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This website is dedicated to the memory of
Ken Kifer

Ken cycling
Ken took this picture of himself in Kansas on his way to Washington state during his last trip. (© 2003 Ken Kifer, used with permission of his estate.)

Ken Kifer was a bicyclist, bicycling advocate, Nature lover, Thoreauvian, author, and my best friend. On September 13, 2003, he was hit by a drunk driver 6 miles from his home near Scottsboro, Alabama. He died the next morning.

Ken was best known for his phenomenal website, Ken Kiferís Bike Pages, a mix of information, travelogues, philosophy and humor, visited by cyclists worldwide. The rest of his website contained an extensive section on Thoreau, writings on other topics, and the first eleven chapters of his utopian novel, The New World, which, sadly, will remain forever unfinished. Kenís biggest worry was what would happen to his website after he died, but nobody was about to let it die. Iím taking care of it for him. It will live on.

Ken and I shared the same view of the world. We agreed on nearly everything, and when we disagreed, I knew I could always be absolutely honest in everything I ever said to him, and he would never be offended. I discussed nearly everything in these webpages with him at one time or another. When I told him I had decided I was going to do a website, he thought that was wonderful. He offered to help, and he was going to teach me HTML. He was just about to email me some information when he was killed. Iím sure this website isnít as good as it would have been with his help, but Iíll do my best. Iím so sad that heíll never see it. Whenever I work on it, I think of him. I was really looking forward to finally showing him the pictures of my garden.

I miss him so much every day. I donít think my life is ever going to be the same again. All I can do now is do my best to carry on the work we both believed in, and try to live my life in a way that would make him proud of me.

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