YANG Laboratory

Biophysics of Living Systems

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  • Jan, 2014

    Our lab is officially launched. We're currently looking for talented graduate students and postdocs. Please stay tuned with us!

    Jan, 2014

    Qiong will be teaching Biophysics 608 in Winter.

    Jan, 2014

    Zhengda Li joins us as a PIBS and Bioinformatics rotation student. He will be working on multi-scale modeling and single-cell tracking of cell proliferation during zebrafish somitogenesis. Welcome, Zhengda!

    Sep, 2013

    Ye Guan joins us as a Chemistry graduate student. She will be working on single-molecule and microfluidic based imaging of early embryonic events in ex-vivo zebrafish embryos. Welcome, Ye!

    June, 2013

    Qiong accepts a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Biophysics and Physics at the University of Michigan. Our lab renovation project kicks off.