Welcome to the Scene Shop

The Frieze scene shop is run by University Productions, the producing arm of the School of Music. The labor (you) is provided by a mix of students fulfilling requirements for course study in the Theater department and student employees of University Productions. We usually provide support for four productions a year, generally for the Theater Department.

During your time in the shop we hope to introduce you to the tools, procedures and techniques used in scenic construction. Our shop is set up very closely to that of a basic repertory theater which you may encounter in the world outside academia. Therefore your experience will be very similar to being employed in a regional shop and should be of some educational value to you as a student of the theater arts.

In this reading you will find some of the important safety guidelines to be followed that help ensure a continued safe working environment for all.

Theater work, by nature, is physical, and the use of power equipment is more dangerous than general classroom work. However, if you use common sense and follow these safety procedures, working in the shop and on stage will be fun and safe for you and your classmates/fellow workers.

Please feel free to ask questions at any time. We are here to teach you as well as support School of Music productions.

Again, welcome. We hope you enjoy your experience in the shop.