Spring 2014, UZH: MAT 636 Ordinary differential equations and fourier series

Time: Thursday 13:00-14:45
Place: Y27H12, Irchel campus

Email: brad.rodgers_put.AT.here_math.uzh.ch
Course webpage with syllabus: http://www.vorlesungen.uzh.ch/FS14/suche/sm-50689622.modveranst.html
Course discussion site: https://piazza.com/uzh.ch/spring2014/mat636/home

Office hour: By request
Place: Y27K46

Problem session time: Tuesday 14:00-14:45 or Thursday 11:00-11:45
Problem session place: Y27H12, Irchel campus (same as lecture)
Assistant: Nicolas Robles
Email: nicolas.robles_put.AT.here_math.uzh.ch

Time of final exam: 9:00 - 12:00 (in the morning) on 29.08.2014
Place of exam: Y03G85

Books: For ordinary differential equations we will closely follow the first three chapters of

For Fourier series we will not be closely following any text, but lecture notes will be periodically updated Some other useful resources (from which we will draw material) include:

Midterm group project:

Problem sets:

An approximate calendar of material covered in class



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