jungle of the unknown. I am the light that shines on the dark corners of your soul. I am the revealer of things you don't wish to see. I am the teller of tales best left untold. I am the Light of Heaven and the Soil of Earth; God-in-Man; HU-man. I am the biotic organism classified by the Leeuwenhook System as Kingdom Mammal, species homo sapiens, of the Mountain geographic region of the continent called North America, which is in the Northern and Western Hemispheres of the planet called Earth, which is in the star system called Sol, which is in the spiral galaxy called The Milky Way, which is part of the Singular Universe, which originated at the will and direction of the Divine Spirit, the Source of All That Is.


"A mass of molecules, complexs, held together by terrifying impropabilities." Also perhaps one who mispells and leaves unidentified quotes. One of Rorty's ironists?


I´m not what I look like. A beggar, or simply a sucker. Just a virtual genocide artist. Pro-auto-mutilation. My despair it´s me. But anyway I think it likes me.. .or not.. really I don´t know. Perhaps, if I speak in my language this could gets clear as my sweet Love eyes. NOT help AT ALL.


I´m not what I look like. A beggar, or simply a sucker. Just a virtual genocide artist. Pro-auto-mutilation. My despair it´s me. But anyway I think it likes me.. .or not.. really I don´t know. Perhaps, if I speak in my language this could gets clear as my sweet Love eyes. NOT help AT ALL.


Helpless romantic who wants to finish school and fly the world along side my girlfriend Alma.

David Ponder

I'm a stong, confident, and intelligent person with no clue about life or the world, much less poetry.

mike gangel

im half pumpkin and half tuperware

Sarah Moberg

A freshman in college that can't wait for summer to come

Lisa Keilman

I am a 19 year old trying to get through finals and my first year of college at St. Louis University.

Ted LaBoube

I am a student @ St. Louis university

Erin Santarc

A 19 year old girl just trying to make a B in english!!!!

Shelby Cowley

A very stressed college freshman in the week before finals!


I am a messy vowel movement. Wanna join? We can be on the consonant lookout for sometimes Y. Why? Because thats what Grammar said to do.

An Unknown Agent

An imposter eager to be caught

Chris Johnson

I was the one that wished to be cought, but now I'm not.

John D. Devine

I am a post-structuralist philosopher. I will not try to match your razor sharp sarcasm in my replies.


Mandy, and 18, soon to be 19 year old female from Illinois.

An Unknown Agent

I'm just a teenage dirtbag. actually I'm a septogenarian Forset Ranger.with a special interest in post-metaphysical debates.my uncle is a member of a Quenn tribute band.I stole Jacques Derrida's handbag.

Snow White and Blood Red

I am the whim of several billion cells to be me for a while. I am the consciousness created by the junk that I have accrued. All the fairy tales have been spun by my heart and stolen by my soul, sliding on disaparate ladders to create a meagre creature. I am snow white. And yet I am blood red.

Heavy depressed but fun to play

I'm the one and only danger for society...ME! The personification of anti-capitalistic sympathies. NO use for moralism, for Teletubbies and Furby and Bush should die...Big Bird Rulez!!!

Emperor Zorg

You seem to know already, calling me by name and all.

Luca Pilotto

A nosy spirit.


another pseudonym in the hat

An Unknown Agent

An imposter eager to be caught

An Unknown Agent

daniel liotti


Neatness counts the rings in a million felled trees to determine the age of enlightenment.


I am one effect in an infinite causal chain.


I am not you

An Unknown Agent

a nameless entity

An Unknown Agent

Now that's an interesting question. I used to think I knew, but the more I know, the more I realize that I was wrong.


i'm not anyone, to you, so why bother to explain myself? i'll never meet you, so speculate.

too paranoid to give out

Why do you want to know... (hopefully you're not conspiring... no wayl.. you can't be... oh well.) I love paranoia... I love this survey...


I am a person...


I am hallucinogenic. Wait, now I'm "clever." I MIGHT be getting my homework done. But probably waffle. Then the pancake said, what am I? Chopped tin? Tin when; Used Usenames and their unadopted passwords. Video Death takes us home, Press Start and Mach Go Go! Saphire's turrett's syndrome is getting contagious. Inocculate my rock n' roll. Jesus built my Hedgehog.




i wish i knew


I'm a nameless drone of the corporate world who is bent on world domination....and I want to have the number 42 eliminated...It's an evil number. I am also a snappy dresser.

Les Mouches

I'm the boogidy man. The fly in your soup, the soup in your fly. I am the environmental terrorist, and I listen to the voices because they seem to have some very compelling ideas.

Liam Chaelber

I dont know exactly who I am, but i'm sure the others do. I've never met a man I didn't not ever go to wanna be a truster.

An Unknown Agent



digital digeratti

Eddie Encino

I am the cannonball with rumors attached. I am the one everybody saw on the news. I have 97 muscles in my neck. I hang with the corpses.


Will I am. Will I was. Will I be? http://www.geocities.com/wmtycho/

optional operator


Dozzent E. Quate

... but only to 10, mudhead.


An overtired CS student who just spent four hours working on an assignment that isn't due for another nineteen hours.

Eddie Encino

I am a pair of jeans, and they are boots, and the boots just want to want more.


a Playwright

Chris Wyczolkowski

I am a sellout college graduate with an art degree that does nothing with it. I am a misanthrope with highly social tendencies to hide my insecurity with myself. I like music, though I hate commercial radio. I am looking for enlightenment, please help.


i am the incarnation of a god i don't believe in


Will I am. Will I was. Will I be? http://www.geocities.com/wmtycho/


I'm the deaf boy in the blind man's parade, and tonight, I'll enjoy the silence.

Curt Esser

I was born standin' up, and talkin' back. My daddy was a green-eyed lumberjack...


I am once was, that is me.

An Unknown Agent

Still figurin that one out.

An Unknown Agent

A human trying being


She is a small spec of matter who thinks that she is open minded until she fights everything around her. She gives out a helping hand but no one ever wants to hold it when the work is through. She has goals for a future that might not exist, but it humors her to punish herself everytime she ruins it. Scared and sick of being small.


A bored musician/


ontological anarchist, 3rd chapter


rusting sympathetic also lightly machinery... poop.

Joshua the Nordic degenerate

I am apart of the bum crew we are hopeless cattle farmers with few illusions as to our worth...we live on the margins of this spirit world without which what could I say? we do share round circles but you know where would I be without a milky substitution I just have to say Man Im not interested you know people like certain things but you know that don't mean they aren't angelic mobsters in the sheep herding night (pardon my refrence to an animal other than camel) but we are living this night as always with each ones lies and it contorts myself and I hate you all you blind bastards repent or you will burn in your own wicked vomit morbid fiend I don't live in a fancy house so what Im still a human being! you asshead look so I am not of noble blood does th at give you the right to put my seed down?? fuckhead you should not understand how a man can engage in a brief act of sexuall intercourse so don't make any compelling advances or I will shoot them down with my all seething eyes a market or your bum bum diddee god you purposeful mercinaries of doom do you not feel the fire that will scorch the land of the meek so I disappear with my arms turning into water but still I must recall my fantasies of latino girls who I ordered


I am a 27 year old women,an only child of family, a sociologist, an anarchyst,a feminist,a pacificist activist, still a sociology MA student, a writer, bla bla bla


I am the groovy cosmic love machine


the revelations of elemental the hat333 once there was this flying hat that crossed the world in a magic balloon and spoke to blue fish up in the clouds


so i said "to hell with it" and went on to live with porcine angels


I am he who looks through the eye glass of the abyss.


one who loves and hates everything and everyone

An Unknown Agent

The Watcher

An Unknown Agent

Wouldn't you like to know?

An Unknown Agent

Take up a cup of water from the ocean and there I am

An Unknown Agent

I AM TRAPPED INSIDE myself AND I Want to Get Away. My mind Longs for freedom and the restricted lawlessness of rent to my mom.


a stentorian dog with 'alternative' tendencies and a liking for subtly textured paper


I am a student, sreving time for a degree in Computer Animation.


the answer is nanotechnology


I am as plastic wind is to my gutless refrigerator.


Boy, we're deep, aren't we!


I am a prospective art student who will change the world. I will tell reiterate to the "white man" that he cannot eat money. We will die without trees. I will show the False Christians that the rest of us have souls too.

An Unknown Agent

I am me, I am you, I am the voices in your head. I am light, I am darkness, I am everything you feel. I am that warm fuzzy feeling, I am that pain that can't hurt any more. I am real, I am imaginary, and I am everything in between. I am all of you, I am better than all of you. I am God, God of me.


I am me.

Eric Payne

Charles Manson's evil twin


I am a bureaucrat working for an agency which promotes occupational health and safety. I do not know why such things are promoted or why I should participate in such a worthless undertaking. I was first introduced to surrealism by my two devon rex cats, Red Rosa Luxemberg (or simply Rosa) and Charley Parker (a/k/a "Bird", because Charley likes to eat chicken and chicken ain't nothing but a bird).


I'm somebody with nothing better to do than fill out this survey.


A non-blokey blokey.

An Unknown Agent

Ghost 365 dotcom

Chris Leary

I live in a small cottage by the ocean in Northwest Denmark with my widowed mother, a small cat, and a friendly child of unknown origin. Please continue your endeavors, for my mother looks forward to your updates as she passes the time before her death. The child, who we found near the freezing ocean, has surrealist tendencies, I believe, and I hope he will develop them as you all have so nicely. He too will soon be reading your website if I have anything to do with it. Thank you.


I am another faceless comment that YOU really could care less about.


I am a two year old, two tonne baby that spontaneously begins to dribble when my mouth opens. GAGA


Proof that engineers should not be allowed to study history.

Peter Gunn

Peter Danger Gunn


i am myself and that's about it. except i am also portions of other people i know, people i don't know and people i admire.

Guarded One

One who knows!! :) :)

Guarded One

One who knows!! :) :)

Guarded One

One who Knows!! :>) :>)



An Unknown Agent


Mosquito Christ

Natural Wonder, to be acknowledged by the blood-lust masses. At times, I carry the diseases that plaque your world. I am the itchy irritant on a daily basis. I am the vessal of infecton.


not of any consern

Who wants to know anyway?

Does it really matter who I am?? Who are YOU anyhow??? Huh?? Huh??


I am not who I used to be. I am not what you expect.


I am whatever will bring you the most pleasure.




I am me!


muralist,revolutionary poet,christ equivalant


the heaven that brings you to hell


wouldn't you like to know, WOULDN'T YOU!!

Shi Juna

I wish I knew...I wish I didn't ever have to say "I wish" I am the end, I am everything, that I feel. I am almost there the window, everyone is words.


sanna banana

An Unknown Agent

I am the embodiement of my hopes and dreams. I am the maker of my future and the sucsessor of my destiny.

An Unknown Agent

I am the embodiement of my hopes and dreams. I am the maker of my future and the sucsessor of my destiny.

Ryan O'Connell

I am


I am who I am

Eat Me

I'm the one you were looking for.

the rabbit

The moon rises as the ship sinks 2hmns1rmns


Born in Pemba Island on 16/07/1957, my query is I want to be doing my own Business making lot of Money because Money is the future,you are telling me how you can tell the future, telling you the fact the are some people in this World they fore tell the future, can you believe this .

When D. L'Oscar

When your Eisenhower doing today bed rock and rolaids spells a poopin.

krystal kirby

I am a girl I am a very nice person how loves football and love to do things.

Rose deBoueff


His Honorable Feces

A lifeless mass of steaming, rancid flours.


a person, somewhat selfindulgent, but hurried


Is me is I I am. See?


We are Legion. Know us for who we are.


I am a graduate student at Indiana University pursuing my masters in Literature, Rhetoric and Creative Writing. Can you say Starving Artist Academic Geekazoid? :-)

The Panda

Ex Machina Where did you come from?

Yasir Araphat



Leftovers from the last paradigm shift.

An Unknown Agent

IT. Last time we played tag anyway... They were it until then.


I am a shiftless, greenish frying pan, looking for a lover pancake in this obscenely, obliviuos kitchen of life. At which time I shall go to clouds.

Susan Bowen



most frequently only on the comode. A believer in the truth whenever I find an honest person. I once heard a rumor that there was a truth. I however have to find it!


someone, somewhere that could be your neighbor and you don't know.... well proboly not, but i scared you anyway right? ah no. oh well. i guess no pudding for me tonight...........


Some chick.

Baron Saturday

i am: not 19 anymore still writing bad poetry, but getting good at it the new Idiot Emperor of the Sacred Land of Moustache soon to be a bellboy

Bill Corpse

an athiest, pessimist, hippie, Heart of stone, Biker without a bike, Deathjunkie, living 4 the party, Lovin every woman I meet




a misanthropic, athiest, anti-pop anything, pessimistic, insomnaic, hippie, cold-hearted, deceitful, (but loving), etc. indicator


I'm the person answering this survey.

Roy & Garry

I'm an ex-uni student who is trying to work out what the bigger picture is all about - and having no idea why I studied the units I did !


Wella, I ama sparra and I speaka tha sparra language. Ora ina otha worda, I ama a sparrow. I liva abova Redwalla, abova tha Abbeya. I ama Warbeak, eggchick of Dunwing, niece of King Bull Sparra, whena King Bull die, I becoma queena. Thena I taka overa tha worlda!!! HHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Al Holloway

I work for a Birmingham-based theatre company. I write (amongst other things) I am currently using my dreams as the basis for a piece of art/fiction/theatre (who knows?) I am 31. I am a man.


a seeker

Jesper Larsen

I am a student of English literature with a rather time-consuming role-playing hobby. I like to cook and to eat.

Tragedy Anne

15 year old female, immortal living on the planet known as earth


The toothy center of fowl irony as it's lungs spill liquid granite from it's all to full jowls. Of course this is all contingent on the slow alteration of a woman's not-so-often worn gofer. Praise Zippy!


Better in butter slip-stepping in Cosby... Peddling flesh on a mountain, waving my hand at some children We like our bread... at the circus

An Unknown Agent

Why do you want to know?


I am currently serving as the prime minister/diplomat of the planet Cusoxman. I plan to buy out Microsoft, and with that investment plan to take over the world. By 2005, I will be your MASTER.

An Unknown Agent

planet earth, man, you know... EARTH, man. mannnnn. just ducky


my purpose in life is to have no purpose


Well... I'm god

Opt I. Onal

swing and swell


i'm just a page in your history (or in this case - a line)

girl with arms

i am the one who feels she fell. she felt she feels the fall on and on off and on again till darkness. i knew it was dark.

An Unknown Agent

just a guy

An Unknown Agent

The biological experiment of one sperm cell and an egg. Consisting of two legs, two arms, 10 fingers, 10 toes, one head, two eyes, a brain, and a nose. I think I was a failure at the experiment and they turned me loose onto America..beware.


no one

An Unknown Agent

But can it count from one to three? Who am I any way, from top to bottom, from left to write. If I knew, it would not matter.


I, myself...mmmh...don't know

An Unknown Agent

A dude with the morals of a dog.


A guy


Artistic Director Crash and Burn Theatre company Head of Drama Admiral Lord Nelson School


The author of www.mitcharf.com



An Unknown Agent

someone who is not you


An alien.

Salt Chunk Mary

If you can't be yourself, imitate someone else.

Steve Billingsworth

I am a stupid construction worker.

Hydrangea Hard As Steel

Who? Hoo? I'm sorry, I have to be looking at you when I tell you that, otherwise it really doesn't make sense. Gestures are involved. Lots. But do you care to know? Care for me to write it down, not even by my own hand, but by my own keys on my limerickey imac i'm the mack and i know that, the way i kick the rhymes some will call me a poet? I look like a GIRL. I throw like a GIRL, I do karate chops and put people in the hospital like a GOD DAMN GIRL. Angry, arrogant, quivering, sensitive, cute, doglike, mole like digging in the ground. Can you dig it?


I'm glad you asked that.

Steven Swain

No one. Just a lowly grad student. Someday I might be somebody though. Maybe.


Yet another resource-consuming, pollutant excreting humanoid trapped in the foul holding pen of secondary education. Once I graduate I will be entitled to thoughts and the identity they project.

An Unknown Agent

I am a alcoholic musician trying to make a living in portland oregon

angry sheepdog marie

an angry angry sheep dog

sweet pea

I am pea pod, daughter of the green giant...I kind of frighten myself with my strange desires(to die by way of golden brick wrapped in lemon causing a fatal blow to the head) I like art and poetry and Im 17 and Very Canadian, eh.


One who knows the final score.

Leathal Carter

LEATHAL CARRRTAAAH.... Leathal to the laitehs!

dhole phrenetic

I am a man with a lot to learn.



An Unknown Agent

a magpie


i swear a lot. sometimes i swear to myself. sometimes i swear to god. sopmetimes he swears back. other than that i am just a man, a dirty man, but a man none the less.

An Unknown Agent

curtains always nymphéas


I am a shoeless elephant who used to have a pair of red elevator pumps until I stopped eating peanuts and switched to almonds.

bro gUrU



Zen Aesthetician, Preliminist-Practitioner and Pre-eminent Pubist par excellance!. Millenial-Quote:"GOD" is the shortest distance between zero & infinity...in either direction"....Alfred Jarry-PataPhysician


I am me

An Unknown Agent

poor Russian girl


a pilgrim of perdition, or a blackling monkey that is blue like an orange

An Unknown Agent

your art not art at all my art is the correct one you are always wrong I am god I have no ego

"you're killin' me"

I'm a person that is really pissed because there's no John Philip Sousa essays on the net that don't $8.95...

jac beury

I'm not quite sure, and that scares me. What would scare me more was if i knew exactly what i was. "am i the man i would dream i would be if i were a boy dreaming of the man i would be?" by Javan, a very gifted poet if you've never heard of him.

An Unknown Agent

18 year old college drop out hounded by DWI conviction I got when I was still in High school. Continuesly fucked in any given situation, and a pothead, not to mention quitting smoking cigarettes White male and completely aware the anglo mafia is centered in D.C.


An observer, A dabbler

An Unknown Agent

I am Mallory. I was just floating through cyberspace when I came across this little diddy. You guys are batty.

Blah blah blah, so forth and sew on, dot dot dot.

I am a firewalker (water was getting boring.)

Les Miserable

since entropy is inevitable we all become what we loathe.....


there may not be hope. but there just might be a small creature crawling on your neck. get it off!


artist musician noise-ician ("human")-being extraordinare


An artist of all mediums, who presently teaches the insane to create art like objects.


A Cryptomorphic Animator doing Optikal-Acoustic Illustration for the REAL Conspiracy Corporation, and also tattooing taxidermed road-kills for the joy of people's disgust and outrage..


I am Hannah or Suatre or whatever. I draw and read and write until all the words and lines and stories come out my ears....


a crazy Alaskan


what the hell is it it to you? Why is it important? Why, is it important?


Lover of oranguitangs, sinfull begger, rampant burning disease

srdja celic

GnimmmmmmmmGnimmmmmmmGnimmmmmmmmGnimmmmmmmmGnimmmmmmmmGnimmmmmmmmmm BOOM BIM BAM BIM BAM BIM BOOM BommmBommmBommmBommmBommmBommmBommmBommmBommmBommmBommmBommmBommmBommm HOOOOMMMMHOOOOMMMMHOOOOMMMMHOOOOMMMMHOOOOMMMMHOOOOMMMMHOOOOMMMMHOOOOMMMM

An Unknown Agent

why do you wish to know?

An Unknown Agent

I be yo mamma. Or a middle class white guy with delusions of grandeur. You pick.

Hanklin Rutherford Nu

Left & Right hemispheres have been fighting/fornicating, combatting/copulating each other for decades. Small part of my intellect is occasionally on loan to the Goliath of the Military Industrial Complex for the detriment of our species, but the short term gain of my evolutionary prospects (gene-pool and the like). Currently witnessing the Genesis of a new art movement called "Maximalism"(a term I coined, yet received no coinage for)...

Golden pussycat

I am vast. I contain multitudes. (Urrp.) Ahh, that's better.


A nameless entity, floating through space, searching for light.

An Unknown Agent

A friend


heather (adjective). like or similar in style and function to that which is heather. heather (noun). one which is contrary in demeanor. slang= ice queen, bitch, passionate, fiery.

Andrew Palmer

I'm am not a number. I am a dreamer and an idealist. Gifted with sharp wit.


just me, myself and i, ho ho hooo ho ho hooo ho ho, soul II soul, de la soul? i dunno, who was it? yeah i'm a polaroid of pretentious perfection

Zhara um Nikko

I'd have to disagree.......... Rubenesque academician seekes erudite intellectual for fun filled evenings spent ridiculing popular culture and the redneck proletariat. Mild elitism OK, HOWEVER, prefer intellectual superiority tempered with humanitarian insights. Must love dogs. SCA members receive special discount. no drugs, no smoking. Must be gainfully employed.

An Unknown Agent

necessary and sufficient


(Counts neatness)


I am nobody, but they know that already


transgendered pagan artist witch. looking into surrealist methods for getting directly into my psyche


i go to an art highschool and i'm doing a project on surrealism. thought this site might be a good source for information. it is.


From not so far away... looking for the links towards good reading i am The Reader.

An Unknown Agent

Marianne, a young artist with dreams of international recognition.


A living nightmare, inhabiting a mortal vessel. You may call him Bob.


a pearl


a person


I'm am the Princess. I am the Passion. I am....the Paranoia!



Tuna Colada

a faceless fish with a big smile.


nothing in particular- a monsoon. a haiku. a cigarette waiting to be lit. a dirty book? all of the above.


*sigh* I'll spare you the ennui.


90% water, 10% love.

my name

who wants to know?

Johnny Flashdance

I am the true Lord of the Dance. I like Yaffa and puppies.


psychosis. divine nectar. a girl. ><//> <\\>< fishes! said "fee-shis!"


A graduate student covered in marvelous phantoms and carrying the melodies of jazz and poetry under a sheet that is my ghost.


break me--i am too whole. the end.(Neatness counts)

James Rush

It all began on a novembers night in 1980. My parents had been going at it like donkeys for several hours. 4 weeks later, Mum discovered she was pregnant. And so a legend was born...

Jesse Ransom

I am what I am, which isn't too much, but people keep telling me I'm just a pseudo-something-else anyway.


I'm the girl of your dreams. Pouty lips, blonde hair.


I'm the girl of your dreams. Pouty lips, blonde hair.


wouldn't you like to know, or not. i'm a confused want-to-be actor who is hopped up on caffine. i'll leave the rest to the imagination


I'm just a regular guy.


when fate interferes with reality one mans determination can simply determine his fate. Too serious, for me you miniscule school of insane halibut wannabees

you know when people say "no way hose"?...well i'm hose...ok NO..my name is *Fay* :)

...ok well i'm sorry but i'm not that neat of a person...everyone always seems to say that about the way i dress too but it does not bother me....and tee hee! i'm on the phone and my friend is spazzing at her family and she just said "international gay night"

An Unknown Agent

Bored people in an institution from hell, watched over by the senior management team of evil.

An Unknown Agent

I am the breath that gave life to man. . .

An Unknown Agent

I'm looking at a plant right now. Also, I want to have sex.

jamison sechser

jamison sechser, truman in the real life show


find out


nt admin hacker (NOT cracker)

(the plastic clown

(Npoet ofeatnesssorts counewtothewebbs)& aband that plays very fkd improv & tript music/noise stuff also poems like "John Wayne is in my girlfriend's pussy"


je suis le mort noir. je ne viuex pas etre chatre, je suis un grande pomme de terre. mange poisson avec moi.


I am gay.




a distributed chaotic amplifier (last time we checked)

An Unknown Agent

The dog who let's you out.


A writer influenced by the surrealists. Call me post modern or post post modern, modern posting moderin writing in strange spaces because of unpublishability of the words written while wondering where the world went without me. It's all Andre Breton's, Nietzsche's and de Sade's fault! I write from the pain of the zaqqum tree, that's me. Focusing fear and failure into flights of fancy masked by words.


i like you. i've had your page bookmarked for a while, and i've come and gone from the internet and this page is always here. i'm still amazed by your creativity and proficience with words. it's good to see atleast this spot on the internet isn't being wasted. yours, j.


The meat department is closed today. When I went to buy fish, the ladies underwear bloomed before the open ferris wheel. Instead of a mannikin, I bought a study in violet. Thereupon, I wet my pants and pulled three stars from the pocket of my Dockers khakis (see my ad in the latest Details magazine). The beginning of time was the slowest time of all. I am Christ's sword-bearer and am doomed to obscurity.

An Unknown Agent



I am a part of a greater whole in which text cannot describe. I am thought.


i am the monster hiding under your bed...except a whole lot easier to look at...


I am $4.63 worth of molecular compounds (adjusted for inflation). My purpose for existence is unclear to me however I have the capacity to assist others in the aquisition of wealth. And I can procreate. (That doesn't narrow it down much, does it?)

Drew Smith

A bored 12-year old male.

benny contagious

a punker from pittsburgh pa. i enjoy candlelit dinners, love movies, and long moonlit walks by the beach.


Im still looking for the answer to that...when i find out, ill tell the world or maybe not.


Just another person who's been here before.

Rob Turner

A muppet made of treacle called lampshade in a darkend room of 5 people smoking Bowyers.

kelly d.

zum zum zum


i am king in the land of pennywhistles


well I could tell you but then I'd feel obligated to be some form of coherent and I *rilly* don't think either of us are prepared for that kind of thing at *this* hour, and come to think of it what are you doing up so late, anyway? Don't you have school tomorrow, young man? Wait, no, that's me. Wait, no, it's not. Were we talking about caffeine? We should have been, or at least *I* should have been, since it *is* my monologue, after all. Not that I'm using it very effectively, so maybe I'll let you borrow it for a while...just put it back when you're done... Whee. I feel better now.

Tonglen Dorje

lost ambulator

An Unknown Agent

who am I can this be any neeter ?



Sara Elizabeth

I'm a wooden doll and you're a fish.


A brilliant orange with a sky-blue backround.


The Most Beautiful Angel


I am Minerva, Roman Goddess of Wisdom, but my wisdom is not in words, it is intuition.


I am time. My life is everybody's. My time leaps and jumps the borders and the invisible walls that, I see.


strangely mortal and wishing the girl you will never meet but always know....

Andrew A.

I watch the world as much as I care, and express it if I can.


the son of Ken


a very angry squishy substance.

An Unknown Agent

Well, think of the absolute worst thing you can imagine. Then multiply that by One million, and while you do that I will just slip out of the room un-noticed.


Im a 16 year old student in a high school french class.

Johnny Deformed

A pitiful minstrel maid

An Unknown Agent

Enjoyed your site very much; I would like to add it as a link on mine at: http://members.tripod.com/blypoet


no one really


I am: a happy, sleep-deprived, over-caffeinated grrrl with too much time on her hands. I am: someone who wanted to go to that damned a capella concert at Brown tonight, but didn't want to deal with getting there.

Nothing Nowhere

i am me and thus i shall remain until i cease to be me.

Brian, Stacey, and Benny

You don't need to know. but thanks for asking. :-)

frances gomeztagle

I'm the doornob to a very large closet(I'm not being conceited, just honest)

Haans Bals von gunten

; 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 neatness sings: "doop dee doo dee doo.... the sky is very blue" neatness performs circumcisions : Boom chik-a Boom neatness enjoys django reinhardt : Hmmm aww , ya! neatness is being anthropomorphisized : oh no. G-dspeed


yer mom


I don't want to answer but what the hell! I'm a teen that is desperate to move out of her freakin house away from her parents


Um ok.....


A person that believes in self-defammation and cynicism wholeheartedly.


who wants to know?

An Unknown Agent

I am not a follower of "world famous artist"

Artichoke Man

I would like to implore everyone to eat as many artichokes as is humanly possible. Why you ask? Because artichokes are very good for you. They are high in vitamins. A testimonial from my great Aunt Esther: Aunt E: "Artichokes saved my life!! I was about to expire after a misdiagnosed liver ailment (lawsuit pending) when my fine, young, great nephew, here, shoved an uncooked artichoke into my mouth." AMAN: "I didn't have time to cook it due to the urgency of the situation." Aunt E: "Upon swallowing the artichoke......." AMAN: "I had to shove her jaw up and down to make her chew due to the urgency of the situation. When I saw that this was not working, I dislodged the partially chewed pieces from her mouth and paused......As I glanced out the window of AE's 666th floor apartment I noticed a mother bird on her nest in a tree just outside the window feeding one of her youngins by chewing the meal and then regurgitating it into the youngins beak. Hmmmmmmmm........." Aunt E: "LET ME TELL THE STORY, DAMNIT!!!!!!" AMAN: "Sorry, Aunty E......"(whimper, whimper) Aunt E: "the only thing I remember from the whole experience is coming to and having the terrible taste of vodka in my mouth." AMAN: "That was to kill the germs, Aunty E!!!!!" To answer your question in 2 words, I am: Artichoke Man


Um, starving college student.

The Pope

The evil ferret of Mao Tse Tung


What the hell is this thing? This is gay. I want a woman.

An Unknown Agent

hmmm, very difficult, will answer the way most might expect. an english major planning to attend antioch university for a masters in education. also planning to take over the world with a few well grounded friends.

Don Miguel de Londres

A painter


No, it doesn't. But I'm in a nice mood today, so don't piss me off! I'm me.


I'm the guy that we always made fun of and pointed at in the maternity ward, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning..... it was a shame about that nurse, wasn't it?

David Christian Kennedy

the one who carries the sperm of either the anti-christ or the new messiah in my loins, and I need a subject to test the theory


I wish I knew. Do you? Probably not.


sad,strange little man

paul fiasco

lord of listen.to/taf, king high of the birdcage - location, undisclosed


your mother

An Unknown Agent

a smelly girl

Horatio Hupnagel

Just some guy.

An Unknown Agent

The problem with the world today.

ozerder arkadaþlar buralarda bana

it's not important so much

Dozzent E. Quate

Just your ordinary citizen who has come to terms with his mental illness. It is really quite simple. I merely project it all onto those around me.


im nobody til somebody loves




A leapord without skin

Sennex D.

I'm the person that lives in the basement suite of that building over there and watches you walk by. I see you but you can't see me. I have your photo hanging on my wall. I know all about you.


Still trying to bust a rhyme in my own special way!!

An Unknown Agent

I am a human(or, atleast the last time I checked)


I am me? Who are you?


Your king


I have no idea


I am Bismark the Uban Forester,my world is the esplanade .I happily plant trees in awful areas because it allows me to witness the life cycle of something that normally outlives us.


I am me. What more do you need to know?


Just a mecho-techno-v1 with a 450mhz co-processor and wandering thru this web of existence looking for some blue chrome that will not rust.


I AM OZ...no, wait a minute...yep, that's me. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...


Someone being bombarded.


i am a 68 year young chinese man who plays mozart and chopin / in the morning i throw pails of cold water on my body before going to the park with my mini-collie scherzo / there he sits waiting while i perform an original form of movement and breath ritual / i go about the city on a nishiki mountain bike / two evenings a week my group kwoa [knights without armour' meet on a composite futon in a candlelit room flanked by two grand pnos for meditative movement and asexual massage exchange / in the morning, the merry go round again

Pail Edification

I am who was formed from the combination of the collection of experiences that have affected what is my mind throughout my life, and the subsequent processing of said experiences through my mind which was then altered by such experiences, as well as by genetic "flaws" and certain types of high-energy radiation. Just who the moose are you?


in search of the noble savage his brain to mince and his soul to ravage

Eman Rouy

An ass


I am the guy in the north stands with a beer and a blunt at every Bronco's home game.

R. Smith


Undine Sarcophogus

your worst nightmare

Don't you ever call me that again!

a hookerhead bloat-a-thon, and don't try to call me homie or homes or homeboy or any derivative thereof.


some guy


Me? Well, ill try to explain... Somebody, who by trying to lose atachment to useless impulses of his enviroment and whos trying to shut down the inner dialog. That enough?

Ryan of Rosewood

What a question! Who are you? Should I dust off my delusions of persicution and hide myself in a corner? Would you see me there?

tinky winky

Need youre love

Nad Suckmore

A computer nerd , with way too much time on his hands. Especially to be answering this survey.

Clever, Clever

I am somebody killing time at this damn website. Who are you? Does this have to be witty? I suffer from severe performance anxiety. This is for all the beautiful babies. damnit, I think i need a more pseudo intellectual name. maybe reference to.... some famous surrealist guy! yeah! no, really. you are beautiful.


an illusion


I am the one


The question is, really, who I am not.


Well, I am a person that just wants to marry someone rich so I do not have to do let's make a living thing. That way I can stay up late and work on my artwork and stuff. (Neatness counts)

Shoulders Bag

Remember that fat girl on the corner? that jellyfish with clear skin? that rotting pumpkin aften Thanksgiving/Boxing Day? That's me, re-membered.

Doe, John Doe

Iam an personality type INTJ (you can find it at any Keirsey site) and am fond of educating myself. I tend to lean towards being a cynic because I don't believe just to believe. Oh yeah, and I HATE STUPID PEOPLE> IGNORANCE IS A PLAGUE THAT NEEDS BE VANQUISHED<

killer penguin

inigo montoya sadie la babe punky brewster

William Cipkala

I was hoping that you'd tell me. Though if you did, I'd tell you to go to blazes.

HMS The Pickled Quim

I am your worst nightmare, if you are one of the 10 US citizens who believes in free choice. If not, go boot yourself. And if you are not one of any US citizens, please try again. ::PING!::


1, 2, 3, 4 i am you and so much more 5, 6, 7, 8, i am all you love to hate 9, 10, 11, 12, into dada i chose to delve


I am one of many people of Hebrew heritage who like to smoke up and get down to the island beat music except I don't like reggae, I'm not Jewish, and I'm far from a junkie.

(naomi wilson)


An Unknown Agent

a clone

Ms. Nomered

The Amalgamanians took out the venetian blinds last February forths so you must be hiding in that big lump of sheet unmade bed of mine. And, I'm not so sure that's a good idea.

It's written down somewhere, if I can just find it...

The person watching you at your computer through the dusty venetian blinds on the other side of the rooom where you thought you were alone...


15 year old animal


no one of concequence

Sweet James

I am a good egg.

kenneth frieze

just some guy trying to find a way to express hisself in a world that is falling a part!

An Unknown Agent

An office drone, a minor functionary in a souless bureaucracy, a very bad poet, a worse painter, a pretty good prose writer, a really great telephone voice.


Good question

An Unknown Agent

Someone who likes to talk about herself.

floridaL manthiaS

sweetness and light to many an eye, for eye am your I. dont peer at me if you dont snigger, my gelfling zealot.


this truly is something that can only be answered by myself, unto myself, using that little language in my head that only I speak, consisting mostly of blurry uncredible images and soundbytes of events and data that may not accurately reflect the truth

adrian belew

I am NOT a mushroom!

Chemical Geezer

I am approxiamately one-five-billioneth of the global populace.

john adams

I exorcise the evil pestilence from the soles of our children's lost shoes.


I am the one standing in the corner, underneath the shadows. I am the watcher, devouring images to be shuffled prior to regurgitation. I wrap myself around the underbelly threads of reality, where the slime is thick. I skate the edges of the disk of madness, where even the truly mad do not tread. I am the alone one. I am the everyone. I am a pre-psychotic borderline paranoid schizophrenic. I am not my DNA. Neither am I my parents. Everything that came before has resulted in me. Which makes me wonder if everything that came before would have bothered, knowing the final result. I am the last True Believer, and therefore, the ultimate cynic. I am a pretentious, overblown, longwinded, dull little man.


I am someone who answers in semi-complete sentences, and who. Trapped in a butterfly jar; surrounded by jellybeans... Now for an analogy! salad dressing:sex::nailpolish:windows Anyways, I don't have anything else to type, and because I am experiencing technical difficulties. Does anyone want to discuss the foreign film, "The King of Hearts"? It probably was made in the 1960s and might star a man named Alan Bates. (I cannot recall the actor's name right now.) Let me know if you have any opinions about the film you want to share. Me. Female. White. Brown hair. Blue eyes. 18. California. Umbrella.


an ether-sniffin' bleach blonde myopic lesbian.

Stu (optional) Neville

As always, I never have seen any time that it hasn't. That is not to say.


i am the reader of books to friends, even friends who have already bought the book because i'm reading too slowly, but they know what book i'm talking about baby, they know, and i'm gonna use that book baby, use it for a onetimeusepad, not as safe but handy there to use

adrian noble

i am what i think i am therefor i think i am


pop culture pirate anarchist asslembager pomosexual


I am confused....i am dazed.....i am floating through conscienceness....i am lost....why are you asking me??....who are you?????


i am the multiplicatin tables done wrong the sky in a lovely hue of yellow-orange edging its way to red-orange the almost truth that persists in sitting humbly on the proverbial tip of the toungue hermits delite in not seeing anyone the dark side ofthe happiness we feel when we realize that: an artist who speaks, speaks of sex, love, death, mystery and god. i am a poet with no words.


a feminist bitch who claims to know nothing

An Unknown Agent


Trevor H. VB

i am a child of the generation in which steel is warm and breast feeding is part of the adult syndrome, rather than the general theme of growth. i am a dark hearted little snot. i am a self hating mental cosmonaut. i am the dirt under the entire universes heel. i am a sweaty arm pitted man with a pot belly and a tie which reads galaxy number one. i hide the wolfman in my shirt, he keeps coming out my earrs and not laughing at my witticisms.

The Tolar of Turlington


raloT divaD

i am one person i am all people i am adam i am eve i am cain and abel i am no prophet i am instead a man with a world of view this is the time and this is the record of the time i am as digressive as life and as tangible as death i think therefore . . . now there is an interesting notion let me stick to what i know best this is the time and this is the record of the time.


A copy editor, a notawriter and an organisational in-house case. i'm first up against the wall. i'm not a Promise Keeper. i'm done for the day and in for the long haul. i'm little and delicious; i'm deployed and contagious. i'm painting leaves on your walls and messing with the settings on your window air conditioner. i'm the dream that didn't happen; i'm one life too many and i'm loving every minute of it. i serve The Morning.

david tolar

i am the creative force behind the republican progressive dada party i am the creative force behind the creation of drivel

R. Mutt

I am not anyway, so dont ask me who I am anyway.I am a mental conquistador that is enough ,but not quite.I am amost dangerous toxin.A poison of the mind and imagination.

I am not David Tolar

a rat invaded world


how am i supposed to know?

shimon palmer

someone you don't know

The Golden Ship Was, Oh! Oh! Oh!

I am who I am and I don't doubt it You are who you are is what I know Hearing all the words of many others Does it make a difference when they're wrong?


boredom is a dream bird. i am the pilot. making little or no noise. reality is a dream bird. i am the brand name. having little or no motion. discrepant intensifier dancing free: disturbingly peaceful, intensely restful, and abrasively soothing.

An Unknown Agent

a fish.

An Unknown Agent

A human being.


A guy who's afraid of tall buildings, cars and nearly all forms of art.



Derek Greene

I am a fat Hawiian guy who knows karate. I keep Mexicans under my bed, who write all my jokes for 10 cents an hour. I play with sock puppets in my closet, re-enacting social events that occured during the day, i.e. "Sorry I stepped on your new shoes!" which is the closest to socializing that I get, I suppose.


I am superman!

An Unknown Agent

Houdi Elbow

Jerry Schwartz

I am not anyway.

jason cotton

one of many sent here to observe this dimension


Wanna swap socks?47

Anton Trebelmungen

I am the arbiter of trebelencephelography and otherwise, no I'm not what you.


I am me and that is it everyone else is full of shit

Jenafer Herling

i am Teek

Brett Edwards

...a latter-day digital frontiersman, the last/first of the CyberCowboys, riding herd on the high weirdness streaming through the new collective unconcious known as the Web. A semi-pro operator of manual earthmoving equipment to redistribute bovine excretions (Neatness counts!) Arecent student of Zen in the Art of Dada/Art of Dada in the Zen/Zen in the Dada of Art/ ---searching for a surrealistic pillow woth wich to hit others on the head... [...how was that? What do I win?]

An Unknown Agent

I am a net sufer here for some fun!!

Dalliesque poster - Imposter

Electronically subdued Writer/Poet winter-thinker social-tinker pseudo? jew do israelite cheerleader cheerer soliloqouy


A 17 years old girl, from Haifa, Israel.


mrs. tuxedo-to-be... someday.

Chile con Gato

Uptown fryer on the spit of a township pornocopia. Left in the gutter burbling as vestigal nymphs spin their violet ion globes and light their cigarillos with my smoldering ego.

mark dolph(optional)

A guy stuck at home for the time being.

vest boy

I am a Computer Artist,Multi-media Specialist! But I hate HTML :( But I Love to Listen and Play Music:)

Josh Clemants

How can I answer that?


"I'm not the savior!!!" I said. "Only the true savior would deny being the savior," they said. "Then I AM the savior," I replied in frustration. "He's the savior!" they shouted jubuliantly.


i am me

Marc Dunlop

A psudo-revelutionary (key word revel) who doesn't spend enough time on the net. In the 'real' world, life continues to kick my ass. A student at U of A (figure which state...) yep Insanity

Ratmoler Hamstak

I am no the same Ratmoler Hamstak whose name pollutes these hallowed pages. He is an impostor! Believe me, for God's sake beliEVE ME OR ELSE IT'S ALL OVERRRRRR AAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH MY PILLS DAMMIT WHERE ARE MY OOoooohhhh aaaahhhhh thank you Doctor yes it's much prettier now

Dale M Houstman

Regressed poet/drone whose eyes were jimmied by Rimbaud to let in the interior light of all the others, and whose lips are sewed shut with swan gut and canna flowers. Please to communicate with this vessel (this impatient embolism on the dark skin of the late 20th); you seem like you want to chase down a limo full of crippled CEOs. Are you at all interested in seeing some of my work? Etc. Tenx...

dusty poo

three sceptres hanging from a mans beard

Rob Hanson

I am GOD!

(jamie vermillion)

I am Arturro Mendez, your God and Father.


The third of Saturn's rings. Or is it Neptune? I forget.......

Ratmoler Hamstak

That's a loaded question. It just took out half my room. Damned if I know, anyways. After the incident. You remember. Back during the war. The war to end all memory. Thank the gods for the transplant.


(Disarray estimates)


A small patch of brown liquid. Possibly prune juice or a splatter of industrial varnishing.


(Neatness counts but only on certain occassions the majority of life is fast and messy like shooting stars and broken eggs) Who am I? Good question. Does anyone really know who they are? YES. I am ME. I can't be anyone else.

Evan Smith

Some guy


Who am I? 'm not entirely sure, but I'll probably know by the end of the week. On the other hand, that's the same thing I've been saying to myself (and anyone who asks) since I was oild enough to concieve of an "end of the week." The statement does, of course, rpesume that I will have died by then. When pestered for a "real answer," I usually say "a happy eccentric," but that's hopelessly inaccurately.

Anessa Kali

i'm the Goddess of Disturbed Tranquility. i am Emily Dickinson's lover. i am a photograph of lucid obscenity.


a featherless biped. a rural dweller with urban tastes. a web surfer who prefers to make things by hand. a typical late twentieth century bundle of contradictions.

hUgo bAll

If you want to know... look under your shoe... it is a totally irrelevant thing to do... but hours of fun

An Unknown Agent


An Unknown Agent


An Unknown Agent

I'm not particularly neat...however I am at work and bored right now.

st dolores

who wants to know?

Shelwood Buchanan

A depression on the ceiling


I am what you want me to be, I am here, I am nothing. What more could you ask for? A little quiet time by the cove? I think not, we have flamingos to feed, and ditties of forbidden love to sing!


I am a thirteen year old with a lot of imagination.



An Unknown Agent

sadie the biscuit

Fontana Fallopia

The one who pays for the idiots of my generations ills. The one who was shafted out of Semaine De Bonte.(Neatness counts backwards)


A voice embodied or disembodied. The clarity of soup. Ptarmigans in the autumn, spitting exclamations like sand. The ocean, covered by mountains. Silky cream harboring acid.


Yes, it does. I am infinite.

An Unknown Agent

Because you have died forever like all of the dead of the earth, like all of the dead who are forgotten in a heap of lifeless dogs. Nobody knows you. No Federico Garcia Lorca "Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias"


I am the eggman. Koo koo ka choo. I am the walrus. I am what I am.

small egg iriwi

i a one of the normal people.


Head honcha at Visualchemy


Violent, but desirable... like mild salsa.


human doing. i make things that i hope makes some people think its supposed to make everyone think but some people dont think.


A circular articulation of former desires.

john adams

"...can ya hear can ya hear the thunder?" ?


Just me. Born London 1944. Two children.

An Unknown Agent

(Neaness counts)

Lisa Busch

The only one who can save us all.

An Unknown Agent

I have two legs and two arms. I am named "foreign" in some lands.


far sighted & easily overwhelmed


What's this space for?

and so it goes

The problem here is there is and its not just me, its everyone, and i WILL stress that my my my. Some bastard's gonna gloss over this masterpiece like i did all the other crap the other cunts left.


I am a meat body manifestation of the shishi.

I respectfully refuse to answer on the grounds that my answer may tend to incriminate me.

A paranoid little man who thinks that simply stating my name may incriminate me. Shit I told you I'm a man, now you can eliminate 50% of the populous. You're probably outside my door right now aren't you? AAHHHHGGGG!!!!

laurilaurilaurilauri, egocentric can't spell lauri

MY mileage may already be a winter. I'm rain, smouldering clocks, silent dialogue of both of these, smouldering clocks again, this and this and this rain and also I am capital LETTERS, simmering needles and mutilated waterfalls

Virgil Clemens

A psychotic, angry, cute little lemming who is bent upon making all barbers within the state of Arkansas seek out & destroy every living elephant juggler(a dolphin that juggles elephants). P.S.: My favorite TV commercials are Big Red gum & Zest soaps. I like to torture helpless, purple, fat carrots on the full moon while I wear nothing but a Boy Scout sock & my high school ring.


I am me.

(agent orange optional)

a retrofitted high spod inducer tracing out a line from here to hereafter here# a leph key to bring in the sheeves those interminable shiva blend kona drinkers from beyond& a sisi ret sdeafsdewf gftr sjfg kdgurkdoigj djkdhf ghgkytiuw wprjtsjfi dkjeure dd dejeyh euehw wjuey eue @ repeat all non original programming to seccure those who have thoughtlessly left theirs at home and will not eat my prunes with the rest of the group$ too languish buneeth yur twane at sumers setting seccured a flood of antidiluvian proportions, now,, crotch dripping to the wind i tut haplessly toeward ob livy on% dggkfle ljuor jbu vmujfj xcv fjut dpejdgo fkjrhrd dshjfdiu fkgig fgigf gftitkit%(#_#)%(%(##(%@()@+$)()$_%($_^(%+%)%)_vjfreofrj kfkjdsh jdjfj; lkhyjncdlkgfkhhjdj jfrh juut res desd fred hty olk jut fre cde lokhu hu huhu hu ters der sar fik yut red gut on the sool sledge of doom to y thinks e were i)

R. Norman

An utterly brilliant conceptualization of the world of Breton, Tzara and friends. Although I am loath to admit it cyberspace seems the ideal space outside of the mind for forums on surrealism to exist (or not exist).

The Benevolent General Malarkey

one would be leader of a proevolutionary revolution....debased into petty(pretty?) art and strange writings on the wall. But thats okay....the week of the pre-eschaton eschaton is close at hand...look out monkeys, cause the fish keep laughing...


A carbon based lifeform that wonders why in the fuck I should answer this question considering that you are a bunch of insignificant bastards that are doing nothing but spewing for a bunch of drivel.

B. C. Flooshartz

I shlIM uhWhUT eIah ooOLaWEEZs WhU(i)Z, ieuhAN-D ohAlWAhZE QuiLL (hhh) BE.

Kenneth Alquist

That one guy that makes your tupperware burp.

Jeff Richards

why do you want to know?

Josher Q. Habbittforming

Magnetic dust mote navigating the cosmic currents.

doug jett-case sensitive

A youth of 19 who's thoughts are to fast to solidify. i just can't seem to set up my jello stand.


I became addicted - by degrees - my self-image swinging wildly between consumate lectern jockey and tranquillised, unskilled imposter. Later I experienced genuine relief - as the walls of creeping credentialism closed in - that the show would soon be over, that I could take my busted, ransacked brain, my performing texts and tired body - somewhere else - maybe for the remainder of my working life.


Nothing and everything. Same but always different. Here but absolutely somewhere else. I am a student. (forever) I am on vacation.


A place you will wait for all your life.


If one follows a logical thought process when considering the statement "What is, is, and what ain't, ain't.", then I am what I am, and that's all what I yam and must therefore be Popeye the sailorman, I think. By the way, who is you is?


A man. No, wait. I ate breakfast. I am a food processor. Or perhaps I am breakfast. I am the sum of my actions. I am a typist. Existence is my essence. What's for lunch? Is it authentic?


Don't tell anyone but pooky is not my real name. I am an artist, but I am still evolving so I will not declare what camp I belong to. I am becoming something beautiful and powerful; I know because, I can feel it vibrating between my toes and under my tongue when I lie in bed at night.

This is not optional

Good question.


At the moment, an unemployed, slightly feminine oil rig worker. But that is too banal. I am first and foremost a dreamer, turned on by escapist fantasies (mostly my own) and dying to know what I am to become. Simple.


i "am" actually nothing. i do everything.

flap Jack Charlie

I am a cool macadamia on the tip of an ever increaseingly enlarging world that is only reveild to me ect ect.



William Van Nguyen

Neatness: 1 .. 2 .. 3.. 4 .. Disorder: Stop counting.. I'm tired of this

An Unknown Agent

Sarah's Grandmother

An Unknown Agent

I live in the bulky shadow of feet marching backward. (forefront of history)


Dhoop wali. I eat joy and choke on adversity. But I like salted envy.


meat animated by transmuted solar energy (a reverse alchemical processor whereby gold is turned into shit)

Inca Atahuallpa

A low-pitched hi-IQed voice.


I've been asking myself that same question.

Still Me

Still me after so many years. I thought I'd grown, but I was wrong.


I am some and nothing. Mostly nothing. For no questions I seem to have the answer. Is anyone paying attention? Can you see me beyond the curtain? Do I really need this? Do YOU really need this? LISTEN! I am important, and I am an individual, yet I seem to project others from my mouth. Is this who I am?

Karel Jasper, the 44th Lord Andross

Who aren't I?

An Unknown Agent


Albert Silverman

The Ancient Theorist

Old Skratch

The Glass Eye of Sammy Davis Jr. meets the Wisconson University of Lawsonomy in the most brutal cage match you've ever seen.


They say I'm paranoid but I "don't think so"! Everybody has some form of escape and if yours doesn't fit the "norm" then you must be paranoid. What a crock! I do believe I have to get my thoughts in order,in my brain, and I have to keep producing enough energy to surround them, so that you can't tell what I'm thinking. Sometimes the thoughts get out of order, and if I don't hurry and get them organized again (with the right amount of energy) then they are up for grabs. It is very important to think about what your mouth is going to say, before you speak, because this scrambles everything up, and then you know what's going on in my fucking head. . .and maybe I don't want you to know before I do.


No it doesn't.


I am a self-destructing person. My hand up to my forehead with the stupidity in human nature and devolution.

Jamie Reid

The once and future editor of DaDaBaBy, a little regarded and easily forgotten irregular purveyor of anti-art and anti-poetry.


born again surrealist after backsliding into marriage and accountancy in a youth woefully lacking in dissipation.

An Unknown Agent



No I'm not Anyway. Someway, perhaps. Or even Noway

KAZ, occasionally known as (optional) to my closest strangers.

I am the brand new Jello flavor Ocelot-Armpit Twist, whilst the space-bacon dispenses torque at random intervals of a precise length. I am many men who are familiar to cheese, whose multi-faceted limbs are omnipresent somewhere else. I Am, You Am, We All Am, for I Am

delroy thomas

i would describe myself as a post-neo-existentialist, with the occasional hint of hyper-neo-post-realist-abstractionist-relativism

i can't tell enemy spies are watching

i am a paranoid freek.

Not You or God

Remember when you walked past somebody on the street and she looked so familiar to you that the words "Hey, how's it going?" was on your lips when POOF! they crossed over the line of your peripheral vision and your brain never did tell you who that was? Well, it wasn't me.

mockingbird franklin

hey!! i didn't even ask to be here!! you know, that fat little lawngnome of a god wouldn't answer some easy questions!!! i'm criminally insane--i don't know what *his* reason is for being SO FUCKED UP!!

some strange girl

i am: disturbed. paranoid. obsessive. neurotic. manic-impressive. lying. too quiet. too thoughtless. too inconsiderate. too macabre. too pre-occupied with paltry details. being chased. being apprehended. being laughed at. being hated. being ignored. being realised. learning perfection.

Standard Feature

A figment of my imagination, or a grey parrot. I'm not sure.


Some punk kid with too much PC know how and enough spare time to take over the world.


I'm the guy sitting in front of his computer wondering why I am actually trying to explain myself to a faceless perversion of governmental origin. And I am not that guy... I'm over here.


(Neatness counts, but only in the use of atomic weapons) i am a pragmatic optimist with amazing artisic talent in the media of cockelburrs and used typing paper....i am still researching the fiber art impact of dog hair on fine and delicate washables. i am also a major contender for the US Olympic team specializing in fish puns. in reguard to your staff making unfounded assumptions about mating, fashion, ect......... you have no idea.............imagionation can only fail you.

Arthur "A" Blank

Arthur "A" Blank, often known as "A. Blank", or, to his friends, "Null".

Ronald Donn

In the same peevish manner of the ass tree, we will all hug it, got me? I am very and, like Dr. Reagan, very likeable. C'est anhedonia, c'est moi c'est le estat, c'est polio. Now listen: gently toss one cat in one pot plant, and the other in another pot plant about 5 meters away. THAT WAY THEIR FREQUENCIES WON'T REACH. I personally think pain is a memory of the soul, or the soul is the nostalgia for pain, or something. Also, I am stealing from my friends (a gerund). Also, there, just past the pastel gates of iced tea, a sky blue. Brother, I hate poetry.

Laura Baldwin

I am the head of john the Baptist


(Neatness doesn't always count) i am someone interested in standing on her head and trying to see Mabel Dodge.

Rev. Stygmata

"Sex is boring" - Michel Foucault "Sex is boring" - Sid and Nancy You do the math.

Ithica Apa Mach-lean Selfcontradiction

I am a person as much as you are (perhaps more). I think robots are people too.

abla tony conrad

ebler tells you: tony is where you are. abla tells you: tony is two places, --the one you mention, and another one, across the sea.

Tiago Borges da Silva

A student of art-chitecture who is almost frustrated for not being able to understand the vaccuum of existence without the inteligence of being. An Icarus without wings, willing to buy a flight ticket and fly till the sun (I wouldn't fall). Somebody with no roots and no culture, internationalist, post-anarchist, I don't know what else.


Only who I need to be.

Timothy Daniel Constantine Tolle

The most meaningful description I can give of myself, which would give the most clue as to why I stumbled upon your site, is I am a human being interested in Eschatology. I am what I am because I can't be anything else.

Alan Haley

Good question. I'm a chemist, a part-time philosopher, and a moody motherfucker. that look like car wrecks and photos of

NoMaD the Lost

I represent an obscure publication in Fort Collins Co. called "23"...i am visiting this sight with the intent to steal material for our own vile purposes...but i like you so i'll mention you....maybe...sweet water and light laughter...

An Unknown Agent

A man, a plan, Panama. I always hated those things.

Ignatz Maus

I am the Grand Emperor of the IDIOT movement. A private movement in the public toilet. So says eggfrith.

Baron Saturday

I am a crackbaby - born addicted to love; a junkie looking for a fix of the universal drug i'm a sadomasochist pinko; a superpsycho pimp i'm qualified for extinction - i live on the edge of states you could never understand

Baron saturday

jon ziemba age: 19 (relatively) weight: 160 (only now) sex: Male: (somewhat regrettably) Quote: "Hi. Howzitgoin?"

A Humble Heather

A student who knows nothing more than how to be just that (even if [I'm] not quite so good at it anymore). A student who has an apartment that smells of burnt rice. A student with no clean underwear and a pile full of new used clothes.

Charlie Melvin

SaNiTy Is ThE pLaYgRoUnD fOr ThE UnImAgInAtIvE

An Unknown Agent

Kermit Castle

Aliss de Cent

Aliss de Cent

wendy kroy

who the hell are you, goddammit?

can I do that? isn't my what's in a name?name in me?

Some nutty guy who likes vinyl records, hates disingenuous whining and believes that everyone deserves a hand but not a hand-out. I wonder if all the clues of archaeology and evolution were not just a practical joke being played on us. I find it unlikely that we are the best thing to come down the pike smarts-wise in the universe, galaxy, solar system, on the planet or in my zip code. And if we are, that it is sad that we will get to run everything (fuck it up) soon. Lastly, I find it impossible to believe that a truly loving God would not share his/her/its face with all of us in ways accessible to us at different times. This makes the whole point of religions, especially the Big Half-Dozen, vying for converts from each other quite moot. The message is the message. And when did religion replace faith? Maybe more another time.

An Unknown Agent

i am nic king of my own subconciouse

An Unknown Agent

Charles Kinbote III


Author of the Newest Testament & owner of a small company called Neuronautic Supplies Unlimitted. Yes, I am a professional dreamer.


One who does not count neatness

I should be doing the dishes right now

I read some of those from before. Now I'm not sure who I am anymore. I thought I wasn't supposed to for a while. Then I thought that I had simply forgot. Then I thought that I was i. Later I believed I was everything. Then I was nothing. Then I was everything and nothing. Maybe I'm neither everything or nothing. More likely a lost soul in a netherworld of pain. Or a lost sitcom actor in the last episode of Twin Peaks. I'm getting closer to the answer everyday, if it lies behind me.


Maybe if we all did a dance, just a little dance before we ot into the car... Maybe if we all went to art school instead of college prep, we might know who we are... If we don't want to get anywhere, just like what we hear when we're in route there. The world will never be a perfect place and I don't care, It's such great art to try and make it so...

An Unknown Agent

And why am I here and where am I going ..~^~..And when is there somewhere to be somebody anyway?

An Unknown Agent

the head of that demigog corporation that you should be afraid of.


i am the lizard laying on the rock warming in the sun

David Magdziarz

A voice in the vacuum butter replying to the harsh calls of the infinite with disdain for the tastelessnes of their place settings.


leave blank

ramona w. sparrow (sometimes...)

recently back from the dead... looking for a new leash on life... some times i'm not so sure... i think i'm in love... although now it might be resentment... some days aren't woth chewing through the leather restraints... but tomorrow's another day...


Student in Houston,Texas


An Aztec Goddess and/or the creatrix of the universe, or a small yet complex, and still not-entirely-sure-of-its-own-existence entity.

An Unknown Agent

I yam what I yam, I don't gave a speet about thees sheet, and I'm bored for now...


I am not yet dead. I am not yet part of a department of literature at Harvard. I am not yet a cow.

Heather Reddy

some hideously histrionic chick who was fed too many books as a child.

John la Fournier

John la Fournier Department of Literature, Harvard University



William Lee

I am the crazy muther who knows all of you...and yr muthers.

Ian McDonald

An unknown in a small town in a dreary part of the tropical torpitudes. A frustrated artist who's work is ephemeral and exists only once, and that for an instant only. However, I am rather prolific. Blink and you miss it. Blink and you're dead.


A student at Villanova (Junior). American. G Bataille reader. Philosohy major.


I try to be a human been,to enjoy the gifts given to us: The Mind,the Colors,the Woman!


i am something when it matters and something when it doesn't matter, but all in all, i detest styrofoam. but polyurothanes are rubbers, therefore, being a polyurothane, i am a rubber.

Marvin is not my name

I wish someone would tell me, for I do not know who "you" is. If it is that you are referring that I am more than one, how do you know that i am more than one? Are you guessing? do you really know that I do not know what I am supposed to know?

An Unknown Agent

I am what I am

Joshua McFadden

I create form in formless voids that maddeningly excorporate my work by their very nature. I recognize that identifying myself as congruent with my perceived purpose in an inscrutable and purposeless world is an act of this nature.

(joan gosselin

I'm a body who want to liberate the fumes of madness this poor politicly correct world needs to free itself from the power of logic.I want access to my unconcious world so i could write consciously about the true inner world... And I'm not even sure I take myself seriously!!!


Cold cream jalopy; full mounting elegance and destroyer of zingers. Appreciate and curdle the residence.


A cross party panel

James M.

Only the formless shadow of my true self... he is somewhere waiting for me to find him... perhaps he is hiding behind me? Oh, btw, I am green.


"Thou art that" in the sanskrit, or was it Popeye "I amsg what I amsg, Olive" .the. is. that.am. be. I smuggle drugs between European countries by means of the wheelarches of juggernaughts perform circus tricks for the less fortunate using 3 chainsaws and a shelf produce lyrics to rave songs<DB> ;understand how to read the movement of the waves selling timeshare flats to royal german in-breds and their halfsister-mothers-in-law who don't even offer us sugar cubes .contemplation of the potential difference between a sheep drives me. why? and what does this make me. ^¿

Skeezer Meany

Extra-strength, new and improved. 25% extra, and 10% more. Hello, this is Skeezer Meany, sorry you're not home right now, I'll call back later.


beverly rae!! love your net site or whatever this place is called. virtual magazine. really creative, fun and i will come back for more and more!!! i am a painter myself and this is a comfy place for me. thanks... yummy yummy




I am the maker, designer, designer and tester of all things that everyone needs but not a single person has access to. eg. want to borrow my pen? No, you may not. Also I am tall.

simple servant of the vast countenance

no one important.


Haloo! Cubicle slave looking for relief. Aries...undergrad...wanderer...tortured soul... lover of beauty...thinker of thoughts




Me. Who are you?


Australian Snowboarder. I came here for information for a surrealism essay I'm doing for school at the moment. Not bad, I still don't know what exactly this page has in it but I've bookmarked it and will check it out.


I like to take up space and write things on pages so that I can validate myself.


email me.....go on...


Who Knows, I certainly don't, I was sort of hoping you would telll me.


I am a little squirrel who knows how to use computers. My wife is much larger than me, considering she is a horse. Our children are called squorses.

Hossam Idris

Ineed Some Back Ground Please

Citizen Khan

A 500 foot tall midget with wings on my heels and a torch song in my heart

Karl Marx

The internationally well-known (now dead) economist and philospher who helped bring the idea of communism to this earth in all it's glory. May the working people rise up and eliminate this planet from the scourge of Capitalism and it's evils.


Just a bourgouise, frustrated tennis-shoe molester serving time in a half-way house for Grecian Formula abusers for a crime I didn't commit but wish I had(if I even had balls the size of mustard seeds and had never dropped out of tire-recapping school, then I'd show 'em!)spending endless dreary days watching the toilet refill and trying to talk like Alex Trebeck, knowing that one day they'll make a mistake and bring me white toast instead of an English muffin and then watch out! Those bastards at Baskin Robbins and NBC and Sears are going to rue the day they said "No, thanks. We already have a CEO." You'll see, punks!!


To be or not to be - I really want to try both and choose the one I like

Chled Chledychledchledchledchledchledchledchledchledchled

A concerned scholar


A highly sophisticated machine of extraordinary power.


a whisper with post-relativistic tendencies and a nifty motor-scooter. (maybe you'll know the true answer someday - no one wants a predictable life.) she strikes at the moment you least expect and most fear!

Mary "Lucky" Fortuna

well see i'm a sculptor, yes, yes, a sculptor. Soft. Also some hard. I work in stitches. also publish a weasly little local rag of visual art reviews etc. for local community, for meatspace only - not for cyber.

An Unknown Agent

I'm a victim of self inflicted insanity.

Joe Blow

a boob

Jeremiah Seabird

I am, I think.


But you already know that don't you?


I am the best mind of my generation, destroyed by madness; starving, hysterical, naked. throwing mashed potatoes at the computer screen

honeyed silence

i can't say that i am. that is, i am not self-identical.



Dave Earp(optional)

I am the Anti-Christ!(Neatness counts)

Andrew's friend

Just a normal American 14 year old guy who wants to go to Canada with Andrew's family

Andrew, son of my dad.

A comepletely normal Candian gentleman age 14.


A compulsive hyperlink clicker, how did I end up here anyway?

Chris Dunn

I am difficult to describe. Words slip, slide, decay and, of course, (Neatness counts)!

Mahatma H Nobel-Faraday II

It does? That's good, as I can't. Well, not past a certain point. I don't believe you need to know how far. Not just yet. Maybe later. (No, I don't have a mint, you scurrilous scoundrel.Shoo!) Anyway, back to business. I am me, you, him, her mother's butcher, baker candlestick faker. I eat Bears, chew the heads off very small babies, can spit tobacco for three miles (or would be able to if a: I chewed tobacco, and b: hadn't sewn my lips together last night in protest.) and totally despise everything which I hold dear. Who are you?

Kirk McKinlay


jon Love

The who and the what of me seem to have little if any significance! The where the why and the when of me seem to have even less than the little significance mentioned above. If I am ever going to make a difference in the life of the Universe it will take an effort far beyond Herculian-strength, for I must alter the course of ill-fated stars in order to gain some consideration for my "Self!" What do I mean by that, you fail to ask(?). Simple! When I first heard the Koan: "He who knows does not say. He who says does not know." My immediate response was: "Who said that?" Over decades of time I have observed the on-going alienation of my "Self" from human-unkind! Like Whitman, I think I could trun and live with animals, too; but, beastiality is a crime....even so, seldom do animals smile in your face and stab you in the back from behind a persona of mascara and lip-rouge and 36B-cups and the feigning of being helpless and weak and "harmless" as they appeal to the Knight In Shining Armor pussy- whipped golems...you see, what our species fails to recognize is that those who are doing the pussy-whipping are also being whipped by their own pussies too! Who is at fault!???? We are! The weakspined -- pusilanimous -- assholes who lack the strength and the testicualr fortitude to just turn away from the maked-thieves wafting their "consumerism is patriotism and lets incubate some responsibilty in my womb and destroy oneanother and our progeny with the resentment born out of our having abandoned our hopes and dreams of Self- Real- ization in thinking that those dreams could be adequately and equally replaced and fulfilled by breeding in captivity according to the laws and customs of our times!" So, the nurturing pap has become a brew of despair and hopelessness crammed down the gullets of a hapless youth who act out their psychopathology through a Thanatos-of-drive- by-shootings and "dissin'" any and all since nothing has any solid and endurable "quality" save the pleasure to be derived form this nano-second in time and space as they live out a lifeless futility! Hey, now....this is not a gender bashing!!!!! This is NOT a gender BASHING! It is a species specific feedback from an artist-person who knows what it means to be alienated and whose only recourse has been to discover for himself values which are beyond the material and beyond the momentary comfort of the "Bartholian gland exudate warmth and comfort of the Vulvas of the world!" I'm too old to be concerned or even care about whether or not the femes are fatale or not -- Bathsheba on a rooftop in her tub turned the course of history and maybe even shifted a star to appear over the "little town of Bethelehm" ....she looked so lovely in the twi- light of the day!

Peggy Sue

I am a sweet loney woman who needs a big burly man in my life.


all being master of time, space and dimension(in my own little world)

Yvan Greenberg

I am a student of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. My major is Composition. My interests include dance, poetry, and art. I like experimental artforms and dada stuff.


I am just another word junkie, running ragged circles, pretending not to feel the pain, while all along my greatest fear is that one day I really won't.

M.C. Fine

I am the lioness sitting guard outside the doors of your sanity.


I am myself and to try to narrow or broaden the description only invalidates my own existence as an individual

jon Love

let me just say that who I am is one thing that was asked in the very first comic book I ever stole from the corner drugstore when I was a kid coming home from Parochial School


Another Face in the Crowd at Indiana University studying Journalism


I'm a normal drug user, that has two businesses I get bored and go on-line

Daniel Nooter

That's hard; I'm still trying to find out who I am _anywhere_. I like coffee, tho'. A lot.

An Unknown Agent

self-made kahuna in training

An Unknown Agent

A writer & artist in embryo studying the effects of procrastination prior to writing the Great American Soundbite.

Walter Johnson (optional)

A teacher, photographer, artist, and best of all; an open mind.(Neatness counts)

Bryan Hunter

I am not a woman. I do not live at the bus station. Because it is has been so long, I am not a child. There are no fogs in my house, and therefore, I do not live in Minnesota.


thou shalt not play with thine excrement

An Unknown Agent

dr f. mullikin


suzasuza is a duza, often a luza but likes to cruza d'net; she lika dis site and lives a surreal existence in her stealth machine.(Neatness counts)

Paradoxos Alpha

A Thelemic, polyamorous, psychedelic, exquisite initiate of the Rite of Nysa. "I am like the little red dog that sitteth upon the knees of the Unknown."

Grynnan Barrett

One who is 1 who is! I am and I can prove it! In a on a through a over and under 12 gauge sawed off scatter shot. Did I miss miss? I'll try again! I am not you but i am somebody who doesn't. let me begin until it ends, waiting still, you know when sometimes.... yes, you do. there is telephones and there is people to pick them up there are train stations and there are people to be in anticipation. there are statues with lips and there is lipstick. there is paper and people to deny.


mike wenzel

shaine alaine

a woman/girl intrigued

An Unknown Agent

I'm just this guy you know. I don't wear suspenders and am very much aware of the secret furitive movements occuring in the darkness of my home town.

Mike Flannery

i'm just this guy who's eighteen in french class reasearching surrealism and bored off my ass i like your page a lot . i think that it's neat.

An Unknown Agent

I'm the person who lives in your mirror.


who am I? I'm just another guy in this mass of faces we try to pass off for anything but anarchy.

An Unknown Agent

(Neatness counts) I am...what an interesting question...and what is more..this is one that has a fairly clear answer. dont act so damned suprised. you knew that eventually you would attract my attention. on this plane they call me CHARD. they are very kind in doing so. i was raised in the post apocolyptic future by an electric monk and a diesel powered nun. i came back. i am. i exist solely as an improvability nexus,a conglomeration of mass hallucenations produced by the group Mind as a social vent for the fury of creation. forgive me lord,for i know exactly what i do.

a soluable fish

I am nothing but these pulses of electricity. I exist only in these wires and in the back streets of you subconcious. I am.



(The)Dewar Walls

I am you and you are me. If we ignored the insulators, we'd be one.

Peter Denton

I am GIDEON...


A complete freak

Pseudoannie & pseudojohn

John says "who the fuck knows and who the fuck cares?" Of course, I must make a living at answering this question for myself and others. John does not. He is just a capitalist pig, anyway, so who cares what he thinks. He rants and I recant. I (pseudoannie) have been reading Daumal, de Nerval, Breton and endless other French existential writers. I have only recently been turned on to dadaism. I am working on a doctorate in something else altogether. I really like your site!


What it is is likely.


I am a vapor of fog sometimes known to drift through the orfices of strange visitors.





your name

i am can't able to tell that not knowing myself r something

An Unknown Agent

Who are you?

imeing froomersmelt

A Northern tiagaweb herbivore with carnivorous habits.


Laborer, delivery driver, etc... at a wholesale meat market.


I am the destruction of all humanity. I am your fate. Die by my hand or die by your own. It matters not to me. Nothing matters anymore. The end has come. Crawl to your master and scream from the pain.

eL gremliN

I am an egg, divided by 13, times the square root of glass, plus nothing, minus a head. Negative zero, zoom zip. (letters and words and numbers and functions {I hate math}) You dig? Good, I thinked you willed. (plus minus) electric void, digital nothing, that is I am, diggity split, revolving door. And I'll just keep on typing till I get tired of it, so who knows when thi (fooled you, I'm not done ye) Now I'm finished. Or not. Yes. (no) (liar) (ha!) ((please deposit an additional 20 sense)


a victim of random hostility,speechless before the awesome silent egg


i asked you first.

Soodow Nymn

None of your damn business


Late at night i can still smell the jungle here in the gulag. i don't think the jungle wanted me or revered me not like the big screen does. I could be a whole new corridor, or maybe more of an elevator, that doesn't go all the way to the top. As this piss-drunk world tips off axis, my only consolation lies in good red wine, strong coffee, cigarettes, and the love of a beautiful woman.

mark hawkins

Fan of Rimbaud, rotting camembert and the occasional harp. Also Goudi.

the adhesive fairy

The adhesive fairy, I spread sticky glue products to all the good little boys and girls in the world.


just a blob of tissue, sitting before the magic, rectangular picture box, pushing on little squares neatly arranged before me. Wow! I push here and they show up there.....


All the clouds turn to words All the words float in sequence No one knows what that mean Everyone just ignores them B.E.


Who's Asking?

jim clancy




josh morgan

Who are we anyway? complicated white figers of fractal designs developing on the neck of a sea turtle somewhere gradually push her head further and further to one side until her mouth is forced against her shell and all she can taste is herself and she dies and floats to the surface where black flying things lay eggs in the white bloated mass that killed her so we have a better detergent.

David Boyle

I am not who you think I am.


A bit nosy aren't we?

Zardoz the ever-living

I mostly occupy myself by terrorizing the unheathen inhabitants of the lands outside the vortex, but in my spare time I study French and Wickerwork


Queen of the living dead; a handy seamstress; CEO of RJ Reynolds


I am


I often wonder

An Unknown Agent

this guy

An Unknown Agent



I don't know who I am. Who the hell are you?

An Unknown Agent

i am a gorgeous blond who cannot spell worth shit. i am also a high school student that is happily trying to make my way out of this one horse town (as you can see my life is more than a little cliche). i write eat sleep talk don't have sex take prozac and tegratol, this accounts for the happiness, and so on...

Surrounded by Idiots

Swinger, citizen of the Cocktail Nation


Graphic designer by trade/Artist by nature


when neatness counts it needs to use its fingers and toes because of faulty remedial training. I count on neatness to match the cleanlyness of my sasquatch internship at university of roboticstudents. the vegetable trance is a step forward cleaver. he left june and the beaver behind and walked twards finality. i am the solitary human form, i scratch the itch that scratches open to the transient leper blood of society i am the glass monitor of your life i watch you and i watch your wife you type commands you think i follow i could ruin you if i crash tommorrow i view the world from the other side from my fused eye you cannot hide


I wish I knew.


I install house siding. Others do the tops and bottoms. Somewhat guitar player, somewhat game player, somewhat ... . A good parent whose children have achieved responsible adulthood. Alone but not often lonely. Earnest. Righthanded. Liberal in the only sense of the word.(Neatness counts)


A student

The Chimp

Sitting here thinking profound thoughts while Mona and Bug strare me down..stress me out stress killer on the loose! DaDadAdADADA

Claude Balls

Who is anybody . . . I mean what does it matter anyway


I am myself. Who are you?

An Unknown Agent

I'm me


A memeber of a carbon-based ape-like race


skydiver,dreamer,unable to show emotion or affection

Deft Touch

I am the small parts of everything. Without me things would be the same.

Tia Lagargye

the sweetest little bitch you'll ever meet. Kiss-Kiss!(Neatness counts)


I am a funked out grooving, jesus loving, record spinning, spinning around and round till I hit the ground.

Wes Fleming

I am myself and no one else. As far as I am aware, I am the only conscious being which exists.



Not Galadriel.

I was Galadriel, but my family objected. Now I wander wistful, woeful, wishing whoever wanted my name would wetuwn it. Willow, willow, welladay, woe. Oh yes, and willoway.

maria oblongata

slighlty dishevelled master of cretins

Clay Templeton

I'm on anti-depressants.

Jenny Bryan

I'm just a crazy trancendalist.

The Grand High Penguin

a slow drip of little feet because of the drop of feeling beside debate of lifless dew and dewn't
with this developing history by loss of growing seedless yellow weight
and flooze.
be the groop who sees this medium black vote, be the when
that all of our zipped toasterboys because these
wandering homes.
thank me.

Flynne Bondolini

A knave little foundling of no particular distinction - my basic function is to get from this plane to the next without attracting too much attention or ignoring those that are deserving. Besides, no matter where you go, there you are! 0non


I'm a system underminer and undercover freak.

Lyle Nisenholz

I am a substitute teacher with the San Mateo school district. I own my own print studio, I illustrate and print my own postcards under the business title, "Lyle the Printer", (if you give me your snail mail address I will perhaps send you some if your nice). I am an avid bycicle rider and commuter, it is great to ride all over the bay area. I am married to a wonderful Japanese woman named Yoshiko Ihda and she works for a high tech consulting firm in Palo Alto as a researcher. I have worked as a dancer and story teller with a national endowment winning performance art group called the "Seemen". I was a gogo dancer for quite a few Punk rock bands including Shnookumz, Cactopus, PMS, God, The bed bugs and Pung. My life is not a performance art piece, it is my life and I have done performance art comedy, story telling and dancing by myself and with my friend Matt as the comedy group "Shlomo and the Homo", at such venues as LACE, the Crystal Pistol, the fund raiser for Bottle Village, talent night at L.A.Fresh restaurant and all over at places around the state of California. What I would like to ask you is what is less sensible, the mystical visions and transcendant experiences I had about six years ago or contemplating the meaning of these visions and transcendant experiences. Thanks


God, I think.

An Unknown Agent

A guy sitting in Edinburgh

Les Ismore

very 70's

Jennifer Leigh

Just Me. Only Me. Not a freak. (Gee, some of these listings are quite scary.) I am beautiful, inside and outside. I also happen to be a psychologist. Curious? E-mail me and find out. Or not.

your name

grimy peasant

An Unknown Agent

Lulu she who has an eternal affinity for the surrealist movement.


I may be defined as a person who is not neat.



sarah r.

I am the Supreme Ruler of the Universe.

Rev. Father POPE SiGRiD Fenderson V, KSC etc.

I am He With Book for Name. I am the Sun and the Moon. I am Fish, I am Dog, I am Sliced Green Olives. I am fnord.

I'm a liar

Well let me tell you- I' the baddest motherfucker you ever did see If you meet up with me in an alley you's gonna wish you was never born I'll rip out ya' guts and make ya wear em' like a wig then I'm a gonna throw a cheap piece of baby blue cloth on ya and just startin stompin'!! I'm gonna be tellin' ya how your my rug!!

An Unknown Agent

god nonsense i am of ; smile child, your wrinkled gray hair does not show in webville lost, found and join me in the shadows-------Dark Phoenix

Poisoned Ooze Toad

Will this be on the test? {S dada! Da DA!!!!

James V. Cervantes

The emptiness of my afternoon compells me to fill out this survey. It has never been so empty - my afternoon - and I look forward/downward to the empty boxes I will fill with half truths. Otherwise, I teach and write when I am not faced with such emptiness.

An Unknown Agent

I have the shadow of a dragon, but somehow I ended up the shadow of that dragon in the process. They call me Dragondazd. Warning-you can't hurt me anymore than you could hurt a shadow.


I am an extremely mediocre sapien.

Tim Drage

Myself, and no-one else. I must be, as I have a web page: http://www.yi.com/home/DrageTim/ see for yourself.

jon Love

i am the person i have always pretended to be and he/she/it is looking for the "self" to be true to!

Eric Domazlicky

I am a by-product of a small Latin American Dictator's post-hypnotic suggestion, which told him never to acknowledge the hopeless of the life of Peruvian monks living in a small 2 by 2 cubical which, because of unknown gravitional forces, cannot be entered nor left without Keliha's (a small but luxuriously evil quasi-God) explicit and written permission.

josh morgan

17 year old human

la reine

I am somewhere between a developing fetus and a decomposing corpse. And I am not neat.

karen anne

Depends on the day. Who are you?


Just part of a dream...


I'm an army receptionist with messy hair and a mean pen.

An Unknown Agent

I am a self appointed activised against all the curuption that is modern and future and past. I am one of the younges members of mensa. I choose my future. I don't regret the past. The present is mine. plus if some one wants to debate me e-mail me

Barnacle Bob

I am a pair of ragged claws etc, etc, etc. I shall wear the cuffs of my trousers rolled. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we meet, give me a quarter.

Matthew Friday

a fictional entity created by a slightly drunk, overtly paranoid university teacher in which and hereafter various distopian masturbative fantasies will most definately be defined by the statement "in advance of the broken arm."

E. Rubin-Vega

Musician, like everyone else, a child of dysfunctional society with interest in making it even more so, computer network architect, father, #1 son, way to the left of US democrats, personal friend of DADA, intimately known as Chulo, Who the hell are you anyway to ask this question.... or to think that you deserve a truthful answer?


An intergalactic gumshoe, I've decided to stay on earth for awhile, and thought california would be a good place.


No one really. Another student (at Stellenbosch). I like to think I'm pretty damn good at it though

peter ekman

beside mi given name?

Glen Gallier

I am on a treadmill on a merry-go-round. What is your purpose?

An Unknown Agent

The humble inventor of mint-basil waffles

jon Love

~rmutt knows me as Onan Istic/:7%%99' and maybe he's right...funny isn't it how these electrons can convey entire blocks of emotional feelings even though there is no gif or hue in any of this stuff??? to generate what life lacks and does not have to offer the living is the intnet and purpse of the artist (plagiarized from some book I read a while back...sorry, con't recall title or author!) so, I am the only person who can define what art is and what art is not and I don't care to hear what you think about it 'cause for you it's all a "one-up-manship-game!" actually, art is just a blivet in the Commercial World of the rich ad-men on Madison Avenue while the artist and craftsmen just plug along minding their own business and not caring about the bread but whats on the table... and all that good tiresome shit about personal integrity...you've heard it..right...hang on to that soul, boy! Don't let 'em have any of that soul, Man!!!! Don't lose your soul, Artist!!! shit...trhow it out there for everyone to get a piece of it and hope that you've got enought ot go around so that everybody gets a little ha so what else??? oh move on down boy


wish I knew.................. I don't even know where I am right now, actually

Big Chikeee(optional)

Our Lady of Fatima - at least for today.(Neatness counts)

An Unknown Agent

That would be telling.


I am a recent alumna of the School of Information there at the U. I see you have been there a LONG time...or, you are one of the many who came to the U of M already damaged. Anyway, I am freelancing (right, can't find a job with my f****ing expensive degree) by writing web reviews. Your site is on my list. What is your name, please? I promise, and you can believe me or not, that my review of your site will be positive. Thanks, and really, this is a great site. Pauline


You won't believe me, so see for yourself. http://www.proportions.com/jl.home.html

Dave HowardI am he who has become myself

I am he who has become myself. At least I think so.

leighton zenon taylor

Neatness counts accountants count. i like math, before we discovered zero. i like little things everwhere, but i don't talk to them. i do talk to the negative. perhaps you'll come over later to. here, use MY vacume. is sucks nicely. i don't like spelling. its for dead. i don't like to think. and anyway, how many pins can you stick in the head of an angel? huh? as for what i am- mostly water thats all i have to say about that.

An Unknown Agent

a lost soul surfin' the fish bowl


------=----0000000000000000uyyyyjhoppppppppppp Or at least that's what my cat said. I think it all depends on the day.

Leslie Kleinberg

I AM R. MUTT! No, really, I mean it, I am Rrose Selavy. Okay okay, I am just a college student majoring in art-semiotics (don't ask what that is). I like Duchamp and Ernst and surrealist games.


I have a suspicion that I'm dascended from a superior race of long-tail'd, super-intelligent planetary-challenged beings (ie aliens) But I'm not really sure.


Mixed ....fruitbo w l is mY HeAd and I live-in the Red ))While asleep((zzzz


An embittered bureaucrat.

Your Name Here

I am your original face.


i am myself and no other


A poet and a thief

Albert A. Clay

According to others, I provide the facade of being a cold-hearted cruel sadistic bastard, but actually I'm a sensitive caring person that doesn't want anyone to get too close for fear of hurting them and of being hurt... Whatever.

An Unknown Agent

read my article in views@vcn.net (society column, under anaais) and you will know more about me than my mother -- and i lived with her for 27 years...


Current Incarnation of Norse God of Mischief, et. al.


Masher of the guilty vegetable.

The Mugician

I am one who speaks only things that I say, I exist only where I am. I choose, as my appearance, the way I look. I wear only the clothes that I put on my body. I think only my thoughts. I have only things in my possession. I have only my own memories.

lee worden

Never wait for yourself



Rev. Father POPE SiGRiD Fenderson V, KSC

HIHOWARYA! I am the kiwi. Remember all those who have fuzzed before you, and you shall too be rewarded in the kingdom of lego.

April English

Does neatness really count?

Jesse "Jigs" Walker

I am the wind, the rain of frogs, the skull in the clouds. When the sun swells and the mill is running, you'll find me in my silky nest. Wherever there's a mop beating on a fly ... I'll be there.


well, what do u think?

An Unknown Agent

aniway if i know

jeli ian neck(optional)

what i fear most

Ralph McGinnis

It was a hot day in the chocolate factory when the fat man came to town.I am he who pulled his coat tight in the blistering, delicious warmth of the precious HEAT. My lover awaited me at the sighnpost, his bar already melting........

Axaxaxax Mlo

Who wants to know?

Redcap (avec Wit)

From the simple thoughts of my Id i came upon this place now i exist exhausted nothing witty to say 'Fin'

jeff the lynks

hhoooo my goodness, not godness!!! see me i, the afternoon on the moon!

Reece R. Dano

i am the one who really matters

Francis Heaney

I write puzzles, among various other activities that serve no useful purpose, including playwriting and tap dancing.

Lord Chrisna

I am the Manx version of Christ/Krsna OK. Why do you have a problem with that?

Daniel Postellon optional)

sculptor and pediatric endocrinologist


Pry, pry, pry!


I am the lovely and oh so fashionable queen O the universe.....i'm better than barberalla

Xerxes Alexandrovitch

Not necessarily who I say I am... Student/Rampaging Dadaist playwright just about sums it up.


i are that what you despise, that what u already despise without knowing. i are the socially confused and the genetically unstable. i are not philosophy, not language. i are the post-grad student.


Anyway I am.

The fool

I am the opposite of the all knowing, for opposites are linked together in the universe. I am considered wise by some but can only be the fool, for I can only communicate what I am allowed to.


a misguided freshman procrastinating w/ her paper due for Dynamics in Cultural Change

An Unknown Agent

Selflessness kidding itself

Josh Ronsen

I like ice cream, long walks along the beach, and men who aren't afraid to cry.


Your brother

Derrida on crack

proffesional wrestler, non-proffesional soilder in the everlasting battle to destroy art. occasionally erect but rarely post-modern


I'm not really sure anymore.


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I am a lover of creation. I am a naturalist. I am an elementary school teacher of 5th and 6th graders. I am an artist. I am a 32 year old woman with a M.A. in education and a B.A. in Political Science. I am.............ME! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Three different people united for a common like of kippers and vinegar. An obscure reflection of R.Mutt, on crack with a flaming cross astride a large acedemic horse sometimes refered to in tightly nit circles as a MFA degree but also known as auto erotic strangulation.


Name under construction indefinately.


Ozob.Clone, and neatness DOES NOT ACTUALLY COUNT !! Neatness merely performs arithmetic functions.

Onan Isticfingerdipper

Eye yam what eye yam and thats all what eye yam! But, I sits and thinks and sometimes I sits and thinks about thinkin'. I paints a bit and writes a poem once and again....I'm a life-long gymnosophist and practice that attitude except when I'm welding! I like Phillip Wylie and like him I like woemen and I likes 'em just the same way he likes 'em! Part One: The WHO: insufficient data to determine which one I am at this moment! Part Two: ARE: Implies I have being...I am therefore I think I am! Part Three: YOU: Implies an identification of some sort which is supposedly an encapsulated entity within an integument which interfaces with the total environment (that's why I hate being clothed...gets in the way of Universal Signals! Part Four: ANYWAY implies that who-whatever I am I am experiencing the fact of "entropy" through the flow of time in a Universe that is MESTup! "Who are you?" asked the Hookah-smoking catipillar of Alice as he crossed his many legs, many times!!!! bye and bye

anne kaider

Owner of cats, feeder of squirrels, insurance service rep, lover of mountains and hiking. I also eat Brie cheese on occasion.


I am Ted. I expect a full reward for my troubles here. Mail refund check to: Ted c/o the Ministry of Ministries box #86753 p.o. box #1200 Johnstown, PA 15907-1200


A first time user. I hope I don't abuse!!!!!!


Superpsychobitch art historian/graphic designer who needed much therapy after I wrote my thesis on Surrealists (advisory committee, not subject, was the problem. Who the hell are you?

An Unknown Agent



paula is a distressed housewife, and I am her and her husband's lesbian plaything.

Rod Christopherson

An amateur artist who writes as well I love surrealism but not beuracracy. I will soon have a homepage but don't know the HTML yet. It will resemble RChome.html and my college has one at - http://www.inst.augie.edu Mountain Biking is GREAT!


I am a semi-anonymous drifter, searching for something.

An Unknown Agent

who is any of us? Define are. Explain How who I know you exist? Persistence of reality flags my fading consciousness. We exist at the edge of the dream sea. I exist in my world cetered. Yet the true center if it exists must also exist in me. Do I therefore,echo reality or does it echo me? No harm the echoes are still ringing, One size fits all. Or is it we will conform you to fit the size we have. Still rings the echoes across the black lake. The silent boatman beckons with his upraised finger. We board the boat and are taken away. The destination is unknown the starting point is unknown. The boatman is unknown. We are unknown. The journey has become the destination. The trip is the goal. Who am I? I am my reflection in the mirrior of my soul. But I have my I closed. and remember. You asked.

Suran Song

Artist in Residence, Magical Fox, Phila., PA (sculptor & performance artist) Next show: Exit Art Gallery 548 Broadway, NYC 6-8 p.m. Friday, January 26th, 1996


Art Student at Ohio University (Not Ohio State).

John Thomas

I am a corporate trainer: I train IBM, Macintosh, PCs, and edit/write sites on the WWW.

An Unknown Agent


Carolyn Chick

and a partridge in a pear tree!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Unknown Agent

I am the Postal one. "http://netclassifieds.com/cybercafe"

Alan Scott

Consumer-citizen of One Nation Under Mammon, first up against the mall come the revolution.


To myself, I am only a server (and not even a good one, at that). To others I am many things... good and bad. The black hole is large and all encompassing. I feel at home here.

Steve Azbill

Everything I perceive.


the proto-type of the being of who they want us to be.

just call me RB

If neatness counts, I'm not eligible.




a quiet college student with dark, demonic tendiences (Neatness counts)

Bill Underwood

(Composer and Professor of music (35 years at Henderson University)Egotistical but friendly... Neatness counts)


In the words of Peter Cetera, the highest paid eunuch today, I am a man who will fight for your honor

andy k.

if only i knew who i am.

Nate Gerheim

I am one as everyone else. I am a figure recognized or not recognized as we all are. We are all only figures. Figures that tangle and clutter with eachother as no harmony is evolved.

gertrude stein

the mother of the universe

Tony Daniel...

An actor/artists who likes surrealism and is 19,so naturaly inclined to adapt to the digital forms of communication and information gathering. The following message has not only confused me, but has made me insensitive to the message it sends,and the information it contains. Still, for some odd reason I'm still typing...Damn you...!

clearboy ellis

Have you seen my monk?

Bob Supan

A searcher, on a quest for that one really special potato bug. The one that feels like a hard booger when you roll him twixt thumb and forefinger.

Leo A. Toznet

I am Leo A. Toznet.


Your brother(Neatness counts)

An Unknown Agent

extra ordinary

An Unknown Agent

i dont know

Orlene Baird

I am a middle-aged student living off the governement in a small apartement where I watch friends and curse society. I have a problem relating to strangers which is why I have been fired consecutivly by every fast food place in town and then all the the furniture stores too. I will be starting on drugstores when my uncle dies and my allowance stops. I where plaid shirts and I feel that there is a meaning to life if only everyone would stop and look at trees once in a while. I, of course, having realised this, have no need to leave my apartement. The outside world is dangerous for someone of my sensitivity, and is undeserving of my grandeur.


Friend of a friend

del soba

plimsoul baggage expwy

Jim McClure

I am a full time student of electronics in Santa Barbara and in my spare time I like to paint and draw.

Thomas Cox

I am what I am.

(onothing or ducktape or nightshade or rainbow brite or sunflower

I am not....or maybe i am.....i'm not quite sure yet....


i am dripping from the ceiling coming at you from the cesspool basement of academia to pick your nose i am three pounds of ass in a two pound bag and a party in your pants.

Walker, Lord of the Mole People

a.wealthy, published fiction writer currently "shacking" with John Grisham at his new home in Charlottesville, Virginia b.an undergraduate blowjob c. lord of the cavernous underground where I am showing my holy mole people how to inhale their own assholes, en masse, and harnessing this power to destroy all human slaves and their masters, for I am the one true slave and the one true master.


Some little old nobody.


I am a college student who was forced on "the net" by a class and have been sitting for an hour, screwing around, and having a pretty good time.

Heath Ivan Hewett

a senior graphic design student at the School of Design n c s u . . . Raleigh, NC. (Neatness counts) No shit. I'm impressed at the Dada and Surrealist servers because of the unique use of the medium. Other than being obvious,. . . confusion,absudity, and intellect was a swank touch to your site's feel and functionality. Kudos.

An Unknown Agent

I'm not counting.

Tera Corazone

Just someone out browsing the web


RottenHead, the Ugly Kid. Lost in a sea of corporate homogeny.

An Unknown Agent

I am Bog The Electric Monk..And I am Lady Raven of Deathstrike! All Hail ME!!! If you don't I'll kick your butt!

Bryan Price


Dee Hart

Just a humble telephone rep for IAC - have headset will scan.

Brian Barrett

Corporate slacker living off the cash cow that is big business in a position of no authority, but no accountablity. I cruise the net 40 hours a week, come home to my supermodel-visual-quality fiance, who has the house clean, food on the table and an amazing sexual appetite. I either sit in front of a tv, or work on something artistic. I'm on many high-brow corporate mailing lists and get 50 monthly magazines for nothing: Presentations, Meetings and Conventions, Computer Pictures, Computer Graphics World, Photo-Marketing Association, First Rochester Osbourn Users Group, Publishing, Electronic Publishing, etc. Most of these I have been recieving since I was 12. My bookmark file has over 2,000 up-to-date locations. I know that they are still active because I visit them all, all the time.

jen weintraub

Under construction. Can I get back to you? Ex-slacker, I hope.

a whisper breathed by the breath of death

there is a little fish that runs across the hypodermic field and gets lost in the banana weeds and lady's holes... I am not him.

An Unknown Agent

I indicate myself daily and sometimes implicate myself but never on purpose and always regret it when it happens in public. Grad student living in squalor. Who do voodoo?

Bob Brault (bro)

a badass jew's harp player familiar with the rain-like cacophany of tibetan skulldrums; psychedelic wino with a penchant for imitating a synthesizer while playing Beethoven's 9th on a Special 20 in the key of D. scribbler of cobalt cocktail napkins sniggling in the Void whose favorite grave rubbing is both name and epitaph: "ADAM FELL"...

Chris Lott v1.0

Human being #8,994,663,102

Karl Schmidt

I'm just a schmuck who keeps filling these things out in the misguided hopes of one day having my name appear in print. The way I see it, someone somewhere will see my name, and remember it--it may even strike them. One day I may meet this person; when they find out my name, they will remember it from before, but probably not place it. Then I can stimulate awe, in that they have Heard Of Me--the first step on the road to true celebrity, for what that's worth.




Im not really here right now....


a human fleshy sphere

Rick Hansen

Some neo-webmaster stealing ideas.

jeff & volcano



i am the king of where the wild things are. i'll eat you up!!!

An Unknown Agent

Who says you can't mix surrealism and philosophy?


no one/ everyone
for further elaboration, see Spoons Only anti-art page


I am the Arch angel Raphael and my wings have been tared but one feather is full of light.

scarlett :)

a person who believes that neatness does in fact count.



K. Cranford

Damned if I know. A working bee in the hive of life. (snicker, snicker)


just a curious surfer


If I am you and you are me, Who is neat you or me?


I'm someone who doesn't have at this moment anything more interesting than answering the question of who I am.


Like I'm supposed to know, anyway wierder Former AIusa southern regional student guy than Cultural Studies graduated last year unemployed (duhhh) most


Some guy with way too much free time on his hands....do I win something here?

Jan Marica

I'm not sure. It seems to change a lot the answer to that question,ie, my concept of who I am changes alot, or maybe I change, or maybe oh shit! Anyway, I do, often, think of myself as an artist. In fact I have gone so far as tp put together my own set of web pages, among which I have a link to your site. I wanted to let you know that you are listed under "Sites Dada" on my "Cool Web Sites" page. I hope this does not in some way offend your sense of category (assuming you have one). Please visit and see what we have going on. http://hookomo.aloha.net/~jmarica/ "Virtual Reef Gallery. By the way I have just updated things in the last few days, so if you were there before, why then come back again. I am now going to finish your survey, it is clever and funny and I can't resist. Thanks, bye Jan

An Unknown Agent

Its really none of your fuckin business.


I am an economist seeking conversation with those who actually understand terms such as "liberal", "conservative", "welfare" etc.

An Unknown Agent

Art was. (Always, already...)

Steve Shimada

i fit the gen-x slacker stereotype except i'm asian, so iconoclast iconoclast. i'm just a meandering student who doesn't give a flying fuck that i'm still living in my parents' house at 24. i'm hypertexting through life and i can't sit still. i rave, but i'm into all kinds of music and art. i'm a definite lurker and observer and hoarder. i feel creative, but my output lags therefore i'm happy processing life on a selfish basis. i'm an amateur counselor, father figure, chauffer, and best friend, but never a lover. oh yeah, ecstasy is the most beautiful chemical on this earth.

An Unknown Agent

g-girl from washington heights, (nyc) who loves mountaineering in WA, OR & AK, reading Sartre, Galeano & hooks, and eating out.


A Stealer of Souls (just joking, i just steal dreams; then again what's the difference?)

Wolf (David Crossman)

I am a senior in Electrical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technolgy. I refuse, however, to be thrown into the Engineering archetype. I'm very active in the Drama organization at Tech, as well as in the re-formation of the SCA on Tech campus. The World Wide Web is amazing, and I spend far too much time surfing the 'net, which is most of the way that I found this page. I don't usually fill out surveys, but what the hell. Check out http://www.survey.com/ for more surveys that I haven't filled out.

An Unknown Agent

Your mother


(Neatness counts: "1,2,3,7,9,12" but not very well :^) I am art.

Carolyn Hendra

I am the Original Guru Chick, along with my sidekick Cherry Pie. I LoVe this whole Hummingbird thing you made. Please will you send me some info? Also, I would like to know if you'd be interested in sponsoring, or helping us get the Guru Paper off the ground. Please help us, you're the coolest people we've found. The others are all yuppish scum with BMW's and boob jobs and dogs named Buffy. I will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the letter from the Holy hummingbvird People. Please do this as soon as you can, before mi head explodes. THank YOu. PEACE AND HIKING STICKS, CAROLYN HENDRA AND CHERRY PIE.

Bryan Donnell


Keith Dorwick

You mean besides a grad student? Try http://icarus.uic.edu/~kdorwick

Gillian 'Mad Skirt' Jaysmith

I'm neat and I can count. I think that could go on one of my many arrogant tombstones.

An Unknown Agent

a curious person.

Mark Thomas

I am a raft of sunny mice. http://anansi.panix.com/~sorabji


ah, my friends, and oh my foes what does neatness count what are the ways of neatness and where and--it's not for everyone in every ol' place doncha know er do ya kennet? I ken only what i be in the interstices and they often reconfigure language beyond all recognition you might sometimes find me myster builder museful and amused marker of music and maker of it too that's all i dare say at this divide except i would give you tender laughter to abide until we meet agai i didna see this beof4re of course i;'m not responsible hmmm

Dan Lyke

A professional whitewater guide who programs computers so that I can afford to drink good beer.
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