Seminar in Advanced Patent Law - Prof. Morris                                               Fall 2005

Employee Inventions – Comparative Law between US & Japan

Ryoko Iseki


1. Handout

Background by Prof. Iseki

US law v. Japan law

2. Statute for Employee Inventions in Japan Japanese Patent Statute Sec. 35

3. Article by Miyoshi


Link to article from Managing IP Magazine : Viewpoint of company

4. NYT articles 2

9/18/02 "Rebel Wants Japan's Inventors To Get Some U.S.-Style Rewards"
9/20/02 "Japan Court Says Company, Not Inventor, Controls Patent "

5. Opinion of Attorneys for Prof. Nakamura

Link to website of Tokyo Eiwa Attorneys at Law, providing the viewpoint of the inventor, 1-11-05

6. Japanese Supreme Court Decision (Olympus Case)

Summary by Prof. Iseki

7. Instruction of New law by JPO

Explanation and Case Studies. (This is a summary prepared by Ryoko.)
If you ever need the complete set of instructions from the JPO concerning the new law, click here. It's a ~1Mb pdf file.

8. Excerpt of an article

A unique interpretation

9. Restatement 2nd of Agency, §397

US law

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