YANG Laboratory

Biophysics of Living Systems


Our Research Focus

We study biological oscillations and self-organization processes in early embryo development. The local interactions in the form of mechanical and biochemical signals allow individual molecules and cells to generate collective spatio-temporal patterns. To pin down the physical mechanisms behind these processes, we make use of both the cell-free extracts system and live embryos which help us connect the understandings across the molecule, cellular, and tissue levels.


Our Interdisciplinary Approaches


We integrate mathematical modeling, real-time fluorescence microscopy, biochemical assays and microfluidics to study the dynamic processes in both cell-free extract systems and live embryos.



December 2015

Qiong received an NSF CAREER Award.

August 2014

The Yang Lab attend the 3rd Midwest Single Molecule Workshop 2014. Qiong gave a talk and Zhengda presented a poster.

Congratulations to Zhengda for winning a poster award!

April 2014

Our first zebrafish mini-rack is now set up and running!

January 2014

Our lab is officially launched. We're currently looking for talented graduate students and postdocs. Please stay tuned with us.

January 2014

Qiong will be teaching Biophysics 608 in Winter.

January 2014

Zhengda Li joins us as a PIBS and Bioinformatics rotation student. He will be working on multi-scale modeling and single-cell tracking of cell proliferation during zebrafish somitogenesis. Welcome, Zhengda!

September 2013

Ye Guan joins us as a Chemistry graduate student. She will be working on single-molecule and microfluidic based imaging of early embryonic events in ex-vivo zebrafish embryos. Welcome, Ye!

June 2013

Qiong accepts a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Biophysics and Physics at the University of Michigan.

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