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I have included links to my favorite genealogy, science fiction, astronomy, astronautics, and physics web sites.

I have started a detailed family tree that includes the following Surnames:


Many more surnames are contained in this Surname Index.

American Defenders of Liberty.

Interesting documents (wills, obituaries, biographies, etc.)

Extracts from the United States Federal Census.

Notice: The genealogical data contained herein is intended to help genealogists with their research.
It may not be copied to any media for commercial purposes.
The data for any people who are living, or might still be living, are not directly accessible.
The only way to access them is through their deceased parent(s) or spouse(s).
These individuals will have their birth-death dates listed as 'private-living'.
If you have a home page on the internet, please feel free to link to mine.
Please e-mail me so that I can put a link to your web site also.

Links to other Genealogy sites, related to the above surnames, on the Internet

LDS International Genealogical Index Search
The National Society of the Daugters of the American Revolution
The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
My Certificate of Membership in the NSSAR
WWII Memorial Web Site
My Certificate of Appreciation in support of the World War II Memorial
Certificate of completion of my first marathon (Detroit Free Press International 1978)
Gerald "Pat" Patterson's Home Page Researching Hartsell, Patterson, Ritter, Strouse and others.
The National Bruner/Brunner Family Reunion to be held July 6, 7 and 8, 2006 in New Windsor, Maryland.
Need someone to do research in Pennsylvania's Lehigh or Northampton County? Judith Martens, of Allentown, is willing to do genealogical research at a reasonable rate. E-mail Judy for current rates. Her E-mail address is
Antone Ritter's Genealogy Home Page
BROWN Family Genealogical Society
Bob Bavis' Home Page - Ramsburg, Brunner, Sprenckle
Barbara (Ritter) Morgenstern's Ritter Home Page
Tim Ritter's Genealogy Home Page
Steve Hartzell's Seneca Co, Ohio/Hartzell Family Home Page
Larry and Donna Ritter's Genealogy Home Page
Sunnie Skiles Home Page (SKILES Genealogy)
Jim Varner's WERNER & SIGLER Home Page
Carol Brown's SPRINKLE Genealogy Home Page
Carl Thomas' Home Page (BRUNNER, GETZENDANNER, RAMSBURG, THOMAS, ZIMMERMAN, & 1000's of others)
Gregg Scircle's Home Page (Zirkle Surname)
Moonrakers Home Page (Wiltshire, England Genealogy)
David Pickenpaugh's Family Page
Schifferstadt, the home in Frederick, MD built by my g-g-g-g-g-g-g-grandfather Joseph BRUNNER in 1756
An excellent book about Joseph BRUNNER, his ancestors and descendants
Root Web's Family/Surname Mailing Lists
Dawnette Thompson's Hollopeter Genealogy Project

Email links with other people doing similar research

Judith Martens Researching RITTER
Jim Hartsel Researching HARTSEL/HARTZELL/etc. and RITTER
Bobby Stelly Researching STELLY, EDELMAYER, and HIRTZEL

Links to Science Fiction sites on the Web

The Day The Earth Stood Still
Forbidden Planet
Star Trek
2001: A Space Odyssey
The Science Fiction Gallery

Links to Astronomy, Astronautical, and Physics sites on the Web

International Space Station Over Ann Arbor
Chandra X-Ray Telescope
Space Daily: Your Portal to Space
Kitt Peak National Observatories
Leonid video animation and Images
University of Michigan Saturday Morning Physics Lectures
The Particle Data Group home page (Particle Physics)
NASA Shuttle Home Page
NASA Image Exchange
NASA International Space Station
Hubble Space Telescope Public Information
Hubble Space Telescope Pictures
Royal Observatory Greenwich
Hale-Bopp Comet Images
Mars Pathfinder News
Mars Pathfinder Homepage
JPL Mars Homepage
Lunar Prospector Project
NASA's vision of interstellar travel
NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program
NASA's Galileo Project Exploring Jupiter and it's Moons

Work Related Links

MCIT OS/390 Technical Reference
MQUE Inquiry
System/370 Op Codes
ITD Education Services (Classes)
ITD's NETg training
Technical Newsletters
Group Wise E-mail
Hospital Paging (Smart Web)
Alpha Paging
MCIT Staff Search
University of Michigan Faculty and Staff Search
University of Michigan Job Postings
Michigan Shared Dial-In numbers
Mainframe via web (Host on Demand)
HL7 Resources

Project Gutenburg

Places to Spend Money. Books, DVDs, CDs, Electronics, etc. Online Auctions. Buy and Sell Stock. Used, hard to find and out of print books. Technical (computer related) Books at very good prices.

Programming related links.
Programming Tutorials Tutorials on Basic,C,C++,COBOL,HTML,Java,SQL,Visual Basic,Visual C++,etc.

Links to the schools I have attended.

Melvindale High School
Melvindale Alumni
University of Michigan
University of Michigan - Dearborn
Wayne State University
Eastern Michigan University
Washtenaw Community College

Links to my places of employment, present and past.

University Of Michigan
University Of Michigan Medical Center
University Of Michigan Medical Center Information Technology 1995-present
Mercy Health Services 1994-1995
Perot Systems 1993-1994
CPHA/HCIA (Health Care In vestment Analysts) 1992
Mercy Health Services 1986-1991
CPHA/HCIA (Health Care Investment Analysts) 1981-1986
Dearborn Federal Credit Union 1979-1981
Edwards Brothers Book Manufacturing 1974-1979
Burroughs Corporation (Unisys) 1970-1974
Wayne State University 1968-1970


Don at age 1 + a few months (the book is Einstein's General Theory of Relativity)
Don at 2 trying to test Einstein's theory of relativity
The 6 of us at the Norway Restaurant in Epcot Center
Jim and Don at the brewery on Disney's Boardwalk


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