Rankeya Datta

Department of Mathematics
University of Michigan

Email: rankeya(at)umich(dot)edu
Office: East Hall 4080

I am a PhD candidate in the Mathematics Department at University of Michigan. My advisor is Karen E. Smith. I like working at the interface of algebraic geometry and commutative algebra.


At the University of Michigan:

Not teaching this semester.



Notes are subject to change without notice.

  • Notes on Huber rings for a learning seminar at the University of Michigan (Winter 2017). Last updated Feb 18, 2017. A new section was added on uniform Huber rings (not discussed in the lectures), following Bhargav’s discussion of uniform K-Banach algebras in his course. In particular, we prove equivalence of categories results generalizing [Bha17, Thm 9.7 and Cor 9.9].
  • On a vanishing result in sheaf cohomology. An example is given of a non-quasicompact scheme that violates a vanishing result in sheaf cohomology that holds for certain quasicompact spaces [Stacks Project, Tag02UX]. This example can be interpreted purely topologically (without mentioning schemes), and is incorporated in the latter form in Tag0BX0.