September 3, 2004

Table of Contents
---Meet the ABPAFS Members
---Black Welcome Week
---Taste of Culture
---Program for Multicultural Health Conference
---Interesting Web Sites

    *Black America Web series on black wealth
    *Profile John W. Rogers Jr, founder of Ariel Capital Management in Chicago
    *A website, that contains VIDEO STREAMING of black women scholars in US delivering lectures at the conference last October

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August 27, 2004

Editor's Comments

Many people wrote in and said they liked the new format of the newsletter, BUT NOBODY volunteered to be a reporter, and only two people submitted any information. Now, I know there is more going on among 2,000 African Americans than what I got last week!!!

You can fill out the comment form at the end of this page and add any biographical information you want to share with the group or you can go to the ABPAFS Member Profile Web Page . Then just forward a digital photo to me, Charles Ransom via email or a regular photo via campus mail, Charles Ransom, 209 Hatcher North, 1205, which I will scan and return. I don't want to come out looking with my camera.

ABPAFS Members Profiles

Melvin Williams
Sheila Green
Dr. Williams is a Professor of Anthropology and last year's ABPAFS winner of the Career Service Award. He has done research and published on the Strait Salish of Vancouver Island, urban Pentecostalism, urban neighborhoods, African-Churches in the Midwest, critical race theory, human nature and the mirror images of water and human nature. Dr. Williams has worked in the Belmar Neighborhood for 40 years and continues to the present. He has established a community museum there to document the social changes during the past century. He produces a television program there entitled LIFTING THE VEIL
Ms. Green is a Secretary IV in Housing. She has been with the university since 1976.



Taste of Culture

The Taste of Culture is a Student Affairs welcoming event representing students of color. It will be held September 11, 3-7 pm, at the William Monroe Trotter House. Delicious ethnic dishes will be served, entertainment provided, and prizes will be given away.
Come meet students and enjoy a free meal. The Trotter House is located at 1443 Washtenaw. Dishes will represent African-American, African, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, and Middle Eastern ethnic populations.


Innovative Approaches to Eliminate Racial
And Ethnic Health Disparities Conference
SEPTEMBER 15, 2004

Conference Goals
Highlight Best Practices models to eliminate      racial and ethnic health disparities.
Provide an opportunity for participants to learn     culturally appropriate health care delivery      strategies.
Mobilize participants to advocate for health      policies to eliminate racial and ethnic health      disparities.

National best practice models, policies, and research will be shared from various from various health and social institutions, including industry, media, higher education, community, health and more.

Registration: $35.00

Program and registration information are available at:

Keynote Speakers

Nathan Stinson, Jr., Ph.D., MD, MPH, Director of the Office of Minority Health
US Department of Health and Human Services

Kimberlydawn Wisdom, MD, MS , Michigan Surgeon General
Michigan Department of Community Health

John Lumpkin, MD, M.P.H., Vice President Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


The conference is sponsored by the University Of Michigan Health System's Program For Multicultural Health And The African American Health Institute in collaboration with several other organizations.

For more information contact:
Diana Urbina,
Program for Multicultural Health University of Michigan Health System
at 734-615-1404 or dianau@umich.edu.
UMHS, Program for Multicultural Health
2600 Green Road, Ste. 150-C
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
(734) 615-1404.



Interesting Web Sites

Black America Web four part series on black wealth

Recent studies show less than 8 percent of African-Americans have inherited wealth, that compares to 22 percent for whites.
The mean in inherited wealth for blacks is $21,000.

John Rogers is founder and President of Ariel Mutual Funds.

Ariel was one of the options offered to UM employees for retirement savings. The university discontinued the Ariel option a few years ago, however the Ariel Fund still exists, as one of the largest African American owned Mutual Funds in the United States. Rogers is considered one of the top African-American money managers in the country and one of the most generous--and most powerful--business and community leaders in Chicago. The privately owned money management firm (with 73 employees and $17.5 billion in assets under management) manages separate account portfolios in the small and mid-cap value style and serves as investment advisor for the Ariel Mutual Funds, which are comprised of four publicly traded mutual funds. For the full article on Rogers see Ebony Magazine August, 2004.

Gender and Race: Together at last?

This web site features the opening panel of an all-day conference focusing on African American women's history, and on the ways that the study of U.S. women's history has been shaped by the conjunction of gender and race questions.

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