Sol's Amber Stuff

Sol's Amber Stuff

Blaze of Glory

This is an ongoing series of convention games. It's not a con campaign because each game is a stand-alone adventure. They just share a common setting -- a world designed for swashbuckling adventure.

Sol's Con One Shots

I've run games at every Ambercon US since 1993, and every Ambercon North and AmberCon East. Here's a list of games past, present, and starry-eyed dreams, complete with descriptions.

Sol's Characters

I have four characters in my stable. The oldest, Roland, started as my first NPC in my first Amber campaign, and quickly became my PC. He's been bumped around a bit, but he now is happily settled into Chris Dentel's Blood on the Throne campaign, which we play by mail, e-mail, and phone. My part of the turns is essentially the beginning of a novel, Waiting on the Wall.

I created Samhaoir for Jeff Maisano's You Did What?!? campaign. She's a slightly messed up character in an extremely messed up alternate Amber. (I think walking Brand's "Pattern" in the first session was a mistake.) Unfortunately, this campaign is long moribund. Fortunately, I have resurrected the character for Astrid Tops' Cave of Sleepers letter pbem. I'm calling her part of it Wicked Windows.

Faris To Reign In Hell Originally created as an NPC, perhaps my favorite character is Faris. I play her in Sarah Bear's To Reign in Hell PBeM. It's a blast, though it's moving insanely slow these days. (Just as well, I thought she'd be dead by the time Wendi Strang-Frost got her trump done. But these days, Wendi is much faster than the game is.)

I've taken over Claude Michael Rhodes in Michael Kucharski's Corwin universe game without a name. (No longer exclusively set in Corwin's universe.) I'm extremely excited about this.

And I've taken over NPC Seth in Sarah Bear's Seven for a Secret. More on this once I've figured it out myself.

Plus I've created another new character, Kurt Renard, for Julia Raybon's amber: the forest for the trees.

At ACN '98 I played Raven in End of Days, and a close imitation, Nevar Chanicut, in Chaos' Finest Hour. Great fun. I followed it up by playing Allan Hugo, Raven's son, in the two ACUS sequels. I hope there are sequels aplenty in the future, because I am completely geeked about this world.

Sean "Lucky Jack" O'Donovon, originally created for Ambercon North 1999 (but not used there) is now doing double duty. He's an important NPC in Wicked Windows, and I'm playing a PC version of him for Chris Kindred's Ill Met In Amber con campaign.

Another new con character is Herne, for John Davies' A Night in the Forest.

Finally, there are many minor characters I've played. Finn got created at ACUS '94, and stubbornly returns time-after-time as an NPC and in con games. Lately I've been playing a varient, Fingal, who is basically Finn with sorcery and a more swashbuckling attitude. Another character, Lando, a Roland variant, has popped up a few times. For a while I played Gareth, based on a pre-made character I played in an ACUS '95 game, but the PBeM game I was playing him died out, and I haven't used him since.

No Final Curtain

There is no final curtain and this is not a stage
Can you read what's written on this blackened page?

The campaign is now on hiatus while we try to find enough players to keep it going. If you're interesting in joining an Ann Arbor based campaign, let me know.

So far the game shaped up to be a combination of subtle intrigues and broad humor. Not exactly what I had been expecting, but it's made for a nice start. The players consistently surprise me in good ways, which is about the best thing you can say for players in my book.

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For a while then I used MaBarry's Amber Links Site but now, there is Wendi's awesome page The Amber web world suddenly gets organized, how odd.

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