YANG Laboratory

Biophysics of Living Systems


Our Research Focus

We study biological oscillations and self-organization processes in early embryo development. The local interactions in the form of mechanical and biochemical signals allow individual molecules and cells to generate collective spatio-temporal patterns. To pin down the physical mechanisms behind these processes, we make use of both the cell-free extracts system and live embryos which help us connect the understandings across the molecule, cellular, and tissue levels.


Our Interdisciplinary Approaches


We integrate mathematical modeling, real-time fluorescence microscopy, biochemical assays and microfluidics to study the dynamic processes in both cell-free extract systems and live embryos.


Our Funding Resources

These funding resources have supported the past and current research in the Yang Lab. We are grateful to all the funding agencies for their support!


News Highlight

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September 2018: 

Owen has received a Microfluidics Training Program Fellowship. Congratulations, Owen!

July 2017: 

The Yang Lab (Chun-Yen, Owen, Shiyuan, Zhengda, and Qiong) presented at the BIRS workshop "Mathematical Approaches to Cell-Cell Communication and Collective Behaviours" in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Everyone gave a talk.

April 2018: 

Our research article “A robust and tunable mitotic oscillator in artificial cells” is published in eLife. 

April 2018: 

Minjun has received the Seyhan N. Ege-WISE Award. Suzie has been received the Alumni Outstanding Award. Congratulations, Minjun and Suzie! 

February 2018: 

Zhengda has received a Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship. Congratulations, Zhengda!

February 2018: 

Zhengda presented at the 2018 Winter q-Bio Conference in Maui-Grand Wailea, HI. 

February 2018: 

Suzie has received the 2018 Honors Summer Fellowship. Congratulations, Suzie!

January 2018: 

Owen passed his preliminary examination and has been advanced to PhD candidacy. Congratulations, Owen!

December 2017: 

Shiyuan passed his preliminary examination. Congratulations, Shiyuan!

December 2017: 

Ye defended her dissertation! Congratulations, Dr. Guan!

December 2017: 

Zhengda presented at the 2017 ASCB EMBO Annual Meeting  in Philadelphia, PA. 

November 2017: 

Our review article “Quantitative and synthetic biology approaches in understanding biological oscillators” is published in Quantitative Biology. 

October 2017: 

Dr. Meng Sun has joined us as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome, Meng!

September 2017: 

Qiong received a Sloan fellowship.

July 2017: 

Our research article “Incoherent inputs promote network robustness of biological oscillators” is published in Cell Systems. 

June 2017: 

Bowen Lian has joined us as a research associate. Welcome, Bowen!

May 2017: 

Ye and Zhenga attended the Cells as Dynamical Systems Workshop in San Francisco CA.

April 2017: 

The Yang Lab (Nigel, Owen, Shiyuan, and Qiong) presented at the 5th Midwest Quantitative Biology Symposium in Notre Dame IN.  Qiong gave a talk; Nigel gave a lightening talk; Owen resented a poster.

February 2017: 

Owen Puls has joined us as a Physics graduate student. Welcome Owen!

September 2016: 

Shiyuan Wang has joined us as a Biophysics graduate student. Welcome Shiyuan!

August 2016: 

Qiong received an NIH MIRA Award.

July 2016: 

The Yang Lab (Ye, Zhengda, and Qiong) presented at the 10th Annual q-bio Conference in Nashville TN.

December 2015: 

Qiong received an NSF CAREER Award.

August 2014: 

The Yang Lab (Zhengda, Joshua, and Qiong) presented at the 3rd Midwest Single Molecule Workshop 2014 in Urbana IL. Qiong gave a talk and Zhengda presented a poster. Congratulations to Zhengda for winning a poster award!

January 2014: 

Our lab is officially launched. We're currently looking for talented graduate students and postdocs. Please stay tuned with us.

Lab fun

Our lab pet 'Larry':

This color-changing wire sculpture zebrafish was designed and made by Nigel Michki with the help of Suzie Kim and Shiyuan Wang.

The Yang Lab songs:
"Jingle Bell" | "Cool Kids"| Download lyrics

The lyrics of the two songs were written by our undergraduate student Mark Antosz in December 2016 to celebrate our Christmas party. It was later recorded by Mark and his friends.

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Oct 2018, sleeping bear sand dunes for two night camping
Oct 2018, sleeping bear sand dunes for two night camping
Oct 2018, sleeping bear sand dunes for two night camping
Oct 2018, sleeping bear sand dunes for two night camping
Jul 2018, Group lunch Ann Arbor downtown
Jul 2018, Banff, Canada
Jul 2018, Banff, Canada
Jul 2018, Banff, Canada
April 2018, UM Undergraduate awards recognition
Mar 2018, Chemistry atrium
Dec 2017, Ye's graduation party
Dec 2017, Ye's graduation party
Dec 2017, Ye's graduation party
Aug 2017, Lab party
Dec 2016, Students office
Dec 2016, Students office
Nov 2016, Rackham
Nov 2016, Rackham