Mohammad Rasouli
rasouli at umich dot edu

I am a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering: Systems at the University of Michigan working with Prof. Demosthenis Teneketzis, where I also follow my MSc in Economics. Prior to that I received MSc in Electrical Engineering:Communication Systems working with Prof. Jamal Golestani in 2011 and BSc in Electrical Engineering in 2009 both from Sharif University of Technology.

My research interests include mechanism design, network and information economics, strategic learning, stochastic control, and robust optimization with applications to cyber-physical systems. I particularly study energy systems.

I am thrilled to work with Prof. Paul Milgrom, Prof. William Hogan , and Prof. Asuman Ozdaglar as committee members of my thesis on sustainable markets for electricity networks.


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A POMDP Approach to the Dynamic Defense of Large-Scale Cyber Networks , E. Miehling, M. Rasouli, D. Teneketzis, Submitted.

A Methodology for Generation Expansion Planning for Renewable Energy Economies , M. Rasouli, D. Teneketzis, Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) 2016.

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A Supervisory Control Approach to Dynamic Cyber-Security , M. Rasouli, E. Miehling, D. Teneketzis, IEEE GameSec 2014.

Electricity Pooling Markets with Elastic Demand: A Mechanism Design Approach , M. Rasouli, D. Teneketzis, Allerton 2014.

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