Mohammad Rasouli

UPDATE: I have moved to Stanford University where I am a post doctoral scholar in the Management Science and Engineering Department working with Prof. Peter Glynn, Prof. Ramesh Johari, and Prof. Ram Rajagopal. I am a member of Stanford Social Algorithms Lab. I collaborate with Stanford Sustainable Systems Lab (S3L) and run the Stanford SmartGrid Seminar. I have also had the opportunity to collaborate with Prof. Gabriel Weintraub in lecturing Empirics of Online Markets.

I am particularly interested in sustainability challenges with a focus on the energy sector, and social issues with a focus on online marketplaces. I use mechanism design, machine learning and causal inference, empirical I/O, and stochastic control toward addressing these issues. My new website is under construction. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile you can contact me at

rasoulim at stanford dot edu

In 2018, I graduated from PhD program in Electrical Engineering: Systems at the University of Michigan working with Prof. Demosthenis Teneketzis, where I also followed my MSc in Economics. Prior to that I received BSc in Electrical Engineering: Communications from Sharif University of Technology, where I also worked with Prof. Jamal Golestani.

I am thrilled to worked with Prof. Paul Milgrom, Prof. William Hogan , and Prof. Asuman Ozdaglar as committee members of my thesis on markets for sustainable electricity network.


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