Scene Shop Safety
Proper Attire

1. No loose, long or baggy clothing. It can get caught in moving parts and machinery or snagged on splinters etc.

2. Wear shoes with good, non slippery soles that cover the whole foot; no sandals or dress shoes.

3. No gloves while using power tools. (Again, these can get caught in moving parts of machines.)

4. No shorts or skirts (jeans are best).

5. No long or large jewelry. It can get caught on things and may get ruined.

6. Wear clothes that will protect you from dust, etc.

7. You will get dirty and stained. Bring work clothes.(There is a locker room available.)

8. Long hair must be put up or tied back and put down your shirt. A cap is a good way to keep your hair up also.

9. Long sleeves are required for welding. You don't want to get burned.