Reel No. 1

File No. L. 161/59/93

1) Sir Wm. W. Hunter, Annals of Rural Bengal, 7th edition. London: Smith, Elder & Co., 1897.


2) Index to the Confidential Abstracts of Letters Received from India, 1886.


3) Abstract of Letters Received From India, 1886.

1. Finance Dept. Confidential # 7

The Silver Question

2. Finance Dept. Confidential # 47

Sir R. Garth's Retirement

3. Foreign Dept. Confidential # 31

Hyderabad. Agreement between the Nizam and Messers Watson and Stewart

4. Home Dept. Confidential # 7

Sir F. Robert's Seat in the Viceroy's Council

5. Public Confidential # 9

Maj. Gen. Hughes as Acting Member of Council

6. Legislative Confidential # 2

The Income Tax Act

7. Public Works Dept. Confidential # 3

Reorganization of Telegraph Dept.

8. Home Dept. Confidential # 11

Statutory Rules for Admission of Natives into Offices reserved for Covenanted Civilians

9. Legislative Confidential # 9

Oudh Rent Law Bill

10. Public Works Dept. Confidential # 31

Jodhpore State Railway

11. Public Works Dept. Confidential # 33

Sind-Pishin Railway

 4) Abstract of Military Letters Received from India, 1886. Confidential # 33.

1. Confidential # 87

Medal for the Burma Campaign

2. Confidential # 88

Executions at Mandalay. Inquiry into the conduct of Col. Hooper and others

5) Abstract of Letters Received from India, 1886. Confidential # 34.

1. Finance Dept. Confidential # 185

Bengal-Nagpur Railway

2. Legislative Confidential # 33

Debtors Acto Amendment Bill

3. P.W.D. Confidential # 30

Road from Harnai to Kot

4. P.W.D. Confidential # 12

Nagpur-Bengal Railway

6) Abstract of a Military Letter Received from India, 1886. Confidential # 35.

1. Confidential # 92

Goorkha Regiments. Additional Battalions

2. Confidential # 49. Home Dept.


3. P.W.D. confidential # 158

Kidderpore Dock Line

4. Revenue and Agricultural Dept. Confidential # 24

Coolie Immigration in Surinam

 7) Abstract of a Letter Received from India, 1886. Home Dept. # 82. The pacification of Burmah.

8) Abstract of a Military Letter Received from India, 1886. # 165. Recruiting the Hyderabad Contingent.


9) Letters from India, 1883-90. (Selections)

1. Foreign Dept. # 115. Secret.

Application of the Amir of Afghanistan for Pecuniary Help. Grant of a Subsidy (1883)

2. Hyderabad Assigned Districts. 1881-82.

Administration Report for the Year

3. Foreign Dept. # 20, 1883

Letter from the Political Agent, Zanzibar, on the subject of certain complaints against the Sultan

4. Confidential # 225, 1883

Demi-Official Letter from Mr. Cordery, Resident at Hyderabad, giving an account of Jawal-ud-din, who conducts an anti-English periodical at Paris. With extracts.

5. Hyderabad.

Deportation of Dr. Agornath Chattopadhyay and Another from Hyderabad for exciting agitation.


Views of the Govt. of India regarding Maharajah Duleep Singh's visit to India.


Maharajah Duleep Singh's visit to India. Letters from Sir. C. Aitchison with enclosures.

8. Foreign Dept. Political, 1883

On the subject of abolition of that portion of the Inland Customs Line which has been maintained to prevent Trans-Indus Salt from crossing the river. The Kohat Salt Mines.

9. Foreign Dept. #112, 1883

A Memoral submitted by Yeshodabai Sahiba, widow of H.H. late Chief of Colaba, together with the views of the Bombay Government. In re: Restoration of the private estates of the family.

10. India. Secret Dept., 1885

N.W. Frontier of India. Questions connected with the Defense of.

11. Foreign Dept. Secret. 1885.

Frontier. Views of Lt. Gov. T. Wilson on the Despatch of the Govt. of India as to the necessity of adoption of further measures calculated to strengthen our position in India.

12. # 392. E. of 1885.

Translation of a document purporting to relate to the concession of certain ruby mines in Upper Burma to French speculators.

13. Foreign Dept. # 56 of 1885. Secret.

Correspondence relative to the position of affairs in Rangoon and the troubles prevailing in Upper Burma.

14. Foreign Dept. # 140 of 1885. Secret.

Regarding the recent treaty negotiations between the governments of France and Burma.

15. Secret Dept. Letter from Mr. Durand, 1885.

Proceedings of the Ava Government regarding Forest leases to the Bombay Trading Corp.

16. Secret Dept. Letter from Mr. Durand, 1885.

Regarding the terms of the Convention of 1882 with France and the transit of arms through British Burma.

17. Secret Dept. # 166, 1885.

Regarding the Permanent Settlement of the British tenure of Marwar-Nerwara. Including a General Account of the Marwar Trust Lands from 1867 to 1883.

18. Foreign Dept. # 173 of 1885.

Concerning the Despatch of 1885 on Mr. Hallett's proposals on the Indo-China question. Views on a proposed British Protectorate over Siam, Upper Burma, and the Malay Peninsula.

19. Foreign Dept. # 176, 1885

Papers Concerning the Dispute between the Ava Government and the Bombay-Burma Corp.

20. Foreign Dept. # 178, 1885

Correspondence regarding the affairs of Upper Burma and the alleged negotiations between the Burma Govt. and French agents at Mandalay.

21. Foreign Dept. # 438, 1885

Papers regarding the fine imposed on the Bombay-Burma Corp. by the Ava Govt. Papers on the proposed annexation of Upper Burma

22. Finance Dept. # 323, 1885

Proclamation upon the invasion of Upper Burma

23. Foreign Dept. # 3, Secret, 1886

Views on the subject of the Treaty of Peace recently concluded between France and China

24. Foreign Dept. # 4, 1886

Papers regarding Burma affairs, Including a Report on the Shan States tributary to Burma

25. Foreign Dept. #12, 1886

Papers relating to affairs in Burma

26. Foreign Dept. #132. E., 1886

Letter from H.E. the Minister for Foreign Affairs at Mandalay to the Chief Commissioner of British Burma

27. Secret Dept. Letter from India # 23, 1886

Further papers in regard to the affairs of Upper Burma

28. Secret Dept. Letter from India # 30, 1886

Further Papers regarding the affairs of Upper Burma

29. Foreign Dept. # 50, 1886

Minute by H.E. the Viceroy regarding the future administration of Upper Burma.

30. Foreign Dept. # 53, 1886

Correspondence regarding the alleged suzerainty of China over Burma.

31. Secret Dept. Letter from India # 60, 1886

Estimate of Receipts and Expenditures, Upper Burma, 1886-87.

32. Foreign Dept. # 86, 1886

Papers regarding the establishment of Foreign Consuls at Mandalay.

33. Secret Dept. Letter from India # 87, 1886

Regarding the proceedings of Maharajah Duleep Singh.

34. Finance Dept. # 167, 1886

Correspondence regarding the late Hlutdaw of Mandalay and certain officials of the late Burmese government and the British administration of Upper Burma.

35. Secret Dept. Letter from India # 96, 1886

The Shan States. Relations of Chiengtung with Burma and Siam.

36. Pol. Dept. Letter from India # 96, 1886

Maharajah Duleep Singh. His departure from Aden, etc.

37. Secret Dept. Letter, 1886

Mahrajah Duleep Singh's claims and affairs of the Sikh community in the Punjab

38. Foreign Dept. # 97, 1886

Papers relating to a convention regulating trade between India and Chinese-Turkistan

39. Foreign Dept. # 105, 1886

Papers regardingt he condition of the Shan States.

40. Foreign Dept. # 100, 1886

Correspondence relating to certain leases of Forests in Upper Burma. Including the claims of the Bombay-Burma Corp. against the Govt. of Upper Burma.

41. Finance Dept. # 191, 1886

Papers regarding the grant of money to Mr. G. andreino, late Consul Gen. for Italy at Mandalay for certain services to the Govt. of India.

42. Foreign Dept. # 113, 1886

Papers relating to an alleged concession for mining in Upper Burma to an Italian Company

43. Foreign Dept. # 123, 1886

Papers regarding the death of Mr. R. Phayre, Deputy Commissioner of Minhla

44. Pol. Dept. # 148, 1886

Papers regarding the withdrawal of the 2nd expection against the Ponkin Sawbwa of Katran: Removal of Major Cooke from the Deputy Commissionership of Bhamo