Rachel E. Sapiro

resapiro (at) umich.edu


PhD, Physics, University of Michigan, 2010

MS, Physics, University of Michigan, 2006

BA, Physics, Swarthmore College, PA, 2004

International Baccalaureate Diploma, Sonora High School, CA, 2000


2009: Rackham One-Term Dissertation Fellowship

2009: Wirt and Mary Cornwell Prize for intellectual curiosity and promise of original study and creative work in physics

2004-2005: FOCUS Graduate Fellowship

2000: National Merit Finalist

Research Experience

2010-present: Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Michigan
Rydberg Guiding, Bose-Einstein Condensation, Nanoparticle Trapping
Advisor: Prof. Georg Raithel

2005-2009: Graduate Student Research Assistant at University of Michigan
Bose-Einstein Condensation, Optical Lattices
Advisor: Prof. Georg Raithel

Summer 2003: Undergraduate Research Assistant at Aerospace Corporation
Innovative Materials
Advisor: Dr. Gary Hawkins

Spring/Summer 2002: Research Assistant at Swarthmore College
Swarthmore Spheromak Experiment; Plasma Blade
Advisor: Prof. Michael Brown

Summer 2001: Research Assistant at Swarthmore College
Neon Gas Cell Photoionization
Advisor: Prof. David Cohen

Teaching Experience

Sept 2005-April 2006: Graduate Student Instructor
Teaching intro physics labs

July 2005: TA for MMSS
TAing a two week physics class at a summer camp for high school students

September 2003-May 2004: Physics Clinic Coordinator
Organizing physics clinic, filling in for missing clinicians

January 2003-May 2004: Physics Clinician
Helping college students with physics homework

September-December 2003: Physics Grader
Grading introductory electromagnetism homework assignments


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